Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now I know My A, B, C's ...

I'm actually in a pretty happy mood today. My P1 modem with wifi capabilities arrived yesterday at the office. Seeing as how we also sell those P1 modems ourselves, getting it activated was a breeze :D

So, last night both wifey and me could surf together at the same time for once without having to 'one, two, zoom' about who was going to be able to use the connection first ... hehehe ... And we were surfing at a much faster rate than what our previous ISP was giving us.

And setting up the connection was even breezier. In fact there really was nothing to set up, it really was plug and play. The only thing I had to do was secure my wireless connection so my darned neighbors wouldn't be able to piggy back my connection. Well, I'm not really sure if I did manage to secure it properly or not but I can always check with the P1 technical guy who hangs around my office almost daily.

And because I am so happy about this, I am actually going to do something really stupid. Ok, ok, I know I constantly do a lot of stupid things, but this one is worse. I'm going to a tag! LOL! You all know how I hate doing this memes or tags so actually voluntarily doing one must make me seem insane. But hey, I'm happy and when I'm happy I do insane things like tags or even go hunting for the best weight loss pill in the market!

Anyways, this tag is from Foong, another fellow I know who don't like tags but was crazy enough to create a tag of his own, now that's what I would call insane ... hahaha ... He calls it the 'My A-Z Favourites List' tag and you're suppose to list your favourite word with all the alphabets starting from A-Z. For instance, under the alphabet A, you can list your favourite Actor, Anthem, favourite Action or whatever as long as it starts with A.

And don't look at me like that Bem, Nessa, Anny and Mei Teng, I didn't make the rules for this tag, go stare at Foong. Yes, that means you've been tagged! LOL! Anyways, for a more comprehensive explanation on this, go check out Foong's blog.

So, not to waste anymore time, here are My Favourite:

Action - Sleep, what else? I adore sleeping and I can fall asleep anywhere and in any weather :D
Book - Just too many to really mention. I love reading and I cannot name one particular book cos all the books I read are my favourites ... ok, that's the easy way of saying I don't know ... LOL!
Cake - Pure Chocolate of course. I go weak for chocolate cakes!
Dog - An English bulldog. I just love the fact that it's so ugly and slobbers like crazy! LOL!
Exercise - Urmm, let's not even go there, ya ... hahaha ...
Four Letter Word - Urmmm, also starts with the letter 'F' ... hahaha ...
Girl - Who else but my adorable wife :D (okay honey, you can keep that hammer away already ... LOL!)
Hypermarket - Now this one is easy, Tesco la ... hahaha ... And no Anny, I won't be in my black striped T-shirt ... LOL!
Ice-Cream - Chocolate of course. Didn't I already mention this?
Job - Be supreme ruler of the world!
Kroissant - Damn, that starts with 'C'!
Lingerie - Anything that wifey has on :P
Movie - The Shawshank Redemption.
Number - The number 6 and don't even bother asking me why!
Occupation - Supreme Ruler of The World! How many times do I have to tell you?
Politician - One that's 6 feet underground!
Quote - You freaking moron!
Router - My new P1 wifi router, of course ... hehehe ...
Sound - The pitter patter of rain drops. Yes, yes, I have a soft side too :D
Time - Anytime I'm home with wifey :D
Underwear - My rocket ship underpants. Wait a minute, that belongs to Spiffy ... LOL!
Vehicle - Anything that moves.
Weather - A nice cool rainy morning.
X - What kind of favourites can you find with 'X' la, Foong?
Year - The year I was born and brought peace and happiness to mankind! LOL!
Zoo - Definitely not the ones in this country!

Ok, there I'm done. I better post this fast before I actually realize I'm insane for even doing this ... LOL!

*Stares at Foong!*


  1. Nickkk!! This is a difficult tag!!! *stareeeeeeeeeeee*

    Anyway I won't say I'll complete it by the end of the month. I will do the tag, soon enough hahhaha.

    Glad you enjoy your P1 Wimax, Nick :D Now sell it to Marzie already.

  2. Bem - Yeah, it was difficult, that's why I thought of you ... LOL! What are friends for ya? Besides, you can go stare at Foong ... LOL!

    Aiya, if I can get Marzie to but P1 from me, I think I can solve the problems of the world la ... hehehe ...

  3. oh boyyyyyyyyyy.. this is gonna take me yearsssssssssss to do.. i dun even know all my ABCs yet.. i i i really dun wanna grow up.. huhuhu...
    Stare him down Bem.. stare him down :D

  4. Get us P1 in Ipoh.. and i will subscribe to it.. and dump the dang Streaming Screaming Myx :p

  5. Thanks for doing the tag, Nick! Oh, pls don't stare at me like that!! I know you don't like tags and I should not tag you, but I think you'll provide fun answers to the tag questions, and that's exactly what you did!

    I don't think sleep qualifies as an action, it's more like inaction! LOL! Hey, your fav hypermarket is Tesco? Me too! Gimme a five!!

    Haha! I knew you want to be the Supreme Ruler Of The World! Dream on!

    Eh, so many words starting with X - like Xray, X-rated movie, X-men, Xerox machine, Xmas song!

    Cough! Cough! reading your fav year!!

    You tag Mei Teng? Haha! I can assure you she will not do the tag. Unless it's a photo tag! Want to bet? : )

  6. Good to know that P1's working out for you too. :-)

  7. Now I know Nick has gone totally 'insane' by tagging me of all people. Haven't your heard in blogosphere that I don't do tags....hehhehe. Hmmph...I blame both you and Foong :P

    Btw, make it a double cough cough on the answer to Year...haha.

    Have a nice day!

  8. Anny - LOL! No problem, I'll wait, just make sure you do this tag or I'll get Hobbes to zap you!

    And don't la ask Bem to stare at me, ask him to go stare at Foong! LOL!

  9. Anny - What? No P1 there yet? When it does go there, make sure you order from me, k? LOL!

  10. Foong - Ah the culprit is here ... LOL!

    Don't let the word out I shop at Tesco, there's a bunch of people out to trip me over there ... hahaha ...

    I'm more afraid Mei Teng will turn me into an egg yolk, see what she did to Spiff! LOL!

  11. Gallivanter - Thanks buddy. I'm glad I switched to it finally :D

  12. Mei Teng - Oh crap, Mei Teng is here.

    *runs and hides*

    LOL! I know you of all people hate tags and that's why I just couldn't resist la! Please don't turn me into an egg yolk! LOL!

  13. i will surely order from you.. just so i can collect the router from u and trip u at the same time too.. hahahhaha

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee get us P1 in Ipoh.. i am going nuts here with this dang dang streaming moronic myx... today its like jittery line.. jittery jittery.. ahhhhhhhhhh! we need stability... and not monopoly.

  14. How much to sign up for the P1 modem with router? I am using streamyx at the moment.

  15. Anny - You'll be the first to know when they get P1 in Ipoh! Is it really that bad ah Streamyx? I really don't know cos I never subscribed to it ...

  16. Mei Teng - I'd recommend the RM99.00 per month package that comes with a free wifi modem for a 2 year contract. You get a fair usage threshold of 20GB. This is the package I'm using at the moment ...

  17. Perry - It is and some people actually enjoyed creating it ... LOL! Sorry Foong.

  18. Conclusion - Your 2 favourite things are chocolate and wife :-) A wife coated in chocolate sounds good?

  19. Hahahaha I tot you like running leh!

  20. Double Hahahaha @ Blur Ting.

  21. Aiyah.. another tag?! I haven't even done the 100 questions tag... gila oh at tag.

    The Year part is reali perasan kes... hahaha

  22. i've heard that P1 service is not stable and the connection is slow in certain areas.

  23. nah, no more 'one, two, zoom' for you guys. Everybody happy oredi...:)

  24. Since you asked for X: Favourite X-Men character... ?

  25. Emelda happy Nick didn't tag her this time around...LOL!!!! :P

    Anyway, glad that you are enjoying P1 and yea kroissant start with C la...LOL!

  26. BT - Mmmmm, that sounds like a nice combination. Now to convince wifey to let me pour chocolate all over her! LOL!

  27. Rozella - I LOVE running but my lazy ass wins out a lot more these days :D

  28. Rozella - LOL! Yeah, I was laughing away at BT's comments too :D

  29. Nessa - This one you can go and *stare* at that Foong fellow. He's the culprit ... LOL!

  30. Life Ramblings - Well, it's true in a way. The thing with wireless broadband is there are always some form of instability. But it sure is way better than some providers.

  31. Mama Mia - Yeah, no more 'one, two, zoom' anymore ... hehehe ... best decision I made in a long time :D

  32. Terra Shield - Now why didn't I think of that? LOL!

  33. Emelda - This time I kasi you chance la ... hehehe ...

    That's what I thought too, Croissants really are spelt with a 'C' ... LOL!

  34. action, sleep is a good choice! I never get enough of it

  35. oh no, I've been tagged by Foong as well! :-D I like fun and easy tags; not like this one!!! lol..

  36. "breezier" just might be my new favorite word!

  37. The Shawshank Redemption - I love this movie so much that I forgot what's all about. It's quite a while now when hubby and I watched this. Now you're giving me an idea what to watch (again) on DVD come weekend.

  38. Tsk tsk tsk. Need to get motivated lah Nick! Come lah we sign a pledge! Hehehehe I promised myself that I will start next month!

  39. Monica - LOL! Let's all go wallop Foong!

  40. Meleah - LOL! Feel free to use it anytime.

  41. Marlene - LOL! Yeah, it's from a long time ago. Go watch it again, I'm sure you'll enjoy it all over again :D

  42. Rozella - Isn't that what you said last month ... LOL! Same like me la you nie, just plain lazy ... hahaha!

  43. I have finally completed your Tag. Thanks VERY MUCH!

  44. Bem - Wow, you really did this tag. I'm touched ... hahaha ...

    I'll come by in a bit and check it out. Thanks for being a sport buddy :D


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