Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Takes

Work has been keeping me too occupied to blog and by the time I get home, I'm too tired not to mention too lazy to think up of a post. I've got a lot of things running around in my mind (such as fat burners) that I would just love to put down in my blog but I can't seem to compile them into some ounce of order long enough to write them down. All I managed to do these days is to just blog hop around, then catch an hour or two of TV and head straight to bed.

In fact the moment I hit the pillows I'm out in a flash so much so that wifey has a new saying for me which goes along the lines of:

'You Maggi mee last night la.'

Which in both our terms means that I fell asleep instantly, just like a packet of instant noodles, you know cooks instantly, falls asleep instantly? Still don't get? Never mind ... LOL! Yes, yes, we do come up with all kinds of funny sayings and weird association to things. (Note to my foreign readers - Maggi Mee is a brand of instant noodles over here).

Seeing as how I don't have very much to say today, I'll just revert to one of my usual short takes posting.

Take One.

My internet connection is still hopeless at the moment. The problems I've been having with P1 Wimax hasn't been resolved yet. If anything it's gotten worse with the connection slowing down to a crawl in the early evening onwards that a snail would look like Usain Bolt in comparison. Siggghhh!

They did send over a technician to my place and after troubleshooting the issue admitted that the fault lies on their end though I don't know what is being done to rectify the issue. I think the connection has deteriorated even worse since then.

It takes ages just to open a simple page. Half the time, both wifey and me will be staring at each other while waiting for pages to load. Fastest wireless broadband indeed! I'm seriously contemplating finding other alternatives.

I think hooking up my old Motorola Lifestyles dial-up modem would probably be faster! Come on P1, I'm waiting for an answer here to how you're going to solve this problem!

And talking about P1, I heard on the radio that their radio and print 'sudah potong' (cut already) campaign is being scrutinized by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for using the word 'potong' (cut) repeatedly.

According to them, 'When we say 'potong' ... it is very vulgar. We understand (that it refers to cutting the Internet line and changing to broadband), but for most people, 'potong' hints at the act (of circumcision).

While I am at present not liking P1 very much but good god you people at MCMC, don't you have any creativity at all? Do you think people are so stupid as to think that P1 is asking everyone to get circumcised? I cannot believe the mentality of the people we have in the government!

Take Two

In my line of work I meet all kinds of people. I have clients from quite a few industries and sectors. But there's one thing in common with all of them. They all think that they're the only clients we have.

Take for instance, today we had this walk in client who needed something done really urgent (aren't they always urgent!). I've never heard of a client who walks in and says that they need something done but to take my own sweet time! Ok, I'm drifting away from the real subject here.

Anyways, this fellow comes in and says he need a bunting done. Fine, no big deal. I ask him when he wants it? Right now, he says. I tell him politely that we're already in the middle of a scheduled print run and it can only be ready tomorrow the earliest. You think he understood? Not in a million years.

'But you can print it now, right?' he says.

'No, we're already in the midst of a print run'. I tell him.

'But you can do it now, right? he asks again.

'No, we have other work to complete, your job will just have to wait in queue.' I tell him.

'But you can start now, right?'
he asks again.

'No, I have another job to complete now!
I tell him.

'But my job urgent, you can start now, right?
he says.

At this point I start to ignore him. It was either that or I start to scream at him for being a stupid idiot who can't understand the word 'No'. Why do all clients think that we open a business to solely serve them, that we don't have any other clients and that we must drop every other job instantly to do theirs? Morons, that's what they are sometimes!

Take Three

Urmmm, there really isn't a take three cos I think I've written too much already for takes one and two. Short takes indeed, I really got to go get a dictionary and find out what the word short really means ... LOL!


  1. wa.. your client tu lembab la Nick.. poor you.. but i know how you feel with those type of client...kalau boleh you wanna sepak them kan...LOL!!

    as for your p1.. i hope you will get better service soon.. so far ours has been serving us really really well.

  2. I wish I could fall asleep like that! It takes me forever to get to bed, but once I am out? NOTHING can wake me up!

    Sorry to hear you're having internet issues! That's the worst!!

  3. This was a great post...and to think you were able to work it into your crazy schedule even though your modem issues and print-happy clients tried their darnedest to keep you from it!

    Keep up the great posts as I greatly enjoy reading them!


  4. Emelda - Lembab betul la Emelda. LOL! I really feel like sepaking them sometimes.

    Your P1 okay ah? Gee, maybe I should move over to your area :D

  5. Meleah - I've always been a sleepyhead, ever since I was a little boy. I could sleep anywhere and on anything and fall asleep instantly ... LOL!

  6. Wimax - i thot back to normal suda after they send their tech to check. Rupa2nya..belum lagi.

    client - I don't think that they don't understand the meaning of "No" but more like, they refuse to understand it. Bikin panas!

  7. L Avery Brown - These are the obstacles in life that I bulldoze through on a daily basis :D

    Glad you enjoy the posts :D

  8. Short takes aren't so short either but hmmm I got sleeping problems..Best solution for me is make myself as tired as I can and fall asleep XD or if I'm tense, I can sleep easily XD

  9. Something must be wrong... I've been busy gila babi as well, and knocking off by 10:30 pm (i get back after 8, so that leaves me very little time to do anything else) and I'm also depressed gila babi for some reason.

    You and your wife are really adorable.

    I hated that potong ad. Glad they took it down for whatever reason... I did hear though that some women's group found it slightly offensive as well

  10. My internet connection has been acting up lately too....almost every night without fail..around 9pm onwards and sometimes I fail to get a connection even after 1 hour!

  11. Buddy....what about aiskrim potong then? YIKES wonder what that implies or worse what do they contain? LOL ;p Cheers bub PS Don't let me get started about the shape of aiskrim potong either hehehe

  12. Mama Mia - No la, in fact it has become even worse.

    Yeah, I think they purpose refuse to understand the word No'. Betul-betul bikin panas!

  13. Maslight - I can sleep even if I'm not sleepy ... LOL!

    Yes, I really need to go find the true meaning of 'short' ... LOL!

  14. Terra - I think in my case, it's age catching up with me. I have the same 'too little time to do stuff' syndrome weekdays too ..

    The things they find offensive over here is ridiculous. No wonder we're a country of little imagination!

  15. Mei Teng - That's the sad state of our internet service in this country and I hear they're rolling out Super High Speed Broadband or some crap like that. I'd love to see how 'super' it really is ...

  16. Adrian - Hahaha ... true, true. Ice cream potong should also be investigated by the ... urmmm ... what dumb ministry should look into that ah? LOL! And kids eat that ice cream some more ... aiyoo, such a despicable thing ... we should ban that ice cream 'potong' la ... hahaha ...

    See how shallow the people in power are over here? They should really lighten up and concentrate on what is really wrong with P1 which is their broken promises and not some stupid advert.

  17. Carol - Hahaha ... yeah, lighten up a bit people!

  18. When I do fall asleep I sleep great, I just WISH it didn't take so LONG for me to fall asleep!

  19. Meleah - Well, at least that's something :D

  20. I read also I got stressed for u Nick, lol.. what la that client, tak faham bahasa is it?

  21. Some more wimax causing u grief, then how is wifey dropping 300 daily like a mad panda? :)

  22. Sure tensi when dropping EC...tsk tsk ur gonna tough it out with Wimax?

  23. Marzie - Hehehe ... you know me and the term short la ...

  24. Marzie - Hahaha ... Thanks for being stressed for me. These clients really thick in the head la sometimes ...

  25. Marzie - I'm sure she does it with loads of screaming, curse and swearing ... hahaha! They really giving me headache la!

  26. Marzie - That's why my EC dropping has been affected drastically. I only drop when I'm at work but sometimes I'm too busy with work to drop.

    Well, WiMax is suggesting something to me, I'll let you know how that suggestion went ... LOL!

  27. A few weeks ago I had a 2megabit internet speed and for me it's the worst I had. But not it's fixed by hubby.

    I used to buy an instant noodles named Maggi in the Ph but no Mee, hehee!

    Customers are always right, so goes a line. But it doesn't make sense in all situations. There's something wrong with your client's head, lol!

  28. Marlene - I'd be happy if I even got 2Mbps for just a while ...

    Oh, you have instant noodles called Maggi there too? Cool :D

    Customers these days are more like annoying ... LOL!


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