Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Time On My Hands

It's been ages since I've had some time to myself in the office. All the paperwork has been caught up with. No pesky clients calling and demanding miracles. No appointments that need attending to. Life is pretty much quiet for now. I'm hoping it stays that way the entire day.

It's also been ages since I last wrote anything here. There were days, a long time ago when I used to write a post about something or other every single day. Where I found the inspiration to write daily boggles even me. These days the only thing I can think about to write is about my running exploits.

Work normally keeps me busy all day until I get home. Even then, there are times when I actually have to bring my work home. I'm not really complaining about having work to do cos that's what pays the bills though the days just flies by so quickly.

Running has also taken a huge amount of my free time these days. Whatever time I can dig out before and after work is normally spent running. Early weekend mornings or any public holidays are normally always spent running miles on end somewhere away from home. Though the wife runs as well and understands my need to keep up with the training, I tend to be a little selfish to her by spending just a bit too much time on my running.

But with my race calendar for the year already planned and which involves some mind numbing huge distanced races, the training needs to be put in by hook or by crook. Either that or suffer considerably through the race.

I'm one who takes every race I sign up for very seriously. I don't sign up for something just cos everyone else is doing it. I don't sign up for races to be seen with the who's who. It's all about challenging myself to see if I have what it takes to go the distance.

I take my training very seriously, sometimes too seriously. I put in every bit of effort to train for a particular event. The training regime I put myself through can be pretty tough, especially for events that require really long distance of running. It can piss the wife off at times with my almost fanatical approach in my running.

But mostly she's very supportive of my running and my need to constantly train. She's a gem that way :D I'm also glad that she shares my passion for running though she's not as fanatical as I am. She's come a long way in her training too and I'm expecting to see some good timing coming from her in some of the races she's slated to run in.

Okay, enough running talk for now. I might as well spend the free time I have scouring the web for more running gear like a spandex fitted stretch tablecloth that might just come in handy for one of my ultra races in the near future.


  1. I finally updated my blog...after abt 2 months of silence.. he's okay...once in a blue moon blogging is still better than no updates at all yes? Send my regards to wifey! :)

    1. I hardly update my blog these days at least until I have pos berbayar to do ... hehehe ... Will definitely send your regards to her :D


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