Saturday, August 25, 2007

The One Answer Meme!

The one word blog meme. Marzie of Mariuca's Perfume Gallery tagged me for this meme. It's supposed to be pretty easy to but with me, you just never know ... LOL! Anyway, it seems like a fun tag to do. All I have to do is just answer the questions provided (I don't have to create my own questions this time, rite, Marzie?) with one word answers. Well, I don't really know if I can stick to one word answers but I'll try :D

Where is your cell phone? Inside my bedside table drawer (See, I told you I couldn't stick to one word answers ... LOL!)
Relationship? Married of course (oppssss, there I go again!)
Your hair? Real short (damn, I just gotta stick to one word answers!!!)
Work? Like a slave (that's 3 words, Nick!)
Your sister? None (finally, a one word answer ... LOL!)
Your favourite thing? My Black & Decker power drill
Your dream last night? Confusing
Your favorite drink? Coffee
Your dream car? BMW 3 Series Limited Sport Edition
The room you're in? My bedroom
Your shoes? Comfortable
Your fears? Not being able to provide for my family (now you tell me how to answer that with just one word ...hehehe)
What do you want to be in 10 years? Supreme ruler of the world :)
Who did you hang out with this weekend? My gorgeous lovely wife :)
What are you good at? Talking
Muffin? Dog?
One of your wish list items? An iPhone!
Where you grew up? Malaysia
Last thing you did? Run
What are you wearing? T-shirt and Shorts
What aren't you wearing? wrist watch
Your pets? Urmmm, does those stray cats under my car count?
Your computer? Dell
Your life? My beloved wife!
Your mood? Absolutely lazy
Missing? My dinner
What are you thinking about right now? My dinner
Your car? Nissan
Your kitchen? Huge!
Your summer? Urmmmm, Urmmmmm, Urmmmmm ... what summer?
Your favourite colour? Aquamarine
Last time you laughed? A second ago
Last time you cried? Must I tell you? LOL!
School? Hated it!
Love? My wife

Now, to tag this people to try their hand with this meme (yes, you Nessa, LOL!)

Nessa - Adrian - Barrett - Diamond Sapphire - Sharon


  1. Nick-Thanks for the tag! I will repost it in thursday! This one isn't as easy as it looks! Couple things from your answers, good luck on the "supremem ruler of the universe," I will be rooting for ya! I like the dream car, BMW 3 series, I may have to steal that answer from you! On muffin you put dog? I am used to your standard blueberry, banana nut, maybe a poppyseed, but never a dog muffin! you will have to tell this dumb American what a dog muffin is! Tehe! Take care friend and thanks for the tag! This one looks fun! Have a great rest of your weekend and I hope this finds you well!

  2. Barrett, I hate muffins ... LOL! I'd probably name my dog (if I had one) muffin, hence the Muffin = Dog answer ... hehehe ...

    Go right ahead and steal my answer, the 3 series is a piece of gem, especially the limited sports edition, that's for sure :)

  3. Will you let me have my own colony of stick men when you become supreme ruler of the world?

  4. Hey Nick, told ya it was easy! Wifey is lucky to have such a loving hubby who always mentions her in most of his posts! I hope u had fun doing this meme cause I'll be sending more ur way! LOL!

    Mariuca SEO Traffic

  5. Gee.. u sure love ur wife a lot! She's a lucky thing!

  6. Lis, I'll let you have an island full of stickmen when I finally become Supreme Ruler of the World ... LOL! Those stickwomen on the other hand, you have to send my way ... hahaha ...

  7. Marzie, you're right, it was easy but keeping it to one word answers was no easy task for a big mouth like me ... LOL!

    She means the world to me and I'd go crazy without her :)

    Keep those tags coming but just make sure they're real easy ones ... LOL!

  8. cbenc12, yup, I love her a lot and words really cannot express how much she means to me :)

  9. Name the dog muffin! Man do I feel like a dumb tool? LOL! Take care!

  10. Nick, I see that you mention your wife 3 times in that meme. You must be so proud of her. Such a loving hub you are :)

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  11. The problem with that Barrett is I have to get a dog first ... LOL!

  12. Janice, Thanx for noticing ... yes, I'm pretty proud of her. She means the world to me :)

  13. Thanx or thinking for me Nick!! Love the fun and easy ones..will post sometime today!

  14. Hi Nick, I tag you on the Birthday meme. Hope its ok with you. :)

  15. Diamond, you're welcome. The easy one's are always reserved for you ... LOL! Wouldn't wanna be giving you those that require rocket science knowhow now would I ...

  16. FL Sam, thanx for tagging me. No worries mate, it's fine with me :) Will get down to doing it soon. Thanx for the visit.

  17. That was hilarious Nick! We share the same dream car! :)

    I wish I would have cheated! My answers would have been better! lol! You have the best ideas!



  18. Your lucky wife! I'm jealous of your kitchen!

  19. Ann, great to see you here again. Cool, another one who loves the 3 series. Let's all go out and get one (right after I print the money needed to buy one ... LOL!)

  20. Blur ting, LOL! Nothing to be jealous la, it's only big but nothing inside la ... LOL!

  21. aww...nick, that's so sweet of you to be mentioning "my gorgeous lovely wife","My beloved wife"..."my wife". so sweet! Your wife sure will be smiling and giving u a big kiss when she see your post. :)

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  22. Thanks Jean, yeah, she was smiling when she read it. And I'm sure she knows how strongly I feel about her ...

  23. He he he, that's why I gave u the b'day meme! So kacang putih you can do within minutes! LOL! ;)


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