Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just A Tag Or Two ...

I have some tags and awards that were given to me by some very nice (nice indeed - wait till I get my hands on them ... LOL!) bloggers. As per my usual style, I've been sitting on them for ages. This time I offer no excuses for not doing them even though I was busy saving the world from being conquered by the evil slug beasts (what? you didn't know we were being invaded?) Well, that's cause I was busy fending them off ... LOL!

Ok, ok, I was just plain lazy to do the tags. No other excuse. Not easy okay, requires a lot of brain power to do them and you guys all know how much brains I really do have :P (and Adrian, I don't wanna hear any lip from you about my lack of brains, buddy ... LOL!). So as not to waste any more time, I'll get to the first tag for today (I'm going to do two of them for now).

The first one is from Nessa. I know she tags me as revenge for all the tags I give her and I've given her a lot ... LOL! But secretly I know she just loves doing all those tags ... LOL! Just kidding ok, Nessa. You know you're one of my favourite bloggers. She tagged me to reveal my 5 dreams. Just like her, I initially thought this was about dreams, the sleeping kind but upon closer inspection it's about stating 5 things I wanna be when I grow up. I've had a lot of things I wanted to be when I grow up but these 5 are what I can remember.
  • When I was about 5-6 years old, I wanted to be what every kid at that age wanted to be, well the boys anyway. I wanted to be a Policeman or a Soldier. How typical right? I guess it was all those guns and all those late night police series on TV that influenced that dream.
  • When I was about 12 years old I had this fantasy to be a footballer, like my idol, Mokhtar Dahari (a local football legend), represent Malaysia and score the decisive goal that would take us in the World Cup finals. I'd play the scenario over and over in my head with me kicking the ball into the net at the last minute and everyone rushing to congratulate me ... LOL! With the current state of local football, thank god I got over that fantasy fast!
  • Around the age of 14, I actually wanted to be a priest. Yes, A priest, can you imagine me being a priest. I cannot recall the actual reason why I wanted to take the holy path but I seriously did have ambitions to be a priest. I went and got myself registered in the church as an alter boy for Sunday masses but ended up not going for it in the end. Phew, I seriously can't picture myself as a priest :D
  • Somewhere when I was about 16 or 17 years old I wanted to be a break dancer. It was the breakdance craze and I'd watch every breakdance video around and try to learn the moves. I'd flaunt what I learned at parties and even outside supermarkets! Yes, I really did and I was so bloody proud of it ... LOL! I look back on it now and shudder at the absurdity of it.
  • Also around this age was when I first started having dreams of being in the advertising industry (man, how I've come to regret that dream ... LOL!) My uncle who was a draughtsman in the architectural industry whom I used to stay with used to bring home his work to do. I'd always sit and watch him drawing architectural plans and he'd have all these cool technical pens, set squares and markers that I'd mess around with while he was working. I guess that was what got me interested in the industry but I found architecture too 'straight' and decided to take up graphic design instead. I've actually managed to realize this dream though so I guess you can't consider this a dream anymore, ya.
And there you have it folks, a glimpse of my dreams and fantasies as I was growing up. The good thing is I did achieve my dream of working in the advertising industry but on hindsight, judging by the stress and long arduous hours involved, just maybe it was the wrong decision ... hehehe ...

I'm not going to tag anyone for this but if you have this deep burning desire to reveal your childhood dreams then feel free to do so cos I'd love to read them :)


And now for the second tag of the day. Marzie of Wishing On A Falling Star tagged me with what she claims is a fairly simple meme (LOL). I'm supposed to use the first letter of my name to answer each question below. The answers must be of real places, names, etc ... (there goes my chance to cheat ... hehehe). And as if that's not difficult enough, you're not allowed to use your own name for the boy/girls name question! You're allowed to skip to the next one if you do get stuck but that would make you look like a wimp! :D

After actually looking at the questions, what was claimed to be an easy meme turned out to be one that I had to use whatever little brain power I had! Thanks once again Marzie for the fairly simple meme ... LOL! Anyway, it's rather interesting to actually do so here goes. And bear in mind it took me a looooonnngggg time to think of answers using the first alphabet of my name!

1. Famous Singer: Nick Kershaw (what to do, I'm a child of the 80's)
2. Four letter word: Nerd!
3. Street: Nicholas Road (Jalan Nicholas) There really is such a road in KL!
4. Colour: I seriously don't think there are any colours starting with the letter N.
5. Gifts/Presents: Nintendo
6. Vehicle: Nissan
7. Things in Souvenir Shop: Necktie
8. Boy Name: Nixon
9. Girl Name: Nicole
10. Movie Title: Nightmare on Elm street
11. Drink: Nescafe
12. Occupation: Newspaper vendor
13. Celebrity: Nicholas Cage
14. Magazine: National Beauty and Health
15. U.S. City: Nashville
16. Pro Sports: Nascar Series
17. Fruit: Nenas (malay for pineapple)
18. Reason For Being Late to Work: Nasty headache
19. Something you throw away: Napkins
20. Something you shout: No, No, No!

Trust me, it really isn't as easy as it looks ... and if you find yourself being tagged, don't blame me, blame Marzie ... LOL! So on to Nessa (and don't you copy my answers seeing as how we have the same initials ... LOL) and Diamonds Sapphire. I'll let the rest of you off for now :D


  1. From a policeman to a footballer to a priest to a break dancer?? Wowwww.....

  2. Ha ha ha...well you did a good job! i remember Nick Kershaw, used to like him he he he... And for the colour, you could have used Neon Pink or something LOL!!!

    I'm also intrigued by this priest and breakdancer dream of yours! ;) Thank you for doing the meme, I enjoyed your answers!

  3. Syura, I had some crazy dreams when I was young, didn't I? LOL!

  4. Marzie, now you tell me I can use Neon Pink ... LOL!

    Trust me, I'm also intrigued by the Priest to breakdancer dream. Ihad a vivid imagination when I was young, urrmmm, actually I still do have a vivid imagination ... LOL!

  5. Tags are everywhere these days!

  6. Haizum, yes it's like the plague or something. Once you catch one, you're doomed for life ... LOL!

    And welcome to Anything Goes. Hope to see you in this parts more often.

  7. typed a long comment then...BLACK OUT and all GONE! cis..

    anyway, nice long tag..if i find one long one i know who to tag LOL

  8. Deana, oh, I hate when that happens! It can be really frustrating!

    Urmmm, I never said I enjoyed doing long tags ... LOL!

  9. hi!!
    came back to your blog and didnt regret it ... that was a cool post, especially the remarks about advertising industry, must be hectic i guess :P

    Take care, have a nice week :)

  10. Hey Nick! Thanks for putting up the tag so quick. I've sat on my tags for ages till they even produced lil' ones!

    Nice job for tagging me back (eyes rolling)... I have a slightly smaller brain than yours, and seeing our name starts with the same initials, I'm so gonna have a hard time coming up with the answers.

    I'll put this up as soon as I feel like doing it ok... hahaha

  11. A priest? I can't even imagine you being priestly... LOL

  12. wanting to be a break dancer was my favorite.

    ha ha ha ha

  13. Just a nice girl, hectic doesn't even begin to describe it ... LOL! But there are those days when I have absolutely nothing to do at all. That's when I blog myself silly ... LOL!

  14. Nessa, once in a while I do get the urge to put up tags real fast, but not always la ... LOL!

    It shouldn't be too hard for you to do that tag. For a small fee I'll even let you copy my answers ... LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing your answers soon :D

  15. Yes Sweetiepie, a priest. Imagine people calling me Father Nicholas! Now that is a frightening thot! LOL!

  16. Meleah, looking back I cannot imagine why in heavens name I wanted to be a breakdancer ... LOL!

  17. Urrmmm, Marzie, I'm funny? You sure you left the right message ah? LOL!

  18. u sure had quite a number of dream jobs when u were young huh Nick? hehe

  19. Chegu Carol, That's only a small portion la, I had more dreams but too malu to list all la ... LOL!

  20. Nick.. I cant imagine you with Neon Pink.. how about Navy Blue...heheheh.... a priest eh..hmm... nope.. can't see it...lolzz

  21. LJ - Dammit, why didn't I think of navy blue? LOL! Yeah, I can't see myself as a priest too ... LOL!

  22. Thanks god for Technorati or I would never find any of these!! Thanks Nick..this one looks good.

  23. Diamond - yeah, thank the lord above for Technorati. I've had so many tag that I didn't know about until I check in with Technorati ... LOL!


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