Monday, February 15, 2010

Supernatural - Series 1

After posting my recent Music Monday entry taken from the Alan Parson's Project album titled 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination', I thought it would be fitting to feature a supernatural post here. I've had a few real life encounters back in my past where I've written about the freaky ghostly computer, the man on the road, the possession and the loving couple but this one is a little different.

Way back when I first started out working, me and my buddy Adrian would visit our other buddy Sean who worked as a sound engineer back then in his office. Both Adrian and me were still single back then and we used to hang out daily till the wee hours of morning. We were much younger so staying up late and having to wake up early the next day for work was no problem.

You see, Adrian, Sean and me are long time good buddies even till today and we go a long way back. We would always want to hang out together but Sean used to work pretty late back then. So, since he couldn't hang out with us, we did the only practical thing. We hung out with him at his office. Normally when he works late, they wouldn't be much people in his office and those that were working late knew us and didn't really mind.

Now, on one of these late night hangouts at his office, both Adrian and me were busily entertaining ourselves in his pantry section making ourselves some hot drinks and chit chatting while reading up on eczema. It was close to midnight. Sean was in one of the studios in the midst of finishing his work. Once he was done, we were supposed to go have some supper at one of those road side stalls.

The office was deserted and had on subdued lighting with only the 3 of us left.  So there we were sitting and lounging around his pantry area waiting for Sean to be done, when we suddenly hear,


Both Adrian and me jerk up and look around the place then at each other. Now, before I go further let me tell you that both Adrian and me are probably the worlds biggest cowards when it comes to the supernatural. That's one reason why we're such good buddies, we cover each others back most of the time.

Once we stayed in this scary little place in Port Dickson for a holiday which didn't have attached bathrooms and if either one of us needed to use the bathroom, the other would stand guard outside the door and we'd keep talking while doing our business just so we knew that someone was there ... LOL! Told you we were cowards.

Ok, back to the story. So there we were looking at each other and immediately after hearing that 'pssssstttt' sound, we smelled this sweet floral aroma. You all know what they say about smelling sweet floral aromas in the middle of the night. It meant that some strange supernatural thing was there with you.

We both simultaneously looked at out watches and what we saw displayed there freaked us out even more. It was midnight, exactly on the dot! We start to panic. Imagine the scene. It was dark, there was no one but us around, the place was dead quiet cos it's a recording studio and had sound proofing, and at 12 midnight, we hear someone whistle to us and a sweet floral aroma lingers in the air!

Good god, we were both freaking out and was about the run the heck away from the office, yes, we would have left Sean there alone, after all, when it comes to the supernatural it's every man or coward for himself, right? But just as we were about to bolt out of there, one of those huge and heavy studio doors open and Sean steps out.

Good, we say. At least he can bolt along with us. We run up to him and start frantically telling him what we just experienced. We were sweating cold sweat by then. The aroma of that sweet floral smelling scent was still in the air and we knew for a fact that Sean could also smell it. We asked him if he could smell it and he said yes.

'So, what the hell are you waiting for?' we asked him in unison, 'let's get out of here!'

He looks at us strangely and has this amusing smirk on his face.

'Why the heck are you grinning like that', I ask him.

That's when he bursts out laughing and asks us to look behind us on the wall. I look at Adrian and he looks at me and with fear and also curiosity we turn and look at what Sean indicated. There on the wall, above our heads lingers the little culprit who almost gave us a heart attack. We could feel the embarrassment building up in our cowardly little faces.

There on the wall staring at us was one of those automated air fresheners that sprays this wisp of perfumed (normally floral) scent every half an hour or so and as luck would have it, it was programmed to spray at midnight! Sean is already laughing away hilariously while Adrian and me are just left looking at each other rather sheepishly.

We were not going to live this down with Sean, that's for sure. He was probably going to remind us about how stupid we were for the rest of his life cos we would have done the same if it was the other way round ... LOL!

Gee, you really can't blame us la, those automated air fresheners were not really common back then and to have it spray out a whiff of floral aroma right at midnight in a dark and almost soundless office with two of the worlds biggest cowards around is a surefire way to get our imaginations working overtime.

Well, ever since that day we told Sean that we'll only come by and pick him up to hang out only when he's done. Better to be safe than sorry ... LOL! Stay tuned for the second series of the supernatural :D


  1. ROFL. Man, that's such a good story.
    Better be careful going to office toilet also because there'll be something "psst"ing to you there too. XD

  2. Oh you chicken!!!I wish I was there to see your scared faces!!! :)

  3. LOL... I totally can understand how you must have felt.

  4. Now I'm laughing hilariously as Sean did that time, lol! Why is it always creepy when we hear a little sound in a dark and quiet place. I can relate the feel to just run and get the hell out of there. :-)

  5. Lina - LOL! No la, these days I'm much more 'educated' about there air fresheners la. I even have them in my house so I don't get spooked to easily ...

  6. Zen - Hahaha ... You would have died laughing too if you saw both our faces!

  7. Terra - To say we were embarrassed is putting it mildly ... LOL! I wished the earth opened up and swallowed me!

  8. Marlene - When you're cowards like my buddy and me, well any sound or smell at midnight tends to make our imagination run overtime! LOL!

  9. Thank you for all the great posts from last year! I look forward to reading your blog, because they are always full of information that I can put to use. Thank you again, and God bless you in 2010.

  10. ROFL! OMG Nick, thats a good one. Particularly because I have so many panic encounters with the automated air freshener in our bedroom as well. Up till now, if i am alone in the bedroom at night, I'd still get jumpy when hearing the 'psst' sound. Well, not only me, Bam2 too as I occasionally found him suddenly jerking from his sleep at the sound of the spray. LOL!

  11. Hahaha!!! Kakaka!!! This is hilarious! I used to work as salesperson selling those air-fresheners back in the late 90's. Didn't know it could cause such a scare ... hahaha!!!

  12. Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Lawyer - Urmmm, you're welcome. I hope I can keep up posting useful information.

  13. Carol - Yes, the one I have in my house still does give me the creeps sometimes, especially after watching a horror movie or something ... LOL!

  14. Wenny - So you're one of those people who used to sell that heart attack inducing devices? LOL!

    It doesn't take much to scare a coward like me! Hahaha!

  15. Haha! You are a coward! You are a coward! : D

    OK, seriously, if I were there, I would be scared shit too! Isn't it funny that we are scared of things that we can't explain but once we understand it, we are not scared anymore?

    Maybe ghosts are like that too. Once we understand them, we won't be afraid of them. Now I wonder when that day will come : )

  16. But I think there are forces at work that will stop us from understanding the truth behind all paranormal events. And the forces came from producers of horror movies! Cos Once we are no longer afraid of ghosts, their horror movies won't sell. Hahaha!

  17. Foong - Yes, I am and I'm proud to admit it ... LOL! Besides, cowards live longer ... hahaha!

    You're right, it's only things that we can't explain that scares us and when it happens at midnight, it gets even worse ... LOL!

  18. Foong - Hahaha ... you could be right there but I honestly think that ghosts do exist and as long as they do I'll always remain a coward! LOL!

  19. hahahhahahaha..

    Now our automatic spray at home will remind me of you and your friend... I have one in my living room and one in the bedroom.

    Nick.... Psst!! HAHAHHA

  20. Emelda - LOL! I don't think I want to have one in my bedroom la ... nanti malam-malam I scream if it's 'psssstttt' me la!

  21. LOL..i had a similar experience once,Nick! Me and a colleague were preparing to go home, the others all gone off already,then suddenly we heard a 'pssst' sound. We were scared but curiosity got the better of us..we went looking for the source. And there it was..near the top of the tallest cabinet! Cilaka punya air freshener! The lady boss must have put it there when we were out for lunch. LOL...

  22. Mama Mia - I think they should ban this air fresheners la ... LOL! Can give people a heart attack one la!


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