Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


December is already here. Where did the time go? I hardly remember what I've been doing for the past 11 months. Aside from work, the rest of it has been spent running somewhere at some ungodly hour chasing some distant elusive dream. Still haven't caught up with it yet.

The boys are all growing up fast. One has finished school, the other is at that age where he'd rather be with his friends. It was only yesterday that I remember them as little fellows wanting this toy and that toy. Now the toys they want are priced way beyond my minuscule pay grade. Good thing they haven't asked for a tc helicon voicelive play device.

The country is still in the shambles it was and I don't see sign of it improving anytime soon. The price of just about everything has been going up and up with no signs of slowing down. The wife has her hands full trying to manage the household budget. Though she does a good job at it, it's getting harder to keep the books balanced.

Gold Coast Australia, The beautiful blue skies was what got me ...
I haven't really planned anything for Christmas which is really just around the corner. The wife and me will be out of the country the week before Christmas running a marathon in 10 degrees weather. At least that's what the weather forecast stated anyway. It might be colder since the bloody marathon starts at 4.00am for me.

That will also mark my last race for this year. I'll have to be more picky with my races for next year cos it really is not cheap to sign up for races these days. I've got a couple of main races that I will be doing but my highlight race for the year will be the Gold Coast Airport Marathon again in July. I had a blast there this year and both of us can't wait to get back there again next year.

Please, don't make me leave!
The air tickets and accommodations have been booked and paid. We're now just waiting for the race registration to open up. The wife is out to better her 21k timing that she did this year and me, well, I'm signing up of the 10k event followed by the 42k event the next day. Might as well maximize my stay there :D

We're spending a longer time there next year so we'll have time for some extra sight seeing unlike this year which really was just was too rushed. Aside from that, some major local races are also lined up. Work is definitely going to keep me busy, seeing as how more races are popping up here and there and I'm getting quite a bit of requests to do work for these races. Not complaining, at least it's work that involves something I love doing.

The highlight of my stay, crossing the finish after 4 plus hours of running!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hoodie Looks For Men

I'm a pretty boring person, fashion wise. My idea of 'high fashion' is a pair of jeans and a free finisher tee I got from some race I've run. In fact my entire wardrobe doesn't contain anything else. But I have a confession to make.

I've always wanted to own of one those cool looking hoodie sweaters. Yeah, I know it's a weird confession but heck, I've always wanted to look cool and a free finisher tee sometimes doesn't cut it all that much.

But then, being a fashion noob like me, I wouldn't know what to look for in a hoodie that'll make me look cool. So, I did some research on hoodies and discovered that are quite a few different styles of them.

There's the denim hoodie that you can put on for a night out with your buddies, pair it with some dark coloured and you're all set to look a little younger than your actual grand daddy age ... LOL! Put on a hat, a pair of shades and you might even get an extra look or two.


Then there's the pattern printed hoodie. A patterned printed hoodies shows off off a man’s masculine yet trendy character in front of others without putting too much of an effort. With a pattern printed hoodie on, you're set to rule the streets or at least give the impression that you're 'da man'. Top that off with a cap, some bright coloured sneakers and you'll be set for a hip hop look.

But if the pattern printed hoodie is not for you, you'd probably dig the graphic printed hoodie. Now, this is my favourite kind of hoodie. It's an easy going hoodie that's just about right for a lazy day around the park.

You can opt for one of those baggy ones with no buttons or zippers, which is the most comfortable of the lot and just head out the door without too much fuss. The graphic printed hoodie reveals a totally laid back personality, which is right up my alley.

Now, if only I could decide on what graphic to put on my hoodie, I'm all set to start looking cool, or at least I think I'll look cool!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Party Time. Not!

It's just down to two days to go for my ill thought out 84km run around Penang Island. I'm hardly prepared for it and am in for a horrendous 14-16 hours of crunching the streets of Penang.

Back when I was so enthusiastically clicking away of the sign up age for the Penang Starlight 84KM Ultra Road Challenge it seemed like a good idea. But not anymore. I can clearly say right now it was a bloody stupid idea. But the money has been paid and at the risk of looking a like a chicken, come this Saturday, I'll be on my way to run/walk/crawl around the island of Penang.

My gear has not even been packed at this juncture and if I don't do it by tonight, I'll be boarding that place with no running gear. At this point of time, I wish I was a musician's friend, at least that way I wouldn't have to put up with mixing around with insane running buddies who think running a 100k is just another day in the office ... siggghh.

Wish me luck and hopefully by the end of the 84km run, I'll still be walking with a semblance of normalcy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Time On My Hands

It's been ages since I've had some time to myself in the office. All the paperwork has been caught up with. No pesky clients calling and demanding miracles. No appointments that need attending to. Life is pretty much quiet for now. I'm hoping it stays that way the entire day.

It's also been ages since I last wrote anything here. There were days, a long time ago when I used to write a post about something or other every single day. Where I found the inspiration to write daily boggles even me. These days the only thing I can think about to write is about my running exploits.

Work normally keeps me busy all day until I get home. Even then, there are times when I actually have to bring my work home. I'm not really complaining about having work to do cos that's what pays the bills though the days just flies by so quickly.

Running has also taken a huge amount of my free time these days. Whatever time I can dig out before and after work is normally spent running. Early weekend mornings or any public holidays are normally always spent running miles on end somewhere away from home. Though the wife runs as well and understands my need to keep up with the training, I tend to be a little selfish to her by spending just a bit too much time on my running.

But with my race calendar for the year already planned and which involves some mind numbing huge distanced races, the training needs to be put in by hook or by crook. Either that or suffer considerably through the race.

I'm one who takes every race I sign up for very seriously. I don't sign up for something just cos everyone else is doing it. I don't sign up for races to be seen with the who's who. It's all about challenging myself to see if I have what it takes to go the distance.

I take my training very seriously, sometimes too seriously. I put in every bit of effort to train for a particular event. The training regime I put myself through can be pretty tough, especially for events that require really long distance of running. It can piss the wife off at times with my almost fanatical approach in my running.

But mostly she's very supportive of my running and my need to constantly train. She's a gem that way :D I'm also glad that she shares my passion for running though she's not as fanatical as I am. She's come a long way in her training too and I'm expecting to see some good timing coming from her in some of the races she's slated to run in.

Okay, enough running talk for now. I might as well spend the free time I have scouring the web for more running gear like a spandex fitted stretch tablecloth that might just come in handy for one of my ultra races in the near future.