Friday, July 6, 2007

Awards, Awards And More Awards :)

This morning while I was going through my daily routine of reading all my regular and favourite blogs, I was pleasantly surprised (well, totally thrilled actually) to read on Diamondssaphire's blog that she bestowed upon me the 'Awesome Guy Blogger' award! Wow, what an honour :)

When I first started blogging I never dreamed of receiving anything let alone an award. My thanks goes out to diamond for this award and with this, I bestow this 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' and 'Awesome Guy Blogger' award to these 5 wonderful, great, rocking and awesome people out there who've made my blogging a wonderful and learning experience :)

Nessa, the author of mumblings who has made my daily morning experience all the more fun with her often funny, up-to-date, thoughtful, witty and warm stories. She was one of the first ever blogs that I visited when I started blogging and she has contributed countless hours of advise and opinions on the workings of my blog. In fact, my first ever comment came from her. A friendly, easy-going and approachable girl who always takes the trouble to answer each and every single comment posted on her site :) A trait that endears her to many other bloggers and makes her blog one of my favourite. She rightly deserves the 'Rocking Girl Blogger' award! Keep on rocking' Nessa!

Adrian, a very good buddy of mine who runs the blog First Time Dad is my recipient for the 'Awesome Guy Blogger' award. I know he has already received one of these but I cannot not give my buddy this award simply because of the wonderful work he has done on his blog. A relative newcomer to the blogging community with a blog that has shaped up nicely with charming stories about his adorable little daughter, mixed with humorous articles makes this a blog a worthwhile visit.

Another blog that deserves the 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' award is Mariuca of wishing on a falling star. Marzie's blog is written with a passion that stems from deep within her. The warmth and friendliness found in her writings makes this a very popular blog indeed and a blog worth visiting daily. She is also one of the first few people to have left me a comment in my blog when I first stepped into the world of blogging. A fun, warm, friendly and well written blog that's not to be missed.

Though I have only known Bobby of Revellian for a very short while, I have been impressed by the friendliness that he exudes to everyone that visits his blog. A person not afraid to let his emotions loose. A person who always has a kind and encouraging word or two or maybe even three for all those who visit his excellently written blog with a large offering of various topics that he writes upon passionately. I gladly bestow upon you this 'Awesome Guy Blogger' award, Bobby.

Leigh of Thoughtprints is my final recipient for the 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' Award. I discovered Leigh's blog while browsing through My Blog Log one fine day and her blog is filled with enjoyable friendliness and humor. With a range of diverse topics that include her family, the world at large, right down to her dog which are all so well written that it draws you back for more daily. Definitely a deserving recipient for the award!

So, there you have it folks. My pick of the 5 bloggers I feel who deserve the 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' and 'Awesome Guy Blogger' awards. To those not in this list, you all deserve the award too but I think I'm only allowed to list 5 people or else I'll be put in blogger prison for breaking the rules ... hehehe ... I think you all deserve the award!


  1. Nick, thanks good buddy!!!!! I am most honoured:)

  2. Nick!!! I'm so happy to be receiving this from you AND Adrian, who are 2 best buds and 2 of my favourite guys here! :) :) :)
    You know I'm a fan of ur blog and your sense of humour, so I'm honoured you chose ME he he he...
    This is turning out to be a lovely week after all, thanks so much!

  3. Congratulations, nick! :) Diamondssaphire have definitely choosen the right person! And nice way of posting the header's wt award. It's a very neat way.

  4. Bobby - You're welcome. You deserve the award.

    Marzie - Glad to be giving the award to you. You got one from Adrian too, huh, good for you!

    Jean - Thanx. Never even knew such an award existed so I'm kind glad to get it.

  5. Thanks for the award, very much appreciated:) You keep on rockin' too!:p

  6. Nick, ConGrAtES to you...
    I like the way you put the pic rocker tag stamp on it. How do you do it?
    So thoughtful of you... :D

  7. Janice, thanks. Urmmm ... I just joined a few images together using photoshop. Anyone could have done it. Just thought I'd acknowledge my 5 deserving bloggers in my own special way.

  8. Hey Nessa, I'm soooooo sorry for missing out replying to your comment!
    You totally deserve the award, your blog is a must read every morning for me :) Urrmmm, I'm getting too old to keep on rockin' la, the old bones can't take it no more ... hehehe ...


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