Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose.

Ok, I'm going to embarrass myself and take part in Marzie's spooky tales contest simply because I'm desperate for the mug ... LOL! What I mean by embarrassing myself is I've read the other spooky postings of those other fellow desperado's ... urmmm ... I mean participants (LOL) and they're all so blooming good! How to win like this la ...

'Hey people, can't you give a desperate fellow a decent chance to win the mug, ah?'

So, I'm just gonna try and see if I stand any chance at all. All the others who took part in Marzie's contest have such chilling stories that mine pales in comparison. Why don't the rest of you guys just sent Marzie a comment and say you're all pulling out of this contest and then I can win the mug. Please, please pwetty please ... LOL!

This is not really a ghostly or spooky story, but more about exorcism. This is something that I witnessed with my own eyes all those years ago. I was about 6 or 7 years old back then living in my old neighbourhood. So, the details to this story might be a little sketchy.

There was this particular family living across the road from us, a typical Eurasian family. Father, Mother and 3 lovely little daughters. They were nice people and my family were friends with them. We attend the same church and stuff like that. Actually everyone in the neighbourhood were friends with each other, unlike these days where we hardly know our next door neighbours.

Anyway, back to the story. There was nothing particularly wrong with our neighbourhood though it was old but no weird happenings until one evening. Normally around 5pm, my cousins and me would go out in the yard (We had a huge front yard back then) and play a game of football or badminton and such. This particular evening, we heard screams coming from the house of that family. Naturally we stopped what we were doing and gazed in that direction though none of us made any effort to go see what was wrong.

My grandfather who normally sits in the porch during our games, walked up and went over to their house (the screams had stopped by then) to find out what was happening. We saw him go in, then come out a few minutes later. He had this look of shock on his face. When we asked him what was wrong. He just looked at us and said ...

'Nothing you kids should be concerned about ...'

So, kids being kids, we continued our game of football and totally forgot the incident until it happened again a few days later. This time we were intrigued and decided to find out more. So we went to Grandpa and forced out the truth from him. He relented and told us that one of the daughters of that family was possessed and it would take hold of her at certain times and she would start screaming. We got the chills when we heard this story but pushed it aside cos it didn't concern us and besides, what do 7 year olds know about possessions, right?

Wrong! The screamings started getting more frequent and a lot of the neighours were getting involved in it. Through whisperings between my grandfather, grandmother, my aunts and my mom, we kids (there were 6 of us) found out that the little girl was possessed by this snake thingy and that at certain times of the day she would actually turn into a snake (we didn't believe a single word of this) and that a priest had been found to perform an exorcism.

'Exorcism? what the heck was that?'

We couldn't even pronounce the word properly but that didn't stop us from finding out when it was going to be held. We were curious kids (what do you expect of bratty 7 year olds). The day of the exorcism came and we wanted to go but was told in very harsh terms by grandma not to even go anywhere near the house until it was over! Grandpa and the rest of the family went cos they were church members and the more people there to pray for the little girl during this exorcism the better.

So, the moment they went to the house, the 3 of us (the other 4 didn't dare disobey grandma) sneaked out, and went over to the house. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it), there was a window slightly open and we got front row seats. We were ecstatic.

So, the priest started the exorcism. Nothing was happening at the moment, the little girl was normal, sitting on the couch, feeling a little perplexed by all that was happening. The priest was reciting prays, then he held the little girls head and dabbed some holy water on her forehead. Now, that's when the fireworks started!

The little girl suddenly gave the priest this really evil smile, pushed his hands away, started to scream and slither to the floor. Yes, SLITHER! I saw this with my own 7 year old eyes and yet I could hardly believe it. The rest of the people in attendance tried to hold her down but can you believe that grown men couldn't pin this (I think she was about 6 years old) girl down. She swatted them like flies! Everyone was trying their best to pin her down as the priest kept chanting something which I didn't pay attention to.

I was rooted to the ground in absolute fear. The colour had drained from the face of the 3 of us. I could feel the hairs on my back rise, My knees were shaking and I was sweating beads of cold sweat. I even think I wet my pants! What I was witnessing was not something a 7 year old should be seeing (serves us right for not listening to grandma!). That little girl was by this time slithering around like a snake on the floor, screaming, hissing, uttering some gibberish and trying to attack the priest. The whole congregation was doing their best to keep her still and let the priest work his miracle.

What really frightened me was, the little girls face had turned into this twisted unrecognizable thing. Her eyes were reddish and in every true fact she looked and acted like a snake even though her physical body still remained human. It was like something straight out of the Exorcist! The air around the place was cold (I was probably cold and numb in fear). You could literally feel the 'evil' in the air. I don't really remember what happened next but to cut a long story short, the priest did rid the child of whatever that had gotten hold of her.

I remember vaguely finally running the hell out of there, totally pale and almost crying from fear. We reached home, locked ourselves in our room under our blankets shivering from the experience we just witnessed. We didn't tell anyone we sneaked out and the other 4 who didn't join us were sworn to secrecy. I know I had nightmares for months on end. I refused to sleep with the lights off and I refused to sleep alone. I had this rosary tucked under my pillow which I clutched every night till I feel asleep. I think grandma and grandpa knew we disobeyed them by sneaking out but I guess they probably thought what we saw was punishment enough for us.

Even to this day I find it hard to believe what I saw that day. Somehow I don't even know if I what I saw that day was real or not. I know I saw this little 6 year old girl fight off much stronger men, slither like a snake, looked like a snake, behaved like a snake with a priest in attendance. It was like a scene out of the movies, that's for sure. All I'll know is what I saw was not something I would ever wish on for anyone to see. If you're wanna see people being possessed, go watch a movie. It's much safer :)

Well, that was my little spooky story. Not as frightening as the rest of you guys but I hope it's enough to win the mug. And if this story isn't good enough to win Marzie, maybe you'll have pity on that frightened 7 year child and the harrowing experience he went through to find it in your heart to let me win the mug to make up for the scarred childhood that he had (sob,sob) ... Shameless, that's what I am! LOL!


  1. Hey Nick, thanks for joining my contest!

    Wow, this episode reminded me of the time one of my ex bfs told me he had to break up with me cause his mother was "turning into a snake"...Although, I know now that he was just trying to come up with some lame excuse he he he...

    Can't believe u guys witnessed the entire incident, but I totally believe your story, must've been one helluva scary episode! Good job, u did spook me out...good luck to u! ;)

  2. Nick.. I'm reading this at 1.30am and you've succeeded in giving me the chills...heheh.. I especially like the photo touch...

    Good luck ya... we are now both in the running as well....heheh

  3. I've seen exorcism quite a lot of times already during my active time at the church. Normally, a possessed female is much MUCH stronger than a possessed male, because a female will be possessed by a male ghost, and vice versa. That's what I heard la.. but so far it looks like it's the truth. :P

  4. Tekejut saw the scary photo... ahhhh... quick, write a new post!!:(

  5. Marzie, that is the cooolest break up excuse I have ever heard in my life ... LOL! Mother turning into a snake konon (I'm still laughing reading that!). I'll give your ex boyfriend credit for being creative though :D

    What!? You're not going to disqualify the rest from your contest? LOL!

  6. Lady Java, I had the chills just posting it, some more at 12.00am sharp! The photo spooked me out just editing it ... LOL!

    What!? You mean Marzie not going to disqualify you guys? Drats and double drats ... LOL!

  7. Cindy, possessed by male ghosts? Hmmm, never did think of it that way ... hehehe ... I never want to witness things like this ever again, well, maybe on TV and from the safe confines of my living room in broad daylight. LOL!

    Oh and the 'my active time at the church' part had me in stitches :D

  8. Project71, send your masters a warm welcome to my humble blog ;) I'l be visiting your masters right after I answer all my comments.

  9. Sweetiepie, it was meant to be scary ... hehehe ... I even had some frightening moments searching for the pix and then editing it. You cannot imagine how many evil photo's there are when you Google them ... LOL!

    Don't worry, new post will be out soon :) A much nicer and more warm story ...

  10. Yikes! Yes, you certainly did pay for not listening to Grandma. That's one lesson you won't forget in this lifetime!

  11. Err... when I mentioned "active in church".. it means, I used to be very active in the church, joining prayer meetings, leading choirs etc. Nowadays kinda "retire" oledi.. haha!

  12. Josie, yeah, must always remember that Grandma is never wrong ... hehehe ... good to see you here.

  13. LOL Cindy,I understood what you meant ... I didn't think of any other kind of 'active in church' thought ... LOL!

    Wow, you lead the choir and joined prayer meetings. Gee, I think I'm going to hell like that la. I never did such things. I always found excuses not to go to church ... LOL!

  14. Okay, I read your story! Didn't wanna read it last night! LOL!

    Woww.. a real life Voldermort!! So Harry Potter DOES exist!! I know, wishful thinking....

    I think you should win! It's totally original! I know I'd wanna win that mug too but I've never encountered anything supernatural. Lucky me! Even though it's not soooo scary, it's not the usual pontianak thingy we hear about all the time.. Nice one nick!

    If you win that mug, then something good came out of not listening to grandma! Hehehe..

  15. Ratu Syura, it wasn't scary what ... LOL! A Harry Potter fan I see :D

    Thanx, now go over to Marzie's and tell her that ... LOL!

    I'll bet grandma will be pleased if I did win the mug ...

  16. oh my god, nick! you witnessed all these? It's unbelievable! you got all my hair standing up!

    I've witnessed exorcism in church too, it was scary. I did not really witnessed it, usually there was a group of ppls surrounding it. I only heard screaming!

    Gosh, poor you! you were only 7 yrs old.I can imagine how frightened you were at that time.

    Hope you win marzis's contest! you hv great story there! :)

  17. Jean, I was scared out of my wits. I was only 7 years old so you can probably imagine the ordeal I went through for months after that!

  18. I was about 16 when I saw the Exorcist at the movies and I couldn't sleep by myself for about a year afterwards. If I had seen what you did at such a tender age I think I would be under psychiatric care. That would have been a terrifying thing to see.

  19. Gypsy, Now you know why I'm a little insane in my blogs ... LOL! It was a terrifying thing to see, especially at that age. Had nightmares for months on end.

  20. Ha ha ha ha...yeah la Nick! Tell me abt it! I was stunned into silence when my ex told me that! Oh btw, he did it over the phone and he was in US while I was here, tsk tsk tsk.... guys!!!

  21. Marzie -oh he was the smart one. Went to US and did it some more. Probably was worried if he told you to your face, you'd have slapped him silly ... LOL!

    And hey, not all guys are like that, k? Well, urrmm, ahhhh, hmmm, ok, ok, most of them are ... LOL!

  22. Now that is something I never ever want to witness!

  23. Jewelle - it's something I never want to witness again, that's for sure!

  24. Ok now!!!!! Now I don't feel so spiritually dismembered that you won my dream cup...LOL!!!!

    This is by far the best entry and you deserved to win. Great and creepy story Nick:)

    Lets hope Marzie does something similar in the next contest. A drawing is not as exciting and writing for a prize for sure.

    Great job Nick:)

  25. Bobby, hey, haven't seen you in a bit.

    Thanx for the compliment :)

    Yeah, looking to try and win that competition too ... LOL!

  26. Now, that is one crazy experience!!! And that picture did give me a chill ..although i dont know for what reason i want to "challenge" that photo by starring at it longer..LOL!

  27. Emelda - Being a child at that time, I had countless sleepless nights after that.

    LOL! Yeah, even though the pix is scary but most people would still look at it, pelik kan?


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