Friday, May 23, 2008

Those Little Teasers!

The pictures you see up there is the standard uniform of our school going children. And according to a particular well learned (supposedly) vice-president of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia, Munirah Bahari, that it would be a distraction to me, being a man and I would go out there, grab one of those 'sexily' clad children and satisfy my lust with them! Oooo, I feel the urge coming already ...

I cannot believe the absurdity, stupidity and shallow-mindedness of some people here. While I'm not one to post about politics and stuff like these, I just couldn't help myself this time. Stupid and ignorant people do deserve some form of recognition.

Ok, let me start from the beginning. I don't really read the local papers here cos they're just so biased with their news but I do subscribe to it and get interesting headlines flashed in my mail software. And some of these news can be quite interesting.

Yesterday, I saw this headline that read 'School uniform sexy, says group'. I was intrigue cos from the headline alone I knew it was going to be about something stupid and stupid people draw me in like a moth to a flame ... LOL! And I wasn't disappointed at all.

The article was about the school uniform worn by the girls at government schools here, which is a choice of wearing a white blouse with knee length skirt or a pinafore. They can also wear a 'baju kurung' with the headscarf being optional for Malay students.

And this has been the standard uniform for as long as I can remember even before I was going to school. I think my mom used to wear them as well. I'm not going to get into details about the article proper. If you're interested, you can check it out here. I'll just list down the points I find interesting and absolutely stupid for you to decide on your own.

Point Number One
The school uniform worn by the girls here encourage rape and pre-marital sex. (ROTFL)

Point Number Two
The white blouse is too transparent and it becomes a source of attraction. (Ooooo, I feel the urge to go find a school girl!)

Point Number Three
It's a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it. (Ok, I can't send my son to school anymore cos I'm definitely going to be distracted by all those school girls in white blouses!)

Point Number Four
Some of these schoolgirls use the white blouse as a means to lure men! (You evil little things!)

Ok, you can stop laughing now people cos it is frightening. And I don't mean the school uniforms, but the stupidity of the person who wrote the article, a vice-president no doubt. It's no wonder this country is in a horrible state. Take a look at the uniform again, what is so seductive about the white blouse? Tell me, especially you men, does it make you want to go get a nice little school girl in a uniform for some fun?

While I do believe that no one religion or parent would encourage indecency, I find the fact that you blame the poor girl for your failure to control your own lust is absolutely ridiculous! It's like blaming the floor is crooked, that's why I can't dance. Please don't blame the poor girl or the uniform or the white blouse. It's the education and perception of people that need to be changed.

I believe no matter how one dresses, whether they're covered up from head to toe, it really isn't going to matter to a pervert out there. They look for easy preys and these children are easy preys for them, not because of the school uniform or the white blouse. Instead of doing some stupid research about school uniforms being too sexy and that these children in their white blouses lure men to them, more should be done to curtail this problem at the root of it.

You know, I'll bet the 'honourable' Munirah Bahari would have had a fit if she had done studies on the Japanese school uniforms ... LOL! Please Munirah, put on your brains and take a look around you. It's not the uniforms, it's not the girls, it's not the white blouses. It's the back water mentality of shallow-minded people like you who contribute to things like these. Be the solution to the problem, not the cause of it!

Oh and honey, you're not allowed to wear anymore white blouses cos you're only going to lure and tempt all those men your way. LOL!


  1. yeah!! I agree with you 100%..The munirah is just one stupid human who never use her brain before uttering something like that..white blouse is absolutely nothing to do with the lust or pre-marital sex or rape. Maybe it her who attracted to girls with white blouse?? Hahahahaa!!!

  2. The writer of the article, Munirah is it? She should have specify what kind of sexy uniform she meant by posting images of the so called sexy uniform. I mean, for once, I do understand what she meant by sexy uniform. Ive seen some secondary girls who wear the white shirt made of thin material and not even bother to wear white or neutral color camisole inside so that their bras wouldn't be too revealing. And some do wear pinafore that is above the knee length...hence, sexy uniform.

    We should not blame the uniform. Blame the person who makes the uniform looks sexy and those authorities who don't imply strict rules on how the school uniform should be wear.

    And I agree, It is such a stupid article.

  3. Kadus Mama - Munirah attracted to girls in white blouses? Oooooo, that's a frightening not to mention sick thought! LOL!

    I thought that was the most stupidest article I've read in ages.

    I wonder what she would write about guys in white shirts then? LOL!

  4. Carol - Ah good, the perspective of a teacher :D I suppose there are some exceptions to the rule here, but I think that for Munirah to generalize that school uniforms are sexy and is one of the causes for rape and pre-marital sex is way overboard.

    I think the uniform in general is not at all designed to be sexy and there are specific regulations regarding it's usage such as size, length, etc, etc but you're right when you say, that the authorities should be strict in implementing the rules but implementation of rules is not something our authorities are very good at. They're more adept at blaming other people, especially the victims ...

    But thanks for your insight Carol, especially from the point of view of a teacher.

  5. OMG! That's so ridiculous! What are they supposed to wear? A sack of potatoes? a burka? Does it only apply to school girls? Or are ALL women who wear white blouses also encouraging pre-marital sex? (what if they are married? Infidelity?) As you said, some people just can't keep their stupidity and their shallow minds to themselves.

  6. Jeezuz dude. That is one bloody stupid thing to say. Very 16th century and typical of closed minded religious fools. You know. The type that believe rape and harassment victims bring it on themselves.

    A girl in school uniform is sexually attractive because obviously it represents a girl of school age. That's it really.

    People can debate endlessly about the rights and wrongs of the sexual attraction of school age children but really it'll not likely ever end.

    These girls are hitting puberty, sexual awareness and experimentation and also the apparent and real innocence and the likelihood of virginity are all factors.

    Blaming the uniform for sexual suggestion is as goddam stupid as a rapist claiming he couldn't control himself. It's beyond stupid and outrageous. It's also a popular one in the religious community which unfortunately I have always found to be hypocritical and brain washing.

    The weakness of men indeed! Two words - **** off!

  7. La Delirante - Exactly my point. Blaming the clothes for not being able to control ones lust just seems beyond anything I could imagine. I depressed everytime I read the news these days ... sighhh ...

  8. Hui Sen - That's exactly my point buddy. I thought it was one very stupid article myself and I'm amazed at how they came to this conclusion. So, what happens if they change the uniforms to something more conservative? Is that going to change things? I should think not. It's the close mindedness of these people as you put it is what actually makes the problem worse.

  9. *very sarcastically* Damn that Britney Spears for making school uniforms sexy! It's her fault for planting sexy images of school girls going "hit me baby 1 more time" into our brain. Now men who look at girls in school uniforms will get turned on... ooohhh...

    But seriously, is that Munirah crazy or what? Is she drawing from her own experience back in her school days?

    Soon she'll be saying all types of clothes are baits to sexual predators. And what shall we do then? Wear cardboard box?

  10. So what about those girls dressed up decently but still got raped and molested? Wake up, Munirah!!! Even if a girl cover up from head to toe 100%, some men still can imagine things. Remember the lady with tudung who was raped and murdered in a bus?

  11. Hi Nick,
    You are right, how can someone who is a VP be so stupid? Gee wweezz...I am so mad that I am going to post this in my blog too! Let the world know how stupid this people are!

  12. And this is supposed to have been written by an educated person you say??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....I'd hate to think of what this woman would have thought of my school uniform - the word pornographic springs to mind. Hilarious.

  13. Those school uniforms are sexy??? Where I live I've seen nuns where the exact same uniform.

  14. it's not like they are going to participate in the wet shirt competition or something like that right? :-)

  15. and I thought what was going on in MY SONS SCHOOL was ridiculous.

    This takes the lead in the 'stupid' department.

  16. OH MY WORD!!! A pervert is a pervert is a pervert and no matter what you do, there is no changing the mind of a pervert.

    So what, pray tell, does she have in mind for our kids?? You want to dress our kids in burkas or tents? To a pervert and psychomaniac rapist, that might only mean "easy access".

    This type of statement can really bring my high blood pressure rising.. not that I do have HBP. But seriously??

    I really was laughing at Tammy's comment, though, on our school children's uniform looking like something a nun would wear.

    But hey, this is the same group that was pushing for the ban of Gwen Stefani's concert in Malaysia, right? Because watching the concert will make all of our youngsters turn into fornicators?? Riiigghhtttt...

    Nick, it just amazes me the level of mentality some people have. Go and catch the monster that murdered our little Nurin Jazlin instead!! And don't dare say that she got caught because she wore a white tee or I'll strangle this Munirah with my own two hands!


  17. stupid can that writer be. Maybe he/she sees it that way. That's why.. ha ha. So what now, make the uniforms black color lah like that. -_-

  18. WOW. Could you imagine if they wore what girls wear here in America?? I see girls walking down the street from their schools and their clothes shock even ME. LOL...

    I can't believe white blouses and knee-length skirts are thought (by at least that one person) to cause rape and premarital sex. Are they serious??

  19. Perky - You could be right right you know, damn that Britney ... LOL!

    Maybe she is, who knows ... trust me, with he shallow minded thinking, she'll even say cardboard boxes are too sexy!

  20. Monica - Exactly my point here. It doesn't matter what you wear, if a pervert sets his sights on you, then that's it. It's the mentality that needs to be changed and not the clothes ...

  21. Jen - Well, I'm not really surprised a VP like her can be so silly, look at some of our own leaders out there ... Looking forward to reading this on your blog. The more exposure about her stupidity, the better.

  22. Gypsy - Yes, a supposedly Vice President wrote this. With her mentality she would have had issues with baby clothes if given the chance ...

  23. Tammy - My point exactly. We have nuns here tat wear clothes like that. And even then I've read stories about nuns being raped and such.

    I seriously think people like these should go live in some back water island of their own.

  24. Sting - What? They have wet shirt competitions here? LOL!

    But you're exactly right. Why blame the clothes for ones own failure to control ones own lust?

  25. Meleah - LOL! There are loads more things happening here that can claim a spot in the 'stupid' department ...

  26. Shemah - Exactly! If you're a pervert, you'll always be a pervert and no amount of covering up will ever sway their perverted mind. We've all read and heard about people being raped and sexually abused no matter what they were wearing so why blame the clothes, right?

    And yes, they should concentrate more on finding the monsters than doing stupid irrelevant! research like these.

    And I'll join you in strangling this Munirah woman if she has the cheek to even say that Nurin Jazlin was wearing white when she was abducted ...

  27. Ami3s10 - She is stupid beyond words. changing the colour alone is not going to help. So, what about our nurses then? Are they going to be easy target cos they wearing white too?

    Oh and welcome to my blog by the way :D

  28. Corrina - LOL! She'd probably die of a heart seizure or something, which is a good thing really!

    Exactly. And the worse thing is they are serious and believe they are right and that everyone else in this world is wrong ...

  29. This is ridiculous.

    It reminds me of that case in California a few years ago, where a judge ruled that one woman couldn't possibly have been raped because she was wearing jeans when it happened, saying taking jeans off a person is too hard/troublesome for it to have been anything but consensual sex. -_-

    Californians then rallied against it by ALL wearings jeans everyday for a period of time. Maybe we should all go out and pinjam our siblings/cousins/neighbors school uniforms and do the same. Heh.

  30. Hi Nick, The picture you choose to represent you really cute. The first time I look at it I laugh non stop. Some more, your posting and the picture match very well. That was the first impression I have about this blogger.
    As for the uniform, mmm... frankly speaking, I dont like it, I was wearing that and find it like wearing an apron.

  31. Ishh!! Bodoh!! I hope she doesn't blame her daughter for being a slut if her daughter is raped! I know there are some girls in school who used to shorten their skirts and refuse to wear a singlet inside. But those kinda girls would always find a way to make their uniforms sexy, even if they were to wear tents as uniforms!

    But to blame our school uniforms on rape and pre-marital sex?? These type of stupid people would always find a way to stupidize themselves even more with stupid statements like this! We can never get through to them cuz they're just so close minded!! Otak kunoooo!!!!!

  32. Sexy? Those Boxy A Line skirts? Hmmm... I don't remember anyone grabbing me! Hahaha

    This is just beyond crazy lah!

  33. Oh my! If you make the girls wear anything more cumbersome and covered up, they'll melt under the heat.

  34. This is quite interesting! Why do some people blame others for their own discrepancy, hahaa! I had white uniforms in high school and college, but I don't remember somebody looked at me with lust, huhuu...

    You are brave enough to go against the (was that) vice-president,lol! And it's a good practice. Bravo to you...

  35. LOL Nick!

    I suggest you write an email to those self-righteous groups and send them a link to the new Pussycat dolls group Girliscious at

    Now, I can tell you that what your local girls have on are seriously tame.

  36. I heard abt the news over from our side too. I find nothing wrong with white top.

  37. Thanks God coz I'm no longer a "school" kid.

  38. Haizum - I haven't heard of that case but it has to be the most absurd ruling ever! It's on par with the stupidity of this Munirah woman.

    That is a good idea you have there though ... hehehe ...

  39. Molly - LOL! That's the first time anyone has mentioned anything about my avatar. Welcome to Anything Goes!

    Well, I still don't find anything sexy about it though ...

  40. Syura - You know Syura, she most probably would blame her daughter for bring it on herself! That's the sort of mentality she has.

    I agree with you, there are some exceptions to the norm where I'm sure some girls will try their best to modify their uniforms but like you said, even if they wear tents, they'll still modify it.

    But to blame the girls for luring men with their uniforms, now that takes the cake for stupidity, ya? It's people like these that makes this world a sad place to live in ... sighhh ...

  41. Rozella - Exactly! I don't remember having the urge to grab any school girl too. Beyond crazy is too mild a word la ...

  42. BT - I have to agree and no matter what they force people to wear, if you're a pervert you're always a pervert ...

  43. Marlene - I guess it's cos they're totally shallow minded and still live in ancient times!

    I'm not actually going against her, but I'm shocked at her utter stupidity and people like these deserve the due recognition they crave for.

  44. Sharon - LOL! That would probably give her a heart seizure ... Actually I just might do it even ... LOL!

    Yeah, and they've had that same style and design uniforms since my moms days ...

  45. Janice - That's exactly what I thought too ... weird how stupid some people can be, ya?

  46. Faizal - LOL! Yeah, thank god I'm not longer a school kid too otherwise I wonder if our white shirts that we wore could also be interpreted as too sexy ... hahaha ...

  47. hahaha.. nick, im so with you! i laughed too when i read the newspaper the other day! Is he out of topics to say that he have to blame the uniforms? It's purely absurdity!

    I love my baju kurung! It's one of the reason im so eager to attend school. Haha!

  48. One word to describe Munirah - nincapoop!! How ridiculous can she be!! ohhh i sooo 101% agree with you Nick...I was so mad when I first read the article last week...I think she has too much time with nothing else to do...and I thought we're supposed to move forward and not backward...sigh...

  49. Jean - I have no idea what she was thinking la Jean. Maybe she just pissed no one paid her any attention in her school days or something ... but she is a very daft person la.

  50. Aunty J - Hahaha ... that is an excellent way to describe her!

    Yeah, that's the problem with these people, they're too backward thinking. We have to move forward with the times but I suppose people like her will be around no matter what!

  51. Answer me please: Are we living in 21th century indeed?

    At least they have a uniform, Nick...
    If only you could see brazilian schoogirls and the way they dress themselves...

  52. Cidao - Sometimes I'm not too sure of that answer myself. Especially with people like this Munirah woman around.

  53. This is my first visit here, and i almost fall off my chair LAUGHING my butt off!!

    I think it takes alot more than white blouse to lure men to risk breaking the law and 'capturing' these girls....

    IF they are finding an excuse, please, at least find a MORE convincing one!!

  54. KM - Welcome to my blog then :)

    Yes, it does take a lot more that a simple white blouse to lure men. In fact, if one is a pervert, even a handkerchief would be deemed sexy!

    Yes, I agree, at least get more plausible excuses la ...

    Do drop by again anytime :)


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