Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tim The Toolman ...

You know, it's difficult trying to escape from doing tags or memes by pleading ignorance or finding technicalities not to do it. Take this meme that Marzie sent my way. It's called the handbag tag and I was ecstatic, not because I have a handbag or anything. It was exactly for that reason that I was happy. Cos I don't own a handbag and that would be an excellent reason for not doing this.

Besides I also thought she was going a little loony by tagging me with a handbag tag. Now just what had gotten into her, I thought. I mean, she does know I'm a guy, right? And she does know I'm a guy who detest men carrying any sort of handbags and I even did a post on this sometime back called Manbags. So what in heavens name was she thinking?

Ok, now let me tell you just how embarrassed I was when she told me later that there was this little line in her post stating that 'if you're a guy, just reverse the process to male and tell us about your wallet, toolbox, briefcase or metro sexual accessory'. I was so embarrassed when I read that. Gee, how did I miss that line? I swear, it wasn't there when I read your post, honest ... LOL! Ok, ok, maybe I kinda thought I could get away from doing this tag by pleading ignorance or something.

Anyway, since she nicely pointed out that line to me, I just had to do this tag. But what should I talk about? My wallet? Urmmm, it's so old and falling apart that I don't think I want to put a picture of it here, it's just too embarrassing. A briefcase? Well, I used to carry one years ago but stopped since I thought I look like an idiot with a briefcase. A metro sexual accessory? Huh? I'm 100% male with not a single bit of metro sexualness so that's out of the question. And that left me with just my toolbox.

Besides being a lazy bum who just loves to sleep, I've always enjoyed those do-it-yourself home improvement stuff. Though I'm nowhere near to being proficient at it but over the years, through numerous trials and errors, cuts, knocks and bruises, I got better with it. At least I didn't ruin as much things as before ... hehehe ... And over those years I've gathered up quite a bit of accessories for my toolbox. Some of the stuff I have, I've never even used them and some I go through faster than you can say 'toolbox'.

I have this habit of going into hardware stores and buying all kinds of junk and accessories like nails, screws, nut, plumbing tape, insulating tape, hooks, screwdrivers and whatnots. Half of them I don't even use, but I like to be ready in case I need them one day. Wifey and me have this peculiar habit of picking up other peoples junk at times and refurbishing them. There are times when we go out and see people throw some decent junk away and we'll just stop the car, pick it up and take it home and see what we can do to make it usable.

We've picked up a chair and fixed it up, we've picked up some old picture frames, refurbished it and painted it and made it look brand new that people who visit my house ask me if we bought the frame from IKEA ... LOL! Of course, me being me, I said yes, it's from IKEA ... hahaha ... Some people's junk is someone else's treasure. And hearing praises like that sure makes having a nice toolbox all the more worthwhile. So, remember, the next time you throw your junk away give me a buzz first ... :D

My toolbox also came in handy when wifey and me painted and made over the house all by ourselves last year. We patched cracks and sealed chipped sections of the wall, put up shelving units, refurbished and painted our old TV cabinet and bookshelves to give them a fresh new look. It was a project that took us close to two to three weeks to finally complete. And that was when I used my toolbox the most.

Anyways, like I said over the years I've collected quite an assortment of tools and accessories and I actually had to buy another toolbox just to accommodate all the junk I have. I never throw away anything and just had to buy a new toolbox, well wifey bought it for me cos she couldn't stand seeing my old toolbox overflowing with stuff ... hehehe ... So now I have two toolboxes full of more junk.

But my pride and joy is my Black & Decker power drill. And I'm perpetually looking for reasons to drill anywhere on the wall. Even if wifey wants to put up a small simple wall plug on the wall to hang something, I'll be trying to make up all sorts of reasons on why I should actually drill the wall and insert a nice strong bracket there instead of those tiny good for nothing wall plugs. And half the time she's on the look out to keep me from making the house look like Swiss cheese with my power drill ... LOL!

Will you look at that, I'm supposed to do a tag and here I am talking about my toolbox! I'd better get down to actually doing this tag or Marzie is going to start complaining that I'm not following the rules of the tags and memes ... LOL! Oh and I'm only good at DIY, plumbing on the other hand, well, let's just say wifey has banned me from messing around with any DIY plumbing at home ... LOL! Ok, let's get started on this tag.

As usual, here are the rules and regulations but feel free to give a creative twist to it if you like. Go seek a nice safe and quiet place free of significant others, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, cowboys, neanderthal neighbours and women in general. (Hey, don't look at me like that, I didn't make this rules up, ok!).

1. Dump the contents of your toolbox or wallet or you metro-sexual accesssory in pile.
2. Take a photo of it.
3. Be brave and tell us what it is that really lurks in your toolbox, wallet or metro-sexual accessory.
4. Go find someone to embarrass by tagging them.
5. Answer these few simple questions. (gee, I didn't realize I had to answer questions ...)

Describe the contents of your toolbox. Filled with loads of junk
What's the most important thing in your toolbox? My multi-purpose screwdriver set.
What's the most embarrassing thing in your toolbox? The pencils I steal from IKEA everytime I go there ... hehehe ... free ma!
What's the smallest thing in your toolbox? Urmmm, an orovo? LOL! Just kidding.
Is there anything illegal in your toolbox? Gee, I really don't know. Half the things there can be used to inflict horrible pain ... hehehe ...

Anyways, that toolbox you see up there was bought for me by wifey a couple of months ago to ease the overflowing of my old toolbox which I've had for years on end. And this one is also close to being full and I'm guessing I'm going to need another toolbox or maybe one of those cool looking 3 layered ones from Black & Decker.

*hint, hint*
Christmas is just around the corner.

I'm supposed to describe what's inside but that would take all day cos of the many items I have in there and I'm sure you've all got better things to do besides wanting to know what is in my toolbox, right? Just look at the picture and you'll more or less get the gist of it :D

Now comes the part where I tag someone. I'm going to tag a few of you but there's no obligations to do it. I know some of you don't really like doing tags and I won't hold it against you. No, really I won't ... well, maybe a little ... hahaha ... just kidding. Only do the tag if you feel like doing it :D

Adrian (how could I not tag you, my good buddy), Perry, Cidao and Faizal.


  1. Nick,

    I think you can take over Tim Allen's spot on his show Home Improvement with those.

    Nick 'The Toolman' Phillips.

    Oh wait...that show has ended!

  2. Do you have a neighbor named Wilson by any chance? :-P

  3. I have more things in my purse then I have in my closet!

  4. Oh my god... I'll show everyone what's in my wallet... It'll be the end of the world!!! :o)

  5. hahaha Nick, I saw that line when I read Marzie's post...anyway, I'll show everyone what's in my handbag...soon..for the handbag tag :-D

  6. Wah, you're quite the handyman! Impressive toolbox you have there.

  7. Perry - You think so? Really? LOL!

    Now if only wifey will let me drill the walls more often ... hehehe ...

  8. Gallivanter - As a matter of fact, I think my Neanderthal neighbour an qualify as Mr. Wilson la ... LOL!

  9. Meleah - You and 3 million other women out there ... LOL!

  10. Cidao- Come on buddy, let's see it already ... LOL!

  11. Monica - I was trying to plead ignorance la ... LOL! Cool, let me know when you've done the tag and I'll come peek.

  12. BT - No la, not quite the handyman yet but still learning through trial and error. I don't screw up that many things anymore ... LOL!

  13. He he he! Nicely thought u could escape way I was gonna let that happen, esp not to u la ... u know how much I love to tag u! ;)

    Wah so impressive la ur toolbox, B has one oso but I hardly see him take it out to use ha ha! Excellent twist to the tag, now u see why I tagged u? I knew u'd come up with something creative like this! Hmmmmm now must think, what other tags to tag u with LOL! :):):)

  14. Hahaha...that was one funny post; and I do know how embarrassing when you get all worked up over something and people point out the obvious to you:p

  15. wow!!!! you win hubby on your toolbox!! hehee
    I might want to borrow your WD-4 coz hubby lost his few months ago...can kah???

  16. Great! It's very-very funny! I should also look up my wallet to remember what i have got inside it!:))))
    My dad has the same habit, he can't live a day without bringing something at home.I should definitely show your post to my dad to read it!

  17. ha ha ha

    so true. we women carry a ton of stuff all day every day!

  18. Do you have a toolbelt like Tim the toolman?

  19. Marzie - LOL! Yeah, I was trying to find a loophole la, but looks like you had that covered!

    What, another tag? Maybe next time I should just do my tags as simple as possible to avoid this punishment ... LOL!

  20. Christy - It was really embarrassing to actually read her post and miss out the line completely ... LOL!

  21. Kadus Mama - I do? Any prize for winning ka? LOL! I'm actually crazy about collecting and buying accessories for my toolbox la.

    As for the WD-40, now that you mentioned it, I need to get a new one cos that one is almost finished :D

  22. Tyson - Hi and first of all, welcome to my blog :)

    By all means, show it to your dad, he sounds like a cool guy :D I mean, some people just throw away practically good stuff just because they don't need it anymore, so why waste it, ya?

  23. Meleah - Glad you agreed with me :D Sometimes I can't figure out how they can fit all that stuff into those tiny bags.

  24. Tammy - Urmmm, I actually do have one, but it's no where near as good as his ... hehehe ...

  25. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH omg i can't stop laffing reading this.. LOL think u can get away with it huh nick LOL oh man, seriously LOL. Adui~ punya lucu. Anyways, dood with manbags are ghey~ way ghey! @_@

  26. Maslight - LOL! I have to agree with you on the manbags thingy ... Hopefully nobody trashes me for that ... hehehe ...

  27. nick next thing u know they have pink color fluffy sling bags OMG

  28. Though I have no idea what a metrosexual actually is, apparently Marzie thinks we're both one...haha! Where I live, we hang people for that; however, I made up an imaginary metrosexual bag...come see LOL!!!!

  29. Maslight - LOL! I wouldn't at all be surprised!

  30. Bobby - She does, huh? Let's lynch the woman ... LOL! I'll come check out your imaginary metrosexual bag soon :D

  31. hey Nick, I get tagged with this by Marzie too, but as you said we got no handbag, but luckily you get toolbox. I'm still find out what supposed I show, maybe my bag that I bring to class? All those books and cases and files? I think I will come out with this tag when I found out something to be shown. My wallet? I don't think so.

  32. Faizal - Well, your bag sounds like a good idea ... hehehe ... would love to see how thick those case books are!


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