Monday, October 20, 2008

Me And My Quirky Self ...

I'm a pretty weird person at times. My wife and friends can definitely attest to that. I have loads of weird and quirky habits that sometimes I think I'm abnormal. Some of these quirks I've cultivated since childhood and some of them have come to light in recent years.

That's why when I got tagged by Sting for this quirky tag, I decided to do it fast cos I thought it was a great tag and something I could write for hours about. No, no, don't click that exit button on your blogs. I promise I won't write more than 1,275 words ok? LOL!

Anyways, before I start on letting you guys know a few unspectacular quirky facts about me, I'd like to thank Sting for sending this meme my way. No need to go into the rules of this tag cos if you've ever done one tag in your entire life, then you probably know the rules already. And if you don't, then I don't know what planet you're from ... LOL!

I've got quite a few of these unspectacular quirks that I don't know which one to feature here. But I think these would suffice for now. Don't want you guys knowing just how weird I can be at times :D And in no particular order:

Quirk #1

When I'm eating, I have this weird habit of eating all the stuff that I don't like first on my plate and keep the ones that I love for last. Most of the time my younger boy will say, 'you don't want to eat that, ah?' and I'll go, 'stay away from my food, I'm saving the best for last!' ... LOL!

This habit or quirk I've had since childhood when my grandmother would dish out food for us and there would be loads of things I don't like on my plate. We had to eat everything and the best way was to get the food I hated out of the way first and then enjoy my meal with all the stuff I like last ...

Quirk #2
When I eat on my own, which is seldom cos I hate eating alone to begin with. But if I do happen to eat on my own for some strange reason, then I MUST have something to read, be it a newspaper, a book, a brochure, anything at all or I won't be able to eat properly! It's like the food just won't go down if I have to sit there on my own try to eat without some form of reading material in front of me.

There was this time a few years back when I was so hungry that I had to eat on my own and this shop had no reading materials whatsoever and I had to resort to reading the billboard across the street ... Seriously! LOL!

Quirk #3
I have this habit of perpetually checking everything at home such as making sure the switch to the computers or TV are switched off (when I know for a fact that it is) or making sure the back doors are bolted shut (again knowing for a fact that it's bolted shut!) or even making sure the fridge door is closed properly! It's just like some weird kind of habit.

It's just something I cannot help myself from doing. Take for instance there I am sitting in the hall watching TV and when the ads come on, I'll get up and walk into the kitchen and check to see if the fridge door is closed properly or the gas stoves are shut off or the microwave door is shut. And I'll do this everytime the ads come on even though I know I just checked it a few minutes ago.

And even at nights before I sleep. There I am lying down all ready for sleep when I will suddenly get up and go check to see if the room door is locked even though I personally locked it before going to bed. And I'll do this quite a few number of times. See, I told you I was weird ... LOL!

Quirk #4
I must every single morning clean out the mats in my car. It doesn't matter if it's dirty or not, I'll take them out every morning while I warm my car up and dust them out. The outside of my car may go unwashed for days on end but the insides must be clean and I mean everything inside must be clean.

This is one habit or quirk that has mellowed quite a bit. Back up to a few years ago, wifey, the boys and even my buddies would know better than to leave finger prints on the windows. The moment we get in the car, the first words out of my mouth would be, 'don't touch the glass, ok' ... LOL! Or even dust your feet before stepping in. And I will try and park in places that will minimize the amount of dirt brought into my car.

These days I'm more mellowed down to the point that I've stopped telling anyone to not leave finger prints on the windows. I'll just quietly wipe them off later with minimal fuss ... LOL!

Well, there you have it. Four weird quirks about me :D And now, I'd like to find out a few crazy and weird quirks from MarzieKadus Mama and Carol. The weirder and quirkier the better ... LOL!

p.s. and this post is only 1001 words long ... LOL!


  1. Hahahaaa!! Nick..I'm a normal person lah!! No weird habit whatsoever!!
    But your habit to check every locks secured properly is one good habit actually! At least your door will be locked all the time..! hehe

  2. Good post!

    And do you know what, I do number 1and 2! I always save the best thing on my plate until last! Or I'll have a bite of it first but make sure I leave the rest until last!
    And the reading and eating, if I am eating a snack, I have to read a magazine or a newspaper at the same time. Food just tastes better that way!

    Here's to being quirky.

  3. This week we are memeing the movement. You've been tagged by the Queen of Memes!
    The Peace Meme

  4. OMG!! Are u kidding me? He he he, okies I guess I'm supposed to thank you for the tag ha ha! ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing ur quirky self with us Nick. I oso sometimes save the best for last when it comes to my fave food, like prawns and what not! :)

  6. I do #1 and #2 although the thing that always worries me about saving the best til last is that my tummy will run out of room before I can get it down my throat. It hasn't happened yet but you never know :)

    Numbers 3 & 4 sound alarmingly like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

  7. I could do with my husband having a few of your quirks especially the clean car one.
    His car is always a desaster

  8. Kadus Mama - Aiyaa, I'm sure you got at least one quirky habit ... LOL! Come on, share with us already :D

    Yeah, it probably is a good habit but I do that with everything in the house, the bathroom door, the kitchen cabinets, etc, etc ... LOL!

  9. The World According To Me - Cool, at least I'm not the only weirdo around ... hehehe ...

    You're right, food taste so much better when you have a book in hand :D

  10. Mimi Lenox - Thanks, I'll come check it out soon. And welcome to Anything Goes! by the way ...

  11. Tammy - Alright, more quirky people who have to read when eating ... LOL!

  12. Marzie - Thought I'd forgotten about tagging you, huh? LOL! You're welcome on the tag and I'm looking forward to reading all your quirks soon ... hehehe ...

  13. Marzie - You're all welcome to know what a weirdo I can be at times ... LOL!

    Good to know I'm not the only one who keeps the best for last, food wise ... hehehe ...

  14. Hey, your quirk #3 and 4 shows that you have OCD leh!

    My kids like to save the best food on the plate for last too. Sometimes I ask them, you don't like the sotong I cooked (cos everything on their plate is gone except for the sotong) and they tell me it is because they want to savour it slowly.

    I can't eat alone without reading too!! Nowadays I resort to reading my messages or deleting old ones on the phone. Well, doesn't matter if I have read the messages before, as long as I look occupied, I'm happy.

  15. Gypsy - LOL! You have a point there about the tummy running out of room for the best ... but it hasn't happened to me yet though.

    OHMYGOD! You're right! I've got an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! Quick, somebody recommend me a shrink! LOL!

  16. Angela - LOL! Get your hubby to read this post. It might get him to start cleaning out his car ... hehehe ...

    I can't stand a dirty place, hence the perpetually making sure it's clean quirk!

  17. BT - Yeah, it's now begining to look like an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Know a good shrink? LOL!

    Guess I'm not the only one who keeps the best food for last. That way, you can really savour the good stuff :D

    Hmmm, reading messages from the phone, now why didn't I think of that? LOL! Maybe I should find a software that can download an ebook into my phone or something ...

  18. "I have this habit of perpetually checking everything at home such as making sure the switch to the computers or TV are switched off (when I know for a fact that it is) or making sure the back doors are bolted shut (again knowing for a fact that it's bolted shut!) or even making sure the fridge door is closed properly! It's just like some weird kind of habit."


    yeah. That's called O.C.D.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

    Dont worry, I have many many strange behaviors.

  19. Meleah - LOL! Looks like I'm going to need that shrink pretty soon since you guys all agree that I have O.C.D!

  20. Your quirk#3...One of my aunts is like that too. Thing is, when we have to follow her out somewhere i.e. to a wdg reception, airport...and she does that checking routine before going out, we always ended up late. Like almost an hour!

    I know I have a few weird things about myself but Im not sure if I can come up to 5...:)

  21. Nick, don't worry! All we do quirky things in our lives. They're our dark secrets!!!

  22. Carol - LOL! She can join my O.C.D club! Well, come up with however many you can think of. I know you like to count while cutting your vegetables, that's one you can start with ... LOL!

  23. Cidao - LOL! I'm sure we all have some pretty weird and funny quirks :D

  24. Hi Nick,
    I came to visit via Ascender and you sound like a rather well adjusted quirky person. I wouldn't save the tastiest morsels for last though. What if an earthquake hits? This is a California cuisine tip. :)

  25. Princess Haiku - Welcome to my blog then :D

    Of course if I was in California, I'd be wolfing down my tastiest morsels first just to be safe! LOL!

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