Saturday, January 10, 2009

Offline ...

My last post was on Tuesday and it's Saturday already. I haven't gone that long without a post in quite awhile. In fact I haven't been using my PC much, be it at home or at work. Been a little busy getting stuff done, work wise and by the time I get home, I'm just too lazy to log on. You know, the usual get everything done rush just before the place shuts down for a whole week or more for the Chinese New Year holidays in about two weeks time.

I know for a fact my office is going to be closed for at least 7 whole days (woohoo!) for the Chinese New Year. It's actually a two day public holiday but most Chinese owned companies here shut down for the entire week and I happen to work in a Chinese owned company so we'll be closed for a whole 9 days including the weekends.

I'm really looking forward to it and It'll be a great chance for me to rest and recuperate at home. The only thing about this period of time I don't really like right now is rushing to get all my work completed just before the holidays. One of my old clients from my ex-office has started a project with us and that has me a little worried. Not that I can't do the project but I'm just a little worried that the holiday shut down will throw a damper on my schedule with the project.

The client is a government client and they only have 2 days off and I really don't want them calling me and interrupting my las vegas strip holiday just to go see them. I wouldn't be a very happy person then :D Hopefully I can get their work done and out of the way before the Chinese New Year. But it's good to know that my old clients still call me up to do work for them :D

That's basically one of the reasons why I've been missing in the blogsphere for quite a while. I just don't have much time to spend sitting and blogging like I used to. Even my blog hopping has been so darn slow that I only manage to visit one or two blogs a days. I'll get to all your blogs eventually though. But judging from the amount of new updates from you guys in my reader, that's like going to take me the better half of the entire day to go down the list. You guys sure post quite a lot don't you :D

I know I haven't really spoken about my work much since I've joined this new company but I must say I'm pretty much enjoying myself over here. I have a boss who is pretty much receptive to new ideas, in fact he has a whole load of ideas himself.

I'm currently given a whole new project to launch an online web printing thing that my boss had lying around for ages. It's a little messy right now and it'll take a little time getting it sorted out and finally going live. It's an interesting little project and once it's online, I'll blog more about it. It just might be something you guys could also take advantage of :D

Like I said, I really do enjoy working here. I may work further than I used to but I go into the office much later and actually arrive home much earlier than my older place :D Having a boss who is also an old friend, he happens to understand the horrendous traffic I have to go through everyday and says to me,

'Aiya, Nick, you leave your house after 9am, take you time, no need to come in early. Avoid the jam and save your petrol la.'

Who can argue with that kind of reasoning? LOL! Now I get to sleep in till much later every morning, wait till the roads clear down some and then take a nice leisurely drive in. And when then later in the evening he will say,

'Hey Nick, since we finish all our work already and have nothing to do, go home la, avoid the rush hour traffic'

And this is roughly around 4pm or so, sometimes even earlier, so I'm really home very much earlier than before :D Now is that cool or what ... hehehe ... You should have seen wifey's face the first day I came home at 4pm. She looked at me and said,

'What are you doing home so early? Got fired or something?'

But I suppose all this is coming home is only temporary. Once the jobs really start coming in, I don't think I'll have the liberty to leave that early. But for now, I must say I'm pretty satisfied with my work :D Ok, I gotta go do some stuff. I'll drop by your blogs soon. Till then, have a great weekend. I know I will.


  1. hehe!! I guess we can sleep as long as we want when our office closed for CNY holiday ya..I'm working in a Chinese company too and we probably will shut down operation starting from 24th and re-open on 2nd Feb..!!

  2. Kadus Mama - Woohoo, you also got the same amount of CNY holidays :D Yeah, sleeping is part of my plans ... LOL!

    We close the same day as you but open on the 3rd cos of the City Day holiday on Sunday, so extra one day more ... hehehe ...

  3. Your boss sounds like a great person and I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying your new job. I have been wondering how it's going.

  4. ok, i so envy that 'come after 9am' work hour. :P

    unlike last year, this year we havent heard of any circulars telling us to replace classes on Saturdays so that we can have a week CNY break. That means, holiday is only until 27th....urrgh!

  5. Im psyched to hear the new job is going so well, even if that means you are too tired / lazy to blog for our entertainment.

    Have a WONDERFUL 9 days off. That's like a REAL vacation!

  6. I totally feel you about the blog hopping thing. I'm still tryna get my groove back ever since I got back to blogging and I still haven't covered everyone's blogs yet. *sigh* One day at a time nick.. :)

  7. ahhhhh I have too much holiday! I need to go back to work! -______- ..I can feel kulat growing on my head

    I'm sure your wife is happy that you have such flexi hours of work. My husband has the same flexi hours and I'm as happy as a lark! :D

  8. 7 whole days?! What? I'm already scheduled to work on the first day of CNY itself! Oh no...

  9. must be very busy with the new wonder u seldom updating your blog...well,i guess early of this new year, everyone seems to be very busy including me myself..hehe..anyway, its good to hear you enjoy your new company...i wish you all the best!!:)

  10. What? It's Chinese New Year already soon? I thought it's in February. And you're free from work for a week, I'm envious. You know how I love the holidays, lol!

    Looking forward to that online web printing, sounds interesting.

  11. 1 week holiday? It's a nice change compared to your previous company! We have a Chinese saying, "Suffer first, enjoy later." Work hard for the next couple of weeks and play hard after that. Even if your customer calls you during the holidays, there is nothing much you can do cos your vendors also closed.

  12. Romany Angel - I hope he remains being great ... LOL! I'm also pretty glad that work is fun :D

  13. Carol - Don't la envy the come to work after 9am work hour cos the jam here sometimes last longer than 9am and I end up still getting stuck in jams!

    Oh, I didn't know that. I thought the schools would be closed for a week. That means wifey and me can go dating la when the boys are at school ... hehehe ...

  14. Meleah - LOL! Don't worry, once I really get into the groove here, I'll be back to my blog entertainment days!

  15. Syura - Hey, it's been a while since I last saw you here. Hope all is well.

    One day at a time? You should see the amount of updates in my reader, enuf to make a grown man cry ... hahaha ...

  16. Samantha aka wen - Too much holiday? Is there such a thing, ah? LOL!

    Ya, wifey is pretty happy whenever I'm home early :D

  17. Rozella - Who do you work for la? They're slave drivers aren't they?

  18. Sweet-Girlicious - It's more lazy than busy ... hehehe ... I guess everyone is rushing to get their things completed before the CNY ...

  19. Marlene - Yeah, time really flies doesn't it? Soon it will be Christmas again ... LOL!

  20. BT - Yup, a whole week off :D I've heard of that saying and I agree with it :D


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