Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

It's been a god awful busy and back breaking day for me. Both wifey and me had loads of things to do, namely household chores that took a lot out of us. I shall not bore you guys with the details but lets just say that after completing all the chores we both wanted to go away for a nice long vacation!

I should be in bed right now but I guess my day wouldn't be complete without getting online and blogging for a bit. I don't think I could sleep off right away just yet even though I'm pretty darn tired. Wifey is already in bed. I need to wind down a little here before hitting the sack.

I was thinking of posting about something a little on the serious side but then I decided to not spoil your weekend with my never-ending rants. So, I'll post something a little lighter tonight. And no, I'm not going to talk about weight loss pills :D In fact, I'll thrown caution to the wind and actually do a tag. Yes, a tag! Me, the guy who think tags should be something sewn on the inside top section of your clothes is actually doing a tag to wind down before I go to bed. Will miracles never cease ... LOL! And it's a darn difficult tag to boot!

Anyways, good old Marzie being her devilishly evil self tagged me with this thing called a Picture Tag. Yes, she has this habit of sending quite difficult tags my way. I wonder what I did to her to deserve such a fate ... LOL! But then, it is a pretty cool tag to do anyway.

I'm supposed to use Google image to search for answers to the questions below by choosing a picture from the first page of the results that come back and post it as my answer. Then I'm supposed to tag seven of you guys. And trust me, I have seven names already in mind so stay tuned to see if you're the unlucky one ... hahaha ...Now, let me get straight to the tag or I'll be here all night babbling away incoherently.

Question 1 
 The age of my next birthday 
You really didn't think I was going to let you guys know my age so easily, did ya?

Question 2
Places I'd like to travel to.
Anywhere that involves sleeping (and that extra pair of feet belongs to wifey just in case you're wondering ... hehehe)

Question 3
Favourite food
Just too many to mention

Question 4
Favourite place
Couldn't find a picture of Big Apple Donuts la ... LOL!

Question 5 
One of my nicknames
Hey, it was either that or Mob Princess!

Question 6
Favourite color
Happens to be lime green at the moment. 

Question 7 
College major
How can I major in anything when this is what studies do to me!

Question 8
Name of my love
You had to ask :D

Question 9
Don't even ask!
Question 10 
Bad habits
Urmmmm, lemme think ...

Question 11
My wishlist
This was the best thing I could find on the first page of my Google search!

So there you have it folks. This was really harder than I thought it would be and I've decided to be a nice guy and not tag anyone with this :D I can hear you breathing sighs of relief all the way from here ... hahaha ...


  1. C.. h... o... p!!! LOL!

    ANYWAYS, I love the hobby picture the best!! LOL! I cracked up reading that!!

    And the baby is so cute lahh.. ala, I got big apples donuts somewhere on my blog! LOL! but the box and the donuts lah not the shop..

    Oh but then again, you had to use google search right??

    Anyways, I need to get this tag done too.. it's so much fun! enjoyed your answers!

  2. oh and you still young lah brader.. don't worry!! hehehehehe

  3. Glad I was not tagged. Haha! Oh yeah, Big Apple Donuts is definitely better than Dunking Donuts! So Nick Phillips is aka Ali Baba! LOL!

  4. Oh household chores are endless, so ever consider a part-time helper? A four-hour a week helper may make a big difference in your life.

  5. hahah..every expression created into the pictures! least there's something attracted the attention to read..ehheh

  6. Hey, Ali Baba, can't think of bad habits? Maybe your Hot Mama can help you with this, lol!

  7. what a cool meme and I love all the photos. The feet are my favorite!

  8. Eh!! Ha ha ha Ali Baba? So cute la ha ha, how come ali baba eh?

  9. Yes yes YES to Lime Green, my current craze too! :):):)

  10. Fun what this one! I'll be waiting for my revenge tag from u now lol! ;)

  11. Hmmm, nice place here, mine's Anything goes...too.

  12. Amen to Green, it's turning into my favorite color from Red. Comes with age? :-P

  13. Shemah - You really want me to send Spiff to blast ya, don't ya ... LOL!

    That was the only picture I could find that made an ounce of sense for the hobby answer ... hahaha ...

    I wonder why we couldn't use Yahoo though, might have had some better picures ... LOL!

  14. Shemah - I'm still young? Gee, thanks ... hahaha ...

  15. Foongpc - I couldn't put anyone through this seeing as how it was so darn difficult ... LOL!

    Yeah, I'm Ali Baba in my spare time ... hahaha ...

  16. The Real Mother Hen - Can't afford a helper, part time or otherwise ... If only I was born rich ... siggghhh

  17. Sweet-Girlicious - Thanks :D But it was really difficult to do la ...

  18. Marlene - LOL! My hot mama was asleep when I was doing this tag ...

  19. Meleah - I loved the feet too ... butt hen I love anything that has to do with sleeping ... hehehe ...

  20. Marzie - Well, it was either that or Mob Princess and I think Mob Princess wouldn't have done anything for my reputation ... LOL!

  21. Marzie - I've always loved the color green irrespective of what shade it is but recently, I just love lime green ...

  22. Marzie - Oh yes, you tunggu till I get a nice difficult tag for ya ... muahahaha ...

  23. Tammy - Thanks :D As difficult as it may have been to do, it was quite fun, but don't tell Marzie that though ... LOL!

  24. Sheng - First of all, welcome to my blog :D You're the third person I know with a blog called Anything Goes :D

  25. Gallivanter - LOL! Yeah, as you grow older only the strong bright colors attractive your aging eyesight ...

  26. Thank God you are not tagging anyone this time...hehehe
    Hmmm...about your age, i thought you posted about it not long time ago??

  27. Wow, this was a Tag?? I was too busy looking at the photos to notice that it's one! Hahahaha!

  28. Hahahahaha So kelakar lah you. 42 issit? *runs before you shoot me*

  29. Kadus Mama - LOL! I was tempted though ...

    Yes, I think I did. Good thing you can't remember how old I am ... LOL!

  30. Cindy - Yup, this was a tag ... LOL!

  31. Rozella - Aiya Rozella, you just had to go and reveal my age here for all to see ... hahaha ... Not yet 42, but almost :D

  32. actually i do remember your age..hahaha..but i dont feel like i want to mention it here...heheheeee

  33. Kadus Mama - Thanks for the consideration, unlike some people we know! LOL!

  34. Ali Baba? lol
    oh I also need to get this tag done!

  35. Monica - LOL! Now if only I could find my 40 thieves ...


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