Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pillows, Blankets & Monsters ...

Last night, I woke up round 3.00 am or so to answer the call of nature. In fact I normally wake up at least 2-3 times during the night to clear my bladder. That's what you get from drinking too much water just before you sleep. I could choose not to drink water before sleeping but then I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't drink water before sleeping.

It's a strange habit really having to drink water just before I lay my head down to sleep. And it must be water and nothing else. I even have this huge bottle of water just by the side of my side table. Sometimes I don't know if it's a good habit or a bad habit cos either way, it interrupts my sleep. If I don't drink water, I can't sleep. If I do drink water, I wake 2-3 times a night to pee. Well, I could always pee in bed like a baby, but I don't think wifey would be too fond of that idea ... LOL!

Anyways, there was nothing different about me waking up last to groggily walk to the bathroom. After doing my business, I'd head back to bed and drink a few more gulps of water just before I continue sleeping. As I was drinking from the bottle, I noticed something move from the corner of my eye on my right side, which is where my work table and PC that I do my travel insurance online work is located. It looked like a head popping around the corner and peeking at me and then hiding out of sight.

Now, before I go further and for those of you who don't already know this, I am the world's BIGGEST coward when it comes to all things supernatural (real or otherwise). I immediately stop drinking and look in the direction of my work table. I couldn't see anything. But my hairs were all on ends already. I know it's silly cos it was probably the headlights of some car passing by outside or maybe the shadow of my mango tree swaying in the night breeze but I swore that it looked like a head popping out and peeking at me.

I wanted to wake wifey, which is what I would normally do, to hell with being macho and all that, but this time I decided to investigate on my own. I walk over in the dark to my work table and cautiously peek around it and even under it. More or less satisfied that it really was a trick of light I run back to bed. By this time my imagination is already working overtime. I keep seeing and hearing all kinds of scary sounds after that.

And there went the rest of my sleep cos I took the pillow, covered my head tightly with it, wrapped myself with the blanket and shifted my body as close as I could to wifey, practically on top of her and cringed with fear all night occasionally peeking at my desk to see if some monster was sitting there. Morning sure took its sweet time arriving! LOL! I think I hardly slept after that.

I'm seriously a coward when it comes to things like this. Even during my younger days, I would be so afraid to sleep alone. I shared a room with 2 male cousins. One was an airline steward and the other worked in the hotel industry and worked very odd hours leaving me in my room at nights all alone days on end. Back then, our room was in this deep back corner of the house and you had to pass through the kitchen to get to the room. So I was like isolated there all by myself when my cousins were not in.

You should have seen how I would sleep back then. I'd practically glue my body to the wall, cover my head completely to the point of suffocating and wrap a blanket over myself (irrespective of whether it was a hot night or not) so the evil monsters couldn't munch at my feet and try to fall asleep which I would eventually do but would wake up in the morning with cramps all over my body from sleeping in the same position all night. I would NEVER turn my back away from the wall. I felt safe knowing that there was a solid wall behind me and no evil monster would sneak up on me. LOL! Oh and I was around 20 at that time ... hahaha ... told you I am the world's biggest coward, didn't I?

I think I slept like that till I was around 25 or 26 and slowly got off the need to cover my head with a pillow and wrap my body up with blanket. But old habits die hard. I still do that when I'm scared. But these days instead of glueing myself to the wall, I glue myself to wifey ... hehehe ... Whenever she finds me all tucked up really close to her, she knows that I've either had a bad experience or a bad dream.

I've been like this ever since I could remember. As much as I'm fascinated with the supernatural, I'm also bloody scared of it. Even the time when my younger boy saw this figure of a small girl in our kitchen a couple of months back when he went down one early morning all by himself for a drink of water I couldn't sleep properly for close to a week cos I kept imagining that little girl walking around the house and coming into my room. And no, I didn't dare step down into the kitchen late at night all by myself for at least two weeks! I always forced wifey to accompany me if I wanted a midnight snack or something ... hahaha ...

I'd probably be having another sleepless night imagining that head that was supposedly peeking at me last night. My sane mind knows that it was definitely a trick of the light and my sleepiness that made it seem like it was some head peeking at me, but try telling that to my cowardly self and over imaginative mind! Looks like I'm going to be 'hiding' under my blanket and pillows again tonight. There goes my macho image! LOL!


  1. Well it's good to see that some things never change Nick. You have been a chicken ever since I first knew you. In fact one of the first posts I read was when you were in the office and there was a ghost or something you were afraid of. I forget now but I was hooked from that moment on.

    Even though I am no longer blogging, I will still stop by from time to time and say hi.

  2. I am/was scared of scary stuff as well. There was a time when I used to sleep with the lights on because it was creepier when dark.

    Anyway, I've overcome it now.. how? Scare yourself silly. Watch episodes of A Haunting on Discovery (Saturday nights,, 10 pm), or even you tube them. Overdose yourself with scary/horror movies/shows, and one day you'll realise that you're not scared of that shadow in the corner anymore! :)

  3. Hahahaaa...dont worry Nick..sometimes when my curtain playing trick on me, i chickened out too..!! You know lah..sometimes the curtains do look like a 'langsuir'..hehehee
    Oh my kids have a name for my curtains...they called it 'Atoki Ghost'..don't ask me the meaning coz i have no idea at all..hehehehe

  4. Romany Angel - LOL! yes, some things never change Gypsy. I am still the same old chicken from that post ... hahaha ...

    Good to know that you'll still drop by now and then. When you do start blogging again, drop me a like, k?

  5. Terra Shield - Oh, I have tried that with not much success la. I still end up imagining the entire episode later ... LOL! But these days I'm not as bad as before. Maybe because I'm married and have my wife there next to me every night. Makes me feel safe ... hehehe ...

  6. KadusMama - Oooo the curtain ghost! LOL! I've had that happen to me on so many occasions that sometimes I feel like ripping the curtains and throwing them away ... LOL!

  7. Hehe..some time our mind, the tree branch, curtains do play trick on us. Normally, I'd be a scaredy cat after watching a horror movie.That's why I'm not fond of such movies. The scary images just won't get out out of my mind for a few days...

  8. Mama Mia - Tell me about it. I'm the same way, but the things is I love to watch scary movies ... hehehe ...

  9. hahaha...dun worry..sometimes i still believe that there are monsters under my bed. And at my age that's embarrassing :D

  10. Sriyany - LOL! Thanks for letting me know that. At least now I don't feel so bad ... hehehe ...


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