Tuesday, March 23, 2010

P1 Wimax Connection Problems

I’m getting thoroughly annoyed with my P1 connection. I’ve been having some major connectivity issues for the past ten days now. The connection is so bad that trying to stay online just long enough to browse the web is like a miracle. It would be easier trying to find some fat burner supplements than trying to get connected!

The connection keeps going on/off and it is really affecting my livelihood seeing as how I work from home these days. I need to email tons of artwork to my clients and this connection problem is really making me lose my patience.

Imagine telling a client the artwork is going to be emailed soon and the connection doesn’t stay stable enough for me to upload a simple 100kb file before it goes offline again. And then in a few minutes I’m getting phone calls from my clients telling asking me where’s my email?

No doubt I’ve already made a complaint but their customer service people, well let’s not talk about them cos it’ll just get my blood pressure up again. If it wasn’t for Timothy, one of their problem solving guys who helped me in the past, I’d still be pulling my hair out.

Timothy has looked into my complaint immediately and got back to me in less than half a day with a solution to my problem. If only the rest if the P1 staff was like him, people would have less stress in their lives. Now, I’m just waiting for their technical people to come and re-align my outdoor modem. I just wish they would come soon!

Ok, I’m going to try and see if I can get this post published or not. If you guys don’t see me in your blogs, it’s not because I don’t like you, you can blame P1 Wimax for that! Oh by the way, I wrote this post yesterday and had to go elsewhere to get it published today and I am truly fed up. If no one from P1 comes and get my connection back by today, I'm canceling the service and subscribing to something else!


  1. I used to have the same problem when I was living with my parents. There were several causes, from the old wiring within the house, to the wiring outside (connecting the switchboard to our house). After so many years of troubleshooting, they still couldn't resolve the problem.

    The connection was fantastic when I moved to an apartment. But after a year, I started having connectivity problems too. So I switched to cable modem (from the same cable TV company) and the connection is now perfect.

    What I'm trying to say is, maybe you can do that too.

  2. OK, I'm definitely counting my blessing with P1, after having upgraded to 2MB, my connection speeds averages at 2.4mbps! I think it pays to live in a ulu area where people are happy with Streamyx! :-D

    There aren't much alternatives, however, hold fire as TM is launching HSBB soon, speeds of supposedly up to 10mbps.

  3. use the streamyx la.. at least.. ada customer service sikit... urmm.. actually.. their support is quite good :D

  4. even though the line is slooooooooww.. at least.. its consistently slow *LOL*

  5. Everyone seem to been having internet problem. Rats eating the cables and get zapped at the same time ka?

  6. P1 giving to trouble again,Nick? hopefully, it'll be okay soon..

  7. Connectivity problems = Less hair on our head.

    (due to too much hair pulling)


  8. BT - Actually things were working fine until they emailed me that there was going to be a major upgrade or something. Ever since then, I can hardly get connected and no one seems to want to help me sort it out.

    Unfortunately here in Malaysia, the internet sucks, BIG TIME!

  9. Gallivanter - Oh, you lucky, lucky boy! How I envy you! Maybe I should move to your area :D

    Yes, I'm looking forward to HSBB. They've installed the infrastructure at the back of my house so I'm sure they're going to have service here :D

  10. Anny - Actually I'm seriously tempted to switch to Streamyx la ...

  11. Anny - I have to agree, some connection is better than none at all!

  12. Maslight - I would accept it if rats were the problem. Here I don't even know what the problem is ...

  13. Mama Mia - Yeah, they're giving me headaches again ...

  14. Perry - That explains why I'm going bald these days ... LOL!

  15. Hi there,

    Not to worry Mr. Phillips i've spoken to our engineers the time frame for them to execute this is around 25th - 27th March. However, for the technician request which is still on the pending list- As the radio frequency team has informed them not to visit until they had finalize "network connection". Trust me our engineer are in the midst of working on it.

    I understand ur frustration but i really do hope you can stay with us.

    Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to let me know.

    best regards,

    P1 Buddy
    timothy chong

  16. i guess wimax js has a prob cz here in Zim we r facing the same problems hey.


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