Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stay Away!

Wifey and I just recently discovered that Pebbles is very possessive of me. Normally at nights before we sleep just after checking out, she’ll always want to sleep on the bed with us and would after about ten minutes or so, jump off the bed and head to her spot behind the bed to call it a night.

But these days, she’s staying on the bed much longer and don’t jump off the bed until either wifey or me actually have to physically carry her and put her down to sleep in her little nook behind us. Normally she’ll stay put and sleep the night away unless there’s thunder and lightning in the middle of the night then she’ll jump and hide out between us.

When wifey wakes up around 6.00am in the morning to wake the boys for school she takes it as an invitation to jump up on the bed and cozy up with us. And we normally do let her lie around with us on the bed.

A couple of days ago, while we were still in bed and I turn to give wifey a good morning hug and a peck on the cheek, Pebbles runs up in between us and stares us right in the face pushing us apart. We look at each other and laugh it off cos it was pretty amusing.

Then next day, I try to give wifey a hug again and she barges in between us and stares us down again. We laugh at her antics thinking she’s just being her playful self. Then it happens again the next day. Just as we’re about to hug each other, she jumps in between us to separate us.

So we decide to try and experiment. We pretend to try and hug each other and every time she see’s us trying to cuddle, she runs and jump in between us and stares us right in the face.

‘OHMYGOD!’ wifey says, ‘she’s jealous of you trying to hug me! She’s being possessive of you …’

I’m half inclined to believe that. Every time we try to hug each other, she’ll interpose herself right between our faces trying to separate us. I think she really is possessive of me … LOL! I don’t know if dogs can get possessive or not but it sure looks like she doesn’t like wifey and me being all cuddly in bed.

Wifey thinks that she’s attached to me cos whenever I’m home, she’ll tail me everywhere I go. It’s really funny though cos you’d think she would be more attached to wifey cos I’m very firm with her and will not hesitate to scold or reprimand her if she does something wrong. But she does have a point, whenever I’m home she’ll always follow me around and I’m the only one whom she’ll listen to when I call her or tell her not to do something.

Maybe that dog really is jealous of wifey and me cuddling up … LOL! In fact we pretended to hug each other again this afternoon and she was jumping in between us wildly to try and pry us apart! Looks like wifey and me are going to have to cuddle or hug each other in bed when she’s not looking from now on … hahaha! Imagine that, I have a possessive dog!


  1. AHAHHAHAHA omg hahahahha I can't stop laffing. Pebbles is so cute ;)

  2. oh oh.. *LOL* someone's got the hots for you.. hahahahhahahahaa

  3. oh wow dog never does that unless me and my mom is carrying someone's puppy or dog .....but wow that is really something new !!

  4. Heh, she's infatuated! You will have to start weaning her off you or she may start to attack wifey if she sees you both getting too close.

  5. Wah! Your wife got competition oredi! LOL

  6. Maslight - It is funny, wifey and me couldn't stop laughing too.

  7. Anny - I think she's just being playful la ... hahaha!

  8. Deviki - First of all, welcome to my blog. Oh, Pebbles is a real pampered dog ... LOL

  9. BT - I just think I pamper her too much la. She's just being playful ... I hope :)

  10. My oh my ... I thought only cats are the jealous and territorial kind. This is a first I've heard of a dog ... interesting.

    Guess your dog's getting territorial since you're home almost all the time now, so there's no sharing anymore ... hahaha!

  11. Hi nick...first time here...

    Pebbles sounds a lot like my 3-year old! He's possessive of me and would get jealous when hubby and I cuddle..But that's normal at his age (i guess) It's interesting how your dog can display such emotion hehe


  12. Wenny - I didn't know animals were territorial with human la ... LOL!

    I think she's just being playful and want to join in the cuddling ... hehehe ...

  13. Lizee Wong - Welcome to my blog :D

    It surprised both wifey and me too :D She was never like this before but it was kinda funny to observe :D

  14. A dog i had was very possessive over me, if i had my then boyfriend over and said boyfriend would sit near me the dog would get behind us and push his way through then lean on me....he never got aggressive but i was his.......

    You are Pebbles pack leader that is why she does what you say..

    It is cute though

  15. Nick.. trust me ..that's normal. Although Gummy doesnt have that kind of thing to me or daniel..but yes, i've experience that before with my previous dog :) Jealous gila... and pandai merajuk i tell you....

    So this tells other human out there who always abuse animal and say they don't have feeling.. WRONG BIG TIME!

  16. Ashrt - I never knew dogs even got possessive over human ... LOL! But you're right it is darn cute.

    Wifey and me will always tease her by pretending to hug and she'll come bounding in between us ... LOL!

  17. Emelda - Yes, most people don't realize that animals are living things with feelings of their own.


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