Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Long Live Liverpool! (Today only ...)

I'm no Liverpool supporter as my previous blogs would testify, but I could rite now go out and kiss every Liverpool fan for having their team hammer those misbegotten useless Chelsea dogs! Just for today, I shall join in the celebration with all Liverpool fans (yeah, dude, that's you). At least that was some good news for the holidays. OK, now I gotta go appease my rumbling tummy. My darling's gonna cook me some instant noodles with eggs in it (she knows just the way I want it ... hehehe). OK, congrats Liverpool, for today we're frens, for tomorrow, you're back to being my rival :)


  1. I don't think the Liverpool fans and my best buddy is going to find that funny. I'm sure he's gonna call later and gloat about it :)

  2. Well it finally had to giving my five cents on your blog. Anyway, I'm glad you've come to the dark (red) side... even if it's only for a day...cause that's all it day at a time hehehe
    Seriously though you've gotta believe...when things are down and your side is losing you've just gotta believe...a little prayer doesn't hurt either...hey when your side is down 3 - 0 at halftime in the the Champions League final... what can i's history now...and come May 23, it will be another chapter in Liverpool's long journey...but you've gotta believe! Ciao mate...

  3. Hey Nick! On behalf of my hubby, who's a huge Liverppol fan, THANKS! He he... does this mean you'll be rooting for them in the finals?

  4. Yeah, yeah, I'll be rooting for Liverpool in the final :)


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