Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Party Time :)

It was party time in the office today. It was my boss' birthday and we threw her a birthday party. In fact my office throws birthday parties for everyone and every year we all act surprised when it's done for us ... hehehe ... at least the person organizing it gets some satisfaction out of it. Besides it's always nice to be thrown a surprise party, ya even though it's not such a surprise anymore :) Anyway, everyone enjoyed themselves even though the menu consisted of three KFC buckets (with the full works of side orders and all) and a nice Chocolate birthday cake from Bakers Cottage. Didn't get a single piece of the cake though, my gluttony colleagues wolfed it down before I could get any, but no loss anyway cos I'm not a cake person. Did manage to get some chicken though before those pigs (LOL) got their greedy paws on it.

At least today wasn't such a total bore, work started flowing back in to my desk and I was so damned relieved to be doing something again! I know it sounds strange coming from me to actually be happy to have work to do, what with all the complains I post about how much of work I have and all that. I'm a strange person, when I have work, I complain, when I don't have work, I complain. In fact people who know me well can testify that I complain just about everything under the sun ... hehehe ... not too mention that I just can't stop talking. My best buddy calls me a motor mouth and a host of other names that are way too impolite to be posted here (though he'll deny it ... hehehe).

Wow, look at the time. It's about time to pack up and head home. Need to do some grocery shopping today at our favourite friendly neigbourhood hypermarket. I have two perpetually hungry kids (me included) and the food doesn't last too long in the fridge with us around :) So, till my next post, have a beautiful rest of the day or what's left of it anyway.


  1. Aiyah, wat kind of selfish colleagues u have la..not even a tiny piece of cake for you?? Just enjoy your 'goyang kaki' days... sit back, surf, write blogs, anything la..hehehe..

  2. I've been sitting back and relaxing for the past week, I'm afraid I'll grow roots soon:)


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