Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Joys of Running ...

I've been sitting here and trying to figure out what to post and though I have loads of stuff running through my brain but for the life of me I can't seem to put them down to words! But since I'm already sitting here I guess I'll just post whatever comes to my mind.

There was a time that I used to run daily. In fact I love running. I'm fanatical about running. I used to wake up early every morning, take a bus (didn't have a car yet all those years ago) to my buddy's place and run for close to 10 km and then take a bus home and get ready for work after that. And we did this everyday. We even took part in half-marathons back then (which was not too long ago). Then, as time and our careers got the better of us, running started to take a back seat though we still did try to meet up at least on the weekends to run. Eventually we ended up running on our own and it really is no fun running alone.

Nowadays, I run on and off and currently I'm in a state of making lame excuses for not running like work commitments, weather patterns, tiredness, the ozone layer, the melting of the polar ice caps, the sinking of the titanic and a host of (trust me, it would be too long to list here) other excuses for not running. But the truth of the matter is I'm just one big LAZY slob!

I've decided that I'm gonna start again as of next week or my name is mud! In fact, my wife says that if I start running again and get back to my fit, lean self, she'll let me sleep with Jennifer Lopez (LOL), Yeah rite, honey, like I believe you :) I know it's gonna be so damn difficult dragging my lazy ass out there on the roads again but once I get through the first step, I'm sure the flames of running will ignite again! (gee, that sound so bloody corny ... hehehe), so boss if you're reading this I can't work overtime anymore :)


  1. If your wife reneges on the deal, I'll be your proxy!

  2. That's mighty kind of you dude, I'll be sure to let her know. LOL!

  3. Ha ha, love your list of excuses LOL :)

  4. next blog clicker guyJune 5, 2007 at 8:48 AM

    Bored at work. After going through 30 random blogs. This one is the best written one yet. By the way, I run twice a week. Probably 10K each time I run. Having great music and some "eye candy" at the beach helps out.

  5. Hey next blog clicker guy (a novel nickname ... hehe) Thanx for the compliment but I don't think I write any better than all those other fabulous blogs out there.

    Nice to meet a fellow runner. The beach is like 90km away from where I stay, so no such luck with those "eye candy" LOL. I do hope I have the resolve to start my running again. Check in again in a few days to find out :) Thanx for the visit.


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