Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award!

I'd like to thank my mother, my father, my wife, Steven Spielberg, my production crew, all my fans ... hehehe ...

I've just been awarded the Thinking Blogger Award by Mariuca. I never knew such an award even existed but it's great to get one anyway :) This is my first ever award in my entire life and I'm greatly honoured in turn to also present this award to these 5 equally deserving bloggers :)

Nessa's Mumblings
Nessa has created a very warm, friendly and inviting blog that keeps me coming back for more with her unique blend of writing ranging from funny, informative, humorous to incredibly heart warming stories. Nessa has a knack for keeping her readers guessing as to what she will post next which is what makes her blog extremely interesting. An easy going, honest and very entertaining blog.

Brain Spillage
Outspoken, loud, honest, confident, that would be how I would categorise Hui Sen's blog. He speaks out deep from within him with a sharp, concise, passionate, no holds barred writing style. A person not afraid to speak out his mind whatever the subject. A trait I admire, which is why I frequent his blog daily.

d bImBo WIF D tWiSt
Bobo, a Singaporean with a great sense of humour and an easy going writing style definitely also deserves this award. Bobo writes with a touch of humour in her postings, always keeping it on the lighter side of things. A good read to brighten up a dreary day.

Nonsense, fun, tears, happiness and anger all rolled into one!
An extremely long titled blog but written in a fashion that's totally down to earth. Diamond Sapphire's blog revolves around her daily life as a working mother with a growing spunky 12 year old boy. Her blogs often contain stories of her son, her likes, her dislikes, the things she sees around her, all written in an extremely warm and easy going manner. A blog you would constantly want to visit daily.

A blog that contains interesting articles and news on and off the internet. Mrbadak's blog generally depict the crazy happenings around us which we are sometimes unaware off. What makes his blog interesting is the banter which you can find among his fellow visitors. Their friendly 'arguments' and debates among themselves on his postings is what makes this a fun site.

So let's give a big hand of applause to the 5 bloggers above!

Here's some simple rules to participate in this award-giving ceremony, should you decided to accept it. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post to link 5 blogs that you think deserve this award. Then, all you have to do is link it to this post so that everyone can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.
Here is an alternative gold version of the logo is the silver one clashes or doesn't fit your blog.


  1. Nick! Congrats, I knew I picked the right recipient in u for this award! Hey you forgot to thank your best bud Homer, LOL! :)

  2. Homer's probably gonna kill me for not giving him this award. LOL!

  3. Dood. What a compliment! Thanks!

  4. Wow! This is reali unexpected. I haven't even prepared a speech! LOL. A million thanks from the bottom of my heart. See, you made me smile from ear to ear:)

  5. Wah Say!!! Bobo is the very happy Singapore Girl le. Bobo would like to thank you her Mama and Baba for the brain to think with... thank you her Jiejie for the inspiritations ... thank you her Bubu from watching Japan Anime late into the night to keep Bobo up blogging.

    And last but not least... Bobo would like to thank Nick for the special mention. :)

  6. Hey guys, you're all welcome, now don't forget to dress up in your best clothes when you go accept that award, ok ... hehehe

  7. BtW... You've got the Thinking Blogger Award (again.)


  8. Your the best!! That is why you are in my top 8...You've been tagged..

  9. Bobo - thanx for the award again, now I'll have to go find space on my already full awards cabinet ... LOL!

    Diamond - Thanks for the compliment and the top 8 tag :)

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  11. Hey Barrett, trust me, I'm not sophisticated either, took me ages to figure it out. Bet my 8 year old boy could have figured it out faster :) Will check the site you mentioned. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. oh man.. i just knew about this today :P ... thx Nick! Hmmm should I accept or not.. if I accept and need to choose only 5, the others will despise me... aisey.. can I give this award to 10 bloggers? hehehe.

  13. Hey Mrbadak, I had the same predicament as you. LOL! It was a hard decision with the many good blogs I read out there but a man's got to do what a man's go to do .. hahahaha ... have fun with your selection and hopefully the rest don't despise you :)

  14. Congrats Nick, you have an excellent blog:)

  15. Hey Bobby, that's a mighty fine compliment coming from you. Thanx :)


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