Friday, August 3, 2007

All Hail The King!

Just the other day I posted something on nasty clients who don't pay what they owe and today I'm gonna post something the exact opposite of that.

I did some work for this client I had. It involved doing two simple buntings for a church project (the client was a relative of my boss). So, I got the visuals and stuff approved yesterday, sent the artwork for printing and today I went to collect the buntings from my supplier as he was too busy to send it to me.

Once I collected the buntings, I called this client to say I would be at her office in 30 minutes or so but she said she was outside having breakfast and if I could meet her at the restaurant. Since this particular restaurant was actually near my house (one which I normally frequent) and also my office, I said no problem.

Ok, now this is where the good part is :) I reached the restaurant saw her there and went up to her to hand the buntings over. She unrolled the buntings to have a look at it and was so delighted with it that she actually bowed down (and I really mean bowed) to me 4-5 times! I was flabbergasted, the whole restaurant (and at this hour it was packed) was looking at me like as if I was some kind of royalty. LOL! I was sooooooo embarassed, and if I wasn't a little on the tanned side, you could probably see me turn beet red!

I've never had anyone bow to me before, let alone a client and I was (and still am) in a state of shock. It was just a simple bunting and was really nothing to shout about (trust me) just your average normal church kinda buntings, not something that would win any advertising awards or elicit the kind of response I got. Just imagine if I did an annual report or a corporate profile for her. She probably would have given me her first born daughter or something ... LOL!

How I wish all my clients were like her. It sure would make this job all the more enjoyable and meaningful. At least now I know how a King feels to have his subjects bow to him. What a way to end the week :)


  1. Yay, I'm the first to comment! Oh that was something else huh, being bowed to like a KING! He he he... I agree, there are some clients who are really really nice that I sometimes feel like not charging them (but of coz I do la!). I received 4 cheques as payment yesterday and i didnt have to bug these clients for payment so that made my day! And some clients will sms me lovely msgs when I'm on mc to wish me well and I'd be so grateful. A little appreciation is all Im asking for. So there are some nice clients out there too. Am glad that u experienced being King for a day! :):):)

  2. Wow....she bowed to you?!! Was she Japanese? Probably an anime fan too she is. :P

    Yea, wouldn't it be nice if everyone (every customer) were as sweet as her? The business world would be a much better place and everyone would feel like a King!

  3. Cindy said,

    she's probably an anime fan.

    I've never got a client like that. well, at least she redeemed that last nasty client of yours.

    anyway..long live the KING !
    just don't you go and leave the building now.... :)

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  5. Now, that's what I call a Kodak moment. Somebody should have captured it and post on YouTube! LOL

  6. Thats so sweet! It must be that she really appreciated your work, you mustve gotten exactly what she hoped for or better - hooray! Way to go Nick!

  7. was good to be appreaciated. moreover over some small work that u don't expect any compliments from it. Guessed you have client from heaven here. :)

  8. They way your client bow makes me think that she could be a jap. You know jap's kinda bow 45 degree :) :)
    It is good to have client appreciating your work. GOOD JOB NICK :)

  9. Congrats for the job well done and especially for being treated like a king! I think she's a Japanese too.

  10. Marzie, where do you find these nice clients, send some my way please. LOL! Yeah, there are nice clients out there unfortunately, they're not mine but it was great being king for a day though ...

    Cindy, yeah, she really did bow to me, 4 times minimum la and I really don't think she was an anime fan .. LOL!

    Joezul, nice to see you here:) It was the first time I ever experienced a client like that and I ain't gonna be leaving the building dude:)

    Syferium - Thanx for the heads up dude, will check it out and see how I can fit in to make as much cash as you do ...

  11. Sweetiepie, Kodak moment, yeah, you're right :) But you know, i eat at that restaurant a lot and it's going to be so embarrassing going there again, most of the stall owners there know me la ... LOL!

  12. Lavender - It was just an ordinary bunting but I'm glad she appreciated it, just wish she didn't bow so much ....

    Jean, I wish I had more clients from here, that wud make my life easier.

    Janice, maybe you're rite, she might have some Japanese blood in her and I didn't know Japanese bowed at a 45 degree angle ... LOL!

    Ann, Thank you, thank you, thank you (sfx - crowd roaring and clapping in the background ...)

  13. Buddy I commented twice on this post and both got lost! Grr...

    Just wanted to say that I had someone bow at my feet once! He actually got down on his knees and bowed!

    Great feeling once you get past the embarassment! LOL

  14. Cool, so now how about we both go out there and rule the world Buddy ... LOL! Yeah, the embarassment was sure not cool!

  15. Nick, those good clients are rare to find, so once I find them, must treat them extra special too!

    Adrian, who bowed at ur feet????

  16. Yeah, I have to agree with you Marzie, I do have one or two (very rare) nice and understanding clients as well. I just wish there were more like them around.

  17. AAww.. that was so nice of her. Isn't it wonderful to receive credit for all your hard work!

  18. Meleah, wonderful couldn't even begin to describe it. I was speechless ... LOL!


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