Monday, October 15, 2007

Comics Come to Life ...

I've been a comic junkie for as long as I can remember and I still am. Recently I was going through one of my favourite comic websites and came across the trailer for Iron Man the movie and boy was I jumping up and down like a small little boy. I grabbed the wife and forced her to watch the trailer with me ... LOL! And then I barraged her with the whole history of Iron Man from start to end and she looked totally bewildered with my excitement ... hehehe .... told you I was a comic junkie and actually getting the chance to see your comic book heroes come to life kinda makes me feel like a little kid!

I've been reading and collecting (well, I used to anyway) comics since I was a kid. I've got loads of them at home from way back in my primary school days so you can imagine how old some of them are. I read comics more than I did studying back then. My favourites were the likes of Spider-man (who else), Superman, The X-men (and I'm talking way back to the original X-men here), Fantastic Four, Hulk and yes you guessed it, Iron Man! (which premieres may 2008 incidentally.)

Back then, who could have imagined they'd make the comic book characters into real life movie flicks. It's a dream come true for people like me. The only time back then you could get to see your comic book heroes in action were in animated cartoons and that wasn't the same as the real life action movies of today. They make them so real that you actually believe that these superheroes do really exist (for me anyway ... LOL!)

I've got a huge collection of comic books right now that I guard religiously with my life. Whenever my wife or kids read it, I'll be keeping a keen eye on them and always nagging them to be careful with it. I think sometimes they probably wanna strangle me ... LOL! But what I have right now is a far cry from what I had back when I was a kid. I used to have so many comics back then but quite a bit of them were 'borrowed' by friends who never returned them back, who disappeared over time and some I think forget they even borrowed it from me. Nowadays I don't lend my comics to anyone and if I do, I make sure I keep track of how long they have it ... :D

I used to even have this arrangement with this local Indian bookshop to call me when my favourite title arrived every month and whenever the shop owner calls me and says,

"Hello Nicholas, your book is here ..."

(he had this heavy Indian accent here) so it sounded like,

"ello Nikelas, yor buk is yere ..."

I'd drop whatever I was doing and grab my trusty old bicycle and cycle all the way there (about 40 minutes to and fro) and when I get home, I'd cuddle up in my favourite chair in my room and devour the comic from front to back, reading every single word in fine detail right up to the ads even ... LOL! I try to immerse myself into the character of the comic so that I can pretend to feel like I was the hero (yes, I had and still do have this vivid imagination!) That was how crazy I am about comics.

There was time once when I wanted to disown my mom. I came home one day from school to find her gathering all my comics into this pile and when I asked her what she was doing, she calmly said that I had way too much comics and wanted to go burn them!!! Oh my god, I almost fainted from fright. I screamed and quickly grab all my comics back and told her I'd disown her if she tried pulling that little stunt again. I was only 12 or so and there I was wanting to disown her ... LOL! Little did it occur to me back then that she was the source of my allowance which in turn supported my comic book addiction and there I wanted to disown her ... :D (I was a kid in love with my comics okay!)

Unfortunately I can't keep up with my addiction for comic books cos the price of comic books are sky high nowadays! So, you can imagine how excited I am to get to watch a full length real life movie on the likes of Spider-man, Superman, X-men, Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Spawn, etc .... It's like a dream for me. I've seen all those movies at least 4 times minimum and I don't think it'll stop at those numbers cos our satellite TV station keeps on having reruns of these movies and I know I'll catch them each and every time.

Now, to wait patiently for Iron Man to premiere, though it's going to be a long wait till May 2008, but I'm filled with anticipation for it and judging by the trailer, it looks like a killer :)

"honey, I'm going to watch the Iron Man trailer again, wanna join me?" LOL!

If you're a little curious, you can check out the trailer here :)


  1. I never heard of Iron Man, but I can understand your excitement, I've jad friends that were equally excited about their somewhat geeky heroes-lol!

  2. My hubs love those comics movie too. He is very good in all this :)

    Janice Ng

  3. Hey Nick! Iron-Man? Hmmm, never heard of him. Must be a lesser hero... hehehe. Checked out the trailer and it looked cool:)

  4. MP, well, us geeks gotta have our heroes too right ... LOL! And right after this post they showed Superman Returns on TV, now, how cool is that ... LOL!

  5. Janice, cool, another comic book fan. Maybe you should get your hubby to form a comic book club and then I'll be the first to join ... LOL!

  6. Sweetiepie, I'm glad you actually went and checked out the trailer, was good wasn't it? Be sure to catch it when it's out k? In fact you can go see the movie with me ... LOL! (just don't tell my wife ... LOL!)

  7. Dude...thanks...I'm an Ironman fan and can't wait for the movie! NICE trailer! :)

    Thnaks for coming to the BBQ and hope Nigel is feeling better! :)

    Cheers Bub!

  8. Okay, I'm a little geeky too, because that trailer was good.

    However, since I've never heard of him does he have superhero powers or is just wearing a suit with powers?

  9. Adrian, the BBQ was my pleasure, was fun being the cook (or butler as Kevin put it ... LOL!)

    Yeah, Iron Man looks like it's gonna rock :)

  10. MP, it's great that you checked the trailer out :) No, he doesn't really have superpowers, the suit gives him the powers. He's sort of like that Robocop fellow ... Do catch the movie when it comes.

  11. woohoo!! iron man!! i wonder when they will make a movie out of Storm or Iceman. i think it all started moons ago since Superman, then when the highly techno and slick Spawn came out, lots of superhero movies followed. somehow i think the best series for superhero movies to date is still Spiderman, most of the others only had the look and did not catch the essence of the characters.

    and i sure hope Ironman will be a real good one! :D hey i'm a real sucker for superhero movies too XD

  12. Yeah, Woohoo Conan:) Storm and Iceman were not really popular characters so I don't think we'll be seeing a movie of them anytime soon though.

    Yes, Spider-man captured the essence of the characters the best, that I have to agree with you :)

  13. Oh, I've got on like you at home.... . "don't touch the cover" "don't break the spine" "this one will be worth something some day."

    But he doesn't complain about the amount of shoes I own, so I figure we're good.

    Oh, and I'm not mentioning Iron Man to him. Uh-huh, no way.

  14. AB, LOL, one like me at home ... that's a hoot, but I do know the kind. But it's true you know, it might be worth a lot of money one day (how I wish) ... LOL!

    What? keep him in the dark about Iron Man? That's cruel ... :D

  15. Nick, how much is a comic book nowadays btw?

  16. Marzie, I think they're in the range of RM30.00 to RM 90.00 plus and above even (the good ones that is) I nearly dies of a self induced heart attack when I checked out the prices !!! Crazy isn't it?

  17. Maybe that's why you're in the advertising industry! I know lots of creative types like you really appreciate comics and animation stuff.

  18. BT, hmmm, maybe you do have a point there ... hehehe ... but I've always loved comics and stuff like these since I was a wee little lad.


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