Friday, October 19, 2007

What, Another One?

There I was minding my own business, sitting in my porch and sipping some Earl Grey like the refined upper class gentleman that I am (LOL), when all of a sudden the post man comes by and hands me some mail.

'Hmmm, now who let the old geezer in?' I wonder.

Picking up the mail he dumped on my lap, I look at it and it's nothing but the usual bills and notices from the debt collectors.

'Sigggghhhhh .......' I sighed.

Just as I was about to dump the letters in the trash, I notice one slightly different from the rest of them. Curiosity got the better of me and I rip the envelope open and to my surprise it said that I've been awarded the Community Blogger Award by Adrian of the Genie King Who Don't really Grant Wishes Incorporated Company. (LOL).

'Woohooo ...' I shriek.

Now, that really is a nice change from all those normal daily bills I get from debt collectors so I'm gonna say a big thank you for the award, Buddy :D

Anyway, going through the letter, I discover that the community award originated with Cellobella at the Sultana blog, who said, "I wanted the award to say - this is a person who reaches out and makes my blogger community a better one." I think that is so kind and I'm thrilled to be in the position to pass it along as well as be included in the blogroll. Cellobella asks that nominees of this award e-mail her at (cellobella at gmail dot com) so that she can add your nominees to her blogroll.

Now, this one is really going to be a hard one for me to do cos ever since I've started blogging I've come across so many wonderful people who deserve this award that it would do a terrible injustice to them if I don't mention all of them but to do that would mean I'd be typing here for hours and hours just to include everyone so I'm going to say that you all deserve this award!

But as with all awards, I'm going to have to name some of them here so that they in turn can go award this to their choice of bloggers, so here goes my bunch of nominees:

Nessa - for her warm, funny yet interesting postings of her life, quizzes and trivia.
Hui Sen - for his straight forward and honest approach to blogging.
Diamonds Sapphire - for her interesting take on life in general and of her son 'Z'.
Menopause Princess - for her insightful, fun and often humorous postings.
Janice - for her wonderful stories about the lives of her two little boys.
Cindy - for making blogging fun and exciting with her zany humor and wit.
Marzie - for her interesting contests and friendly demeanor.


  1. Congratulations Nick! A well deserved award too. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Congratulations Nick! You really deserve the award because you always have such nice interesting posts! :-)

    But thank you for the nominations too, although I feel that I don't deserve it. :-(

  3. Thanks Nick..your the best..I have been in a funk lately and this helped make my day!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on your award!
    You've been tagged!!

    Have a good weekend!


  5. Yeah! More cool blogs to "lurk"..... off I go.......

    BTW, M.Princess... she's the best.

  6. Gypsy, thanks and a great weekend to you too ...

  7. Cindy, thanks for the compliment. And you do deserve the award as well. Have a great weekend.

  8. Diamond, you're welcome. Glad it helped make your day. Great weekend to you.

  9. Bobo, oh, a tag for me? Thanx, will check it out. A good weekend to you too ...

  10. AB, happy lurking ... LOL! All the bloggers I know are great ...

  11. Wah! You seemed to be raking in the awards lately. Mr. Popular guy! An honour getting this award from you:)

  12. Nessa, Mr. Popular? I sound like the bookshop la ... LOL! You're always welcome with the awards, make sure I see it posted soon ... LOL!

  13. YAY! Another award for MPG, thanks Nick! Congrats to u too. :):):)

  14. Marzie, you're welcome. Where the heck have you been hiding?

  15. That's a really creative spin. No wonder you're an advertising guy! Congrats!

  16. BT, thanks, I'm blushing already ... LOL!


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