Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh, The Pain!

The waterpark outing this morning was fun, but right now I'm aching like crazy all over! Ok, you don't have to remind me that I'm old already :D I'm actually totally drained out from it but I couldn't resist the pull of checking my blog before I call it a night later.

I woke up insanely early for a Saturday cos we wanted to get to the waterpark early and get some decent parking. It's the school holidays and all and parking would have been a killer if we went late. I got up around 7.00am (which for a Sarturday is insanely early for me), if I'm not mistaken. Woke up wifey, who decided to check her blog before leaving ... LOL! She's as addicted as I am to blogging.

We had breakfast at our usual Chinese restaurant across the road, though the kids just couldn't wait to get breakfast over and done with so we could head to the waterpark. Once we got there and paid the entrance fee, the kids instantly abandoned us and jumped right in. Wifey and me don't trust the two brats in the water by themselves, so we quickly got our bags stuffed in the lockers and chased after them. And the water at 9.00am in the blooming morning was absolutely freezing! It got better once we dipped ourselves in and didn't come out.

Okay, let me give all you old fogeys like me out there a little tip. Never, under any circumstances stand under tons of jetting water from above if you're not fit! This park has this water ride called the monsoon blaster and it snakes around the park overhead and jets of water cascades down from above at high speeds and it looks like fun to go stand under it and let the falling water massage (well, pound is more like it) your body.

Now, I spent quite a bit of time standing under it and letting it pulverize my body and it was fun (well, it seemed like fun at that time anyway) and I think I spent nearly an hour under the jets of water. Everything was fine until I came home later, took a bath and headed for a nap. When I woke up from my nap, I felt as if a herd of stampeding dinosaurs had run over every inch of my body! Every part of me (and some that I didn't even know existed) that could possibly ache, ached!

And sitting here blogging about it is not helping ease the aches one bit but for the sake of blogging, I'll suffer through the pain ... LOL! Every move I make hurts like hell! Overall, it was a fun outing though. The kids really had blast (well, so did wifey and me). The place was a little too crowded but that was expected cos of the holidays. I think we spent about 4 hours or so there. It was getting a tad too hot to stay out there any longer and we finally left around 2 pm or so.

But we had so much fun that we're deciding to go again before the school starts next year but maybe we'll try a different waterpark this time, something where they don't have cascading jets of water that will tempt me to go and stupidly stand under it and then suffer later ... LOL! Can't help it though, once you hit the water you'll instantly feel like a little kid :D

Ok people, I think I'm going to have to end here, do a quick blog hop and then really call it a night or wifey is probably going to have to call an ambulance to come get me! She and the boys seem fine though. Oh, how I envy youth ... LOL!

ps. sorry no pictures though. I wasn't about to get my cheapo camera phone all wet, k .. LOL!


  1. Yay! I'm the first to comment:)

    Sounds like you guys had a blast... I haven't been to a waterpark in ages, I'll probably go nuts when I go to one!

    Well, you learned your lesson. Maybe you should take Tai Chi instead... LOL

  2. Sweetiepie, you think Tai Chi will help? I think a new younger body will be a better bet! LOL!

    Yes, we had a blast. It was also the anniversary of the first time wifey and me knew we ever existed in this world, so it was like a celebration for us :)

    Ok, ok, I know I could have taken her to a better place but I am such a cheapskate ... LOL!

  3. Hi Bud! Looks like you and the family had a "blast" LOL

    Yeah with the school holidays you need to find ways to fill up the time for the boys! :)

    Well eight more weks to go, right? LOL

  4. Bud,eight week? You got to be kidding me! I'll end up in a hospital for sure ... LOL!

  5. Wow, never knew the water jets can do so much damage! Did you guys sit on the slides? I'm afraid of those things!

  6. BT - neither did I, that's why I spent hours under it ... LOL!

    No, I didn't go on the slides this time cos it was too packed. hated having to queue. But I love those slides ... LOL!

  7. Which waterpark did you guys go to? Sounds like sooo much fun! I've always wanted to go to a waterpark but poor me can't swim! :(

  8. Syura - It was Wet World Shah Alam and it was fun. You know what, I don't know how to swim too but I still had loads of fun. You should go try it out.

  9. Sounds like a fun Sat outing, your boys must have been happy to enjoy their school break getting all wet! :):):)

  10. Marzie - oh yeah they were. I had a hard time trying to get them to leave the place ... LOL!


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