Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The nearer it gets to Christmas, the busier I become. Take today for instance. I've hardly had time to even blog all that much ... LOL! Been busy running around town delivering stuff for my clients and they're all scattered in various locations. At least the traffic was not too bad. In fact, I've got to leave to one of my clients place around 4.30 pm cos I've got to meet my installers there. Need to do some modification works for their gallery we constructed for them and I'm not at all liking it one bit.

First of all, it's peak hour and I'm going to get caught with all those office people rushing home from work or doing their last minute shopping. Secondly, it's already late in the evening and that means it's going to be an overtime night for me. Not that I don't like doing overtime, god knows the amount of times I had to work overtime, but it's my Ghost Whisperer night and it's the continuation of last weeks episode and if I can't get the work done and reach home by the time the show starts tonight, there will be hell to pay ... LOL! I don't know why but I just love this show and it's not cos of Jennifer Love Hewitt parading around in her skimpy nighties or anything like that k? LOL!

Well, nothing much I can do about the work part. It's not like I could postpone it or anything and even if I do, I'll still have to do it sooner or later and it might as well be today cos this Thursday is a public holiday here and I wouldn't want to be working late tomorrow nite, that's for sure. I'm planning to take a nice long vacation from Christmas till next year and I sure do hope none of my clients will give me grief during this time. I'm due for some much deserved rest. I haven't really taken any leave since last year, a long time isn't it? I'm not the kind who really like to take leave much and I think the amount of leave my office owes me, I could go on vacation for 2 months ... LOL!

I'm looking forward to Christmas and my leave and I'm going to do nothing but just vegetate and laze around the house, well, a little blogging too (ok, ok, a lot of blogging ... hehehe). It will also be a good time for me to go catch some nice movies out there. Oh I just remembered, they're showing the X-Men trilogy of TV. I've seen this movie countless times and I still can't get enough of it. I guess I'll be watching it again :D Maybe I could get one of those home theater chairs and turn my house in a mini theater or something ... LOL! Now wouldn't that just be awesome. But first I need to get a new TV, a new sound system, some amplifiers ... urrmmm ... maybe it will be cheaper just to go out ad watch a movie!


  1. Oh my....

    To tell you the truth, I watch Ghost Whisperer to see "Jennifer Love Hewitt parading around in her skimpy nighties or anything like....".

    She just look so darn good in anything that I am green *just absolutely green* with envy.

    I'm so technically challenged... I can't seem to sign in with WP identity. Oh, well.... you know where this message is coming from :)

  2. I love Ghost Whisperer too! In fact, I watch it online on the Net for the latest one. (Malaysia so slow lah when it comes to TV series! pfft!)

    Ya la, Christmas coming real soon.. everyone's getting busier! Like not enough time for everything. LOL!

  3. I have never seen Ghost Whisperer. I feel like I am missing out!

    Roll on the Christmas break!

  4. I can't believe how busy this time of year gets. It seems like there is never enough time to get everything done. I hope you and your family has a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  5. Sharon - hey, haven't seen you here in a while. I still can't get into your site though.

    LOL! Well, I suppose a lot of people would be watching that show for those very same reasons.

    Well, all you need to do is scroll the sign-in using: button and look for wordpress and there you have it :D

  6. Cindy - So you must be way ahead in the series already, huh? Yes, Malaysian TV sometimes is slower than an old lady crossing a road! LOL!

    That's true, really not enough time for anything. You're going back soon, yes? Have a fun time and here's wishing you and Family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :D

  7. The world according to me - Catch it one day, but it's not like the end of the world if you haven't seen it yet ... LOL! I'm just a little fanatical about that show, that's all ...

    Yeah, roll on the break :D

  8. Tammy - welcome to my blog. For me it's busy almost everyday but this time of the year, it just gets worse ... LOL!

    Here's wishing you and your family a great Christmas & a wonderful New Year too.

    Hope to see you here more often ...

  9. Hola! B is oredi on leave...he's been vegetating and lazing around since Mon.. hurry up and join us lazy bums! ;)

  10. hey.. enjoy yr leave and X-men... and Ghost Whisperer (wonder if they will still have it on since its Christmas and all..)

  11. Marzie - I envy your hubby. I also want to vegetate all day la ... LOL! I think I can be president for the lazy bums club la ... :D

  12. Sting - You have a point there. Tuesday is Christmas day and I'm not sure if it's on or not. But then, I'm having a Christmas dinner that night, so can't watch it even if it's on.

  13. I stopped watching Ghost Whisperer because I always ended with tears welling in my eyes when the dead person finally went to the other side.

    My brother has a home theatre and its AWESOME. I love watching the football on his big screen, its almost better than being there.

  14. Gypsy - yeah it is kinda touching when the dead person crosses over.

    I hate your brother ... LOL! Actually I envy him. I've seen those home theatres on the malls and it's AWESOME, exactly as you said it! :D


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