Saturday, January 5, 2008

Live Long And Prosper ...

Have you ever had this need to know everything about someone you like or admire, someone you feel is your hero, an athlete, an actor, an actress or even a place of interest? Yes? No? Well, I have. Yes, even someone as grumpy and slightly off in the head as me have people I admire. And worse yet, the person I admire is an actor even! Yes, you heard right, an actor ... LOL!

Clive Owen, that's who I admire. I know it's a little strange for someone like me who is not really a movie or TV addict to actually like someone like an actor but ever since I saw him act in the movie King Arthur I thought he was and is an excellent actor. I'm not sure everyone would agree but that's my opinion. And besides he's my hero, if you don't like him go find you own ... LOL!

Before the movie King Arthur I never knew who in heavens name Clive Owen was. His acting in that film was what made me sit up and take a more in-depth look into his background. Oh and I do hate him too for being so much more better looking than me ... LOL! Well, since then I've caught all his movies and they've yet to disappoint me so far. What I really like is the passion he portrays in all his movies.

Ok, this is hard for me to admit, but I actually went online and searched about everything there is to know about Clive Owen (*blush*). And boy there were so much info on him that I didn't know where to start. Then wifey told me about this site called that she's using. I looked at her and said:

'Spock what? Sounds like something from Star Trek to me'

She looked at me rolled her eyes and said:

'You're such a dinosaur honey! Everyone knows about Spock!'

So after a nice sales pitch from her about (LOL), I found out that Spock is basically a people and information search engine that you can join for free and search for people just by their name or even by a tag consisting of personal pieces of information. These tags can be created by the person themselves or even by any other Spock member. Although it's not really a social network, Spock does have some messaging capabilities and it's searches link directly to a members location on the web such as MySpace, Blogs, Wikipedia, etc.

So, after wifey's enthusiastic reviews on it, I decided to join, which by the way is a breeze to do and search for everything I needed to know on Clive Owen and I wasn't disappointed. I had so many feedback from my search it's going to take me weeks to just digest all the information ... LOL! You know, I never knew he is just 2 years older than me. Ok, enough of Clive Owen already. You want to know more about him, then go sign up with Spock and search for yourself. It's my nap time already ... LOL!


  1. My hero is Josh Holloway from LOST. Thanks for the hot tip about Now I have a new source of juicy titbits on Josh (aka Sawyer). Enjoy your nap sleepy head.

  2. Hmmmmm Okay I'll be nice and say nothing LOL

  3. Clive Owen is a major hottie! And so is Josh Holloway! But the hottest of 'em all is still Johnny Depp!! Hahaha! Ok, that's just me!

    p/s: I was thinking Star Trek too! :P

  4. a tag for u have a nice weekends

  5. hahahahahaa.. sorry Nick.. But I'm still laughing at Adrian's comment. I just wonder what he REALLY has to say about it.

    Anyways, I think Clive Owen is hot! Even my MOM has a think for Mr. Owen. I'd go with Syura on Johnny Depp. Even in Edward Scissorhands he looked freakishly cool. LOL!

    Another hottie actor in my book would have to be the King Of Spartans, in 300! Gerard Butler.. he's acting in P.S. I Love You too. Can't wait for that. :D

    Btw, Spock is totally sci-fi!

  6. Gypsy - And what a nap it was. I think I slept about 4 whole hours ... LOL!

    I'm sure you'll find tons of 'juicy' tidbits bout Josh ... LOL!

    Happy Weekend to you.

  7. Buddy, yeah wasn't it your mama who used to say that if you don't have anything nice to say to just shut up? Glad you took her advise ... LOL!

    I know where you live, k? LOL!

  8. Syura - yup, he is a hottie. If I was a woman, I'd even say he's drop dead gorgeous ... LOL!

    Johnny Depp? I'm not really into the pirate kind! What the heck am I talking about. I'm a guy for goodness sakes! LOL!

  9. Yeah, Clive Owen was superb in 'King Arthur'. Also loved him in 'Derailed' ... the one he acted with Jennifer Aniston :)

  10. Hazel - a tag? for me? thanks, I'll check it out after this ...

    Nice weekend to you too.

  11. Shemah - that buddy of mine is a regular comedian isn't he? And trust me you don't want to know what he REALLY has to say ... LOL!

    I'd have to say your mom has excellent taste ... hehehe ... I liked the brooding solemn look he had in King Arthur. I've been trying to replicate that look for myself but have only achieved in getting called muka sombong! LOL!

    Gerard Butler? I think I'll do a Spock search on him and find out just who he is ... LOL!

  12. Sweetypie - Oh good, another Clive Owen fan. Maybe we should form a fan club with me as president or something ... LOL!

    I actually watched King Arthur about 5 times la and if they show it on Astro again, I'm definitely going to watch it some more ... :D

    And Derailed was really good too. I liked the was the story unfolded. Both wifey and me enjoyed the show too ;)

  13. I was watching Derailed with my family and my elder brother and he was shouting at Clive Owen to do this or not to do this.. LOL! It was a good movie!! Although my kid sis doesn't like it when I predict the ending and it happens to be true!! hahahaha!

  14. Shemah - It was indeed a good movie. Kept me glued to the TV right up to the very end :D Oh, my wife has a knack of knowing how shows will turn out too ... LOL!


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