Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reality Showtime ...

Woohoo, tomorrow is a holiday for us here and I'm pretty darn happy. Then again when am I not happy to get a holiday right? I just love these holidays that fall in the middle of the week. It makes the week seem shorter. Maybe they should make Wednesday's a rest day too. Come to think of it, maybe they should make Monday through Thursdays a rest day as well. We'd just go to work on Friday and then it's the weekend already ... LOL!

'why not just make the whole week off, you lazy bum?'

Now that's asking just a bit too much isn't it? LOL! It's not really a public holiday though. It's just for a few states here and it's for the celebration of Thaipusam. I'm too lazy to elaborate what the festival is all about so if any of you are curious, then check what it's all about here. But to all my Hindu friends, here's wishing you a Happy Thaipusam.

I don't have any plans for tomorrow except stay home and blog (what else) and maybe catch some TV. American Idol is on tomorrow and both wifey and myself love watching it. In fact there's a host of reality shows going on now and we've shortlisted a few to watch that we plan our entire outings and grocery shopping around these shows. The second season of Heroes also starts tonight so I'll be glued to the TV and even if the world ended I'm not going to do anything until the show is over!

Today is actually our grocery shopping day and we normally do it after I get home from work. But that would mean having to miss Heroes and it would also mean having to miss my run session for today, so wifey and me decided to do the shopping during lunch. I bummed off from work a little earlier during lunch and we made a quick dash to our favourite hyper mart. At least with that out of the way, I can still put in a run session and get home in plenty of time for Heroes.

Ok, before you all start thinking that I'm a TV addict, let me dispel that notion. I'm far from being a TV addict. I'd rather be doing anything else than watching TV but there are some series like the CSI franchise, Numbers, Without a Trace, Law & Order, The Unit and now Heroes that I simply cannot miss. The good thing is all the series that I do watch start a little later in the night so I'm able to carry on with my normal life and not be ruled by the TV ... hehehe ... Unfortunately it's reality show season right now and there are a few that I simply cannot miss as well, namely American Idol, One In A Million, Amazing Race Asia, Hell's Kitchen and the upcoming Akademi Fantasia but unfortunately they all start pretty early so I'm going to have to be less sociable the next few weeks.

'when have you ever been sociable Nick?'

Hmmm, that's true, I'm the most unsociable person on the planet. In fact, if you knew me in real life, you might even say I'm a snobbish kinda person ... LOL! Well, that's what people tell me anyway. Whenever people first meet me, they always think I'm stuck up or something. It's only later when they get to know me do they know what a weirdo I am and regret getting to know me ... hehehe ... But in truth I'm far from snobbish, I'm just blooming shy but I guess the look I project on my face to hide the shyness make me look rather snobbish!

Oh drats, I just remembered something, in our grocery shopping rush just now, we forgot to buy those wet wipes thingy that we normally buy. Looks like we're going to have to go out tomorrow after all. Oh well, that's what you get for rushing.


  1. Happy Thaipusam!

    Hope you enjoy your day and your TV viewing!

    We have the 'X factor' out here which is our version of American Idol, and I must confess I love watching it!

    P.S - I've always thought we should work for 2 days and have 5 days off. Life would be far nicer that way!

  2. nahhh you are absolutely not tv-addict :P no way, you dont watch much tv, these are absolutely not many shows you follow, and hell noooooooooo of course one just cant miss Heroes on TV, but he cant then be called TV addict, can he? :P

    I am not watching tv at all, if interested i just download the latest shows and watch them on computer, so i guess i am a computer-addict :D

    PS: whole week off?? sounds cool, do you think they would pay? ;)

  3. I used to be a terrible tv addict until I started blogging and now....well what can I say....I have an addictive personality.

    I must confess I do like a few reality shows like Australian Idol, So you think you can dance, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother. Ooooh that's rather a lot isn't it?

    My most favourite show of all though is LOST and I can't wait for it to return.

  4. The world according to me - I've seen snippets of the X-factor online, seems lie a show I would catch if the aired it here.

    Life would definitely be far easier if we only worked for 2 days a week that's for sure ... LOL!

  5. Lena - See, I told you I was not a TV addict ... LOL! Ok, I'm a TV addict already ...:D

    I don't have the patience to wait for the whole download of a show or a movie ... I probably go crazy waiting.

    They'd better pay for the whole week otherwise how to support my other addiction which is blogging? LOL!

  6. Gypsy - Yeah, I have to agree, blogging can take precedence over everything else ... LOL! Look at me, the moment Heroes ended, here I am blogging ... hahaha ...

    Oh, I forgot about So you think you can dance, they're going to start the local edition here soon and that's another one I'm going to be glued to the TV too as well!

    I get all LOST just watching LOST! LOL!

  7. I wish I could watch T.V. I think it would make me smarter :)

  8. Hi Nick! So people think that you are snobbish when they first meet you?! :) I know someone who gets that all the time! and he likes it, he says it makes him look very interesting :)

    Enjoy your bank holiday! How I wish we had one here too :) I really need one!

  9. wow..you didn't miss anything ha..i mean the tv show.i can't watch all..otherwise i won't do anything at home,hahaha as if i have a lot of things to do with just hubby and me in the house and our 2 dogs..hehe

  10. Oh, I can't wait for Akademi Fantasia 6... new season, new students. I know Rmali MS (the principal) is a great principal, but he's reali strict... which is good.

    I didn't like AF 4.. the worst I think. The best have to be AF 2 and 3.

    Why didn't you attend the auditions? I heard they increased the age limit to 45!! :D

  11. Ooops! thousand apologies... ter'BOLD' pulak all my sentence. Sori ah :$

  12. Happy holiday to you and family!

    I am jealous, no holiday in Sarawak today! Wonder when they are making it a national holiday?

  13. Okay, us Canadians really have to get with the program.

    In the US they had the Martin Luther King holiday and you had Thaipusam. And we have to wait until May for the next holiday!

    What is up with that?

  14. Upset waitress - really? TV can make you smart? Then why the heck isn't it working for me? I'm as dumb as ever ;P

  15. La delirante - Yup, every who's ever met me for the first time thinks I'm snobbish, even mt two best buddies said it ... LOL!

    Maybe I should smile more often, that might make me look more friendly, then again it might make me look goofy ... LOL!

  16. Deana - LOL! Yeah, I think I've covered everything. Thankfully I only watch TV at nights. In the day time my sleeping wins out ... LOL!

  17. Tammy - I echo what you just wrote: HEROES ROCK! :D

  18. Nessa - I've never really seen AF during Ramli's time as principal cos I got addicted to AF pretty late but addicted I am :D

    Yes, I have to agree that AF4 was not up to mark even though the guy I supported won.

    Hmmm, maybe I should attend the auditions, who knows I might be the next AF6 champion. But somehow I think they'd probably call security after hearing my 'singind' voice ... LOL!

  19. Nessa - LOL! For a moment there I told you were shouting at me ... :P

  20. Rose - Try talking with Pak Lah, seeing as how the elections are coming he most probably would declare a holiday ... LOL!

    Thanks for the holiday wishes though :D

  21. Sharon - What? No holidays till May? Just what kind of country are you living in? LOL!

    You should try moving here, we've got all kinds of holidays for just about anything, and most of them are pointless though you won't find me complaining!

    Oh, and just to make you feel worse, we have the Chinese New year holidays coming up early February and I will be off for a whole week. Told you this is a great place to live ... LOL!

  22. I love reality shows too! Which team are you rooting for in AR Asia?? I'm rooting for the Chong sisters and also Mark and Rovilson just because I think they really deserve to win! And maybe cuz they're super hot too.. :P

  23. I kinda like that 16 yr old boy today, the one with the voice paralysis, can't wait to see who'll make the cut for AI this year! :):):)

  24. Syura - I'm actually rooting Mark & Rovilson too, they're a pretty funny team and besides they're really good at this. You don't see them screaming at each other like the rest of them do.

    I"m not really supporting either of the Malaysian teams this time round. Both the teams piss me off ...LOL!

  25. Marzie - That 16 year old was pretty cool. I don't have a clear favourite yet. I'll give it a few more episodes before I pick one ... hehehe ...

  26. Love AI too!!! Can't get enuf!! And I already missed the first episode of Heroes becaue of class!! DOH!! So I guess I'll be waiting for them to do a marathon or somethign to catch up! LOL

    Catch ya later bub! :)

  27. Buddy, don't even think about watching TV now you hear? You gotta hit them there books and study hard now, you hear? No TV and staying up late cos you don't wanna be missing class now do you? LOL!

    Man, I still can't believe you're going back to school after all the times we skipped classes back in them good old days ... This will be a good BBQ story la ... opps, no BBQ's for you bub, remember, you gotta study ... LOL!

    I think they have re-runs of Heroes, just don't know which day though. If I find out, I'll let you know, k?


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