Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mommy Blues ...

The holidays are flying by so fast. It's Saturday already. I've got, including tomorrow only 3 days of my holiday left! Then it's back to work next Wednesday and god knows how long before the next holiday comes around. Where does the time go? It's been a pretty good day for me so far.

As usual, we woke up late, seeing as how wifey and me both slept a little late last night. And don't get any dirty ideas, cos we were up late blogging, k? LOL! At least the kids didn't barge in the room too early today to pester us for breakfast. They were warned before hand that if they're hungry to go make themselves a tuna sandwich or something till we're both awake ... LOL! Cruel people aren't we.

We planned to go out after doing the laundry and cleaning the kitchen cos I wanted to get some books for myself. The cleaning the kitchen part wasn't really something I was looking froward to but had to be done. My mom has this habit of oiling up the whole kitchen floor when she cooks and both wifey and me cannot stand an oily floor. I really don't know how she manages to do that time and time again.

When wifey or myself cook, we don't get oil all over the place but when my mom uses the kitchen, I'll definitely have to be cleaning up again after her. Not to be too disrespectful to my mom or anything but it does get to me that she doesn't clean up all that well after using the kitchen. There are so many times when wifey and me have to rewash all the pots and pans, the mugs and plates, the containers and bowls cos it'll still be dirty.

Maybe it's her eyesight or something, but the plates will still have remnants of food on it and every time I see it, I get a little pissed but she being my mom, I can't possibly go and shout at her now can I? So, what do I do? I keep my temper in check and wash the plates and stuff all over again. Not to mention mopping the floor clean of oil almost every other day. And it's not something that happens once in awhile, it's becoming like a daily thing these days. It gets to me quite a bit and I hate having to keep my temper in check!

Speaking of tempers, I've noticed that I'm prone to losing my temper pretty fast these days. I was never like this before. Even wifey has said I've changed in that aspect. I have a much shorter fuse and I get easily pissed off when things go wrong. For the life of me I do not know why this is becoming so and I seriously don't really like it. It's not me to be someone who loses his temper always. I used to be a very patient and understanding person. Wifey can vouch for that cos she says that's one of the reasons why she fell in love with me in the first place. It would take a whole lot to make me lose control of my temper those days, unlike now.

I guess it has something to do with getting old. It's making me more of a grouch and I'm really not liking it at all. I try to keep my temper in check most times but then there are people out there who just loves testing my patience. If growing old is going to turn me into a grouch, I don't wanna grow old! Somebody quick, invent a de-aging potion or something ... LOL!

Ok, temper and all that aside, the day turned out pretty good. After all the laundry and kitchen cleaning were completed, we headed down to the nearby mall for lunch and also to get my books at this place call Payless Bookstore. I was told all the books there were going for half price and it sure sounded like a good deal to me even though they were used books. Wifey wanted to have lunch at McDonald's cos of their prosperity burger promotion that only comes out during the Chinese New Year celebration but unfortunately they don't have it in a burger form anymore. It's in some kind of pita foldover thingy and we both didn't like it all that much so we ended up eating elsewhere.

After lunch we headed to check out the bookstore and true enough, everything was going for half price. I managed to get 3 Star Trek books and wifey got one book for herself and we only paid RM23.00 for all of it. Now that was a steal as far as we were concerned. I wanted to get more but every other Star Trek book in there I already owned and there was no new titles of all the other adventure and thriller titles of my favourite authors like Clive Cussler, Harold Coyle, Tom Clancy, etc. Guess I'll try checking out their other branches since the sale was applicable to all their stores. At least I did manage to get 3 new Star Trek titles that I haven't already read to add to my huge collection of Star Trek books. Yes, yes, you can probably tell I'm a die hard Star Trek fan ... LOL! I'm gonna savour those books for as long as I can :D

That is if I can spare some time to read them. I've got a host of assignments that need to be completed soon and I just cannot ignore any of them cos I could use the money to buy more Star Trek books ... LOL! I was almost done with all my outstanding assignments but just before writing this post, I checked my inbox and discovered a whole new bunch of them waiting to be done. So, you guys will probably be seeing quite a bit of postings from me starting with this one on tankless water heaters. I hope I don't bore you guys too much and I promise to keep them as entertaining as possible ... LOL! Have a great weekend people!


  1. I know how hard it is to keep the temper in check when something isn't done the way I like it!

  2. Hey Nick, Just catching up on all the posts I have been missing. Maybe you could say something very tactfully to your mum without losing your temper. If you keep it inside and let it build up, one day you might completely lose the plot and that wouldn't be too good.

    Glad that you got the books you like although I can't imagine when you'll get the time to read them. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  3. *gaSp!* You haven't read those classic Trek books, yet?

    Congrats on finding some new books to add to your collection, Nick. I've read almost every published Star Trek book since 1979 (the first book came out a few weeks after I was born) and it's just the latest three that I haven't yet managed to find.

    When it comes to finding time for books, just remember what Scotty told Kirk at the start of Undiscovered Country. If something's important to you, you make the time. Otherwise, you'll let life pass you by :)

  4. Nick!! I was watching Opera and Dr Oz the other day and they say to keep stress down and temper in check, take lots of fish or omega3. They did this test for taxi drivers in the UK and it works for them! Just a thought...heheh... and hey getting older is no reason to get cranky or lose your temper.. as we get older we are suppose to be more mellow lah... i think you got that upside down! lolzzz!

  5. how i wish i could read as much as you.Half price is a good deal.I bet you must be very excited at the store.:)

  6. Diamond - It really is hard especially when it's your own mom and you can't really let loose like you would do on any normal person! But it still gets to me though ...

  7. Gypsy - Glad to see you here. I have tried being tactful before but after a while she reverts to being the same again ... siggghhh, like you said, I might one day lose the plot complete and then who knows ...

    I still haven't read the books yet, it's lying there on my bedside table and I promised myself to start today :D

  8. Jason - Haven't seen you here in a while :D I've read quite a bit if those classic trek book but there's still a lot more that I can't get my hands on. I'm getting there though :D

    Yeah, I'd best do what good old Scotty said, don't want life passing me by now do I? :D

  9. Lady Java - Fish and Omega 3? The fish I could with la, the Omega 3, nah, don't think it'll work for me though ... LOL!

    You get mellow with old age? Hmmm, I always thought you get grumpy ... no wonder I'm always scolding people ... LOL!

  10. Sweetiepie - LOL! I'm still trying to find the time to read. Oh, I am excited by the half priced books. Can't wait to check out the other branches ...

  11. Sorry for the lack of comments lately. After Google updated their Blogger comment system to exclude non-Google accounts, I stopped commenting for the longest time. I know that the issue was resolved a while ago, but I was still pretty pissed off that they'd do such a thing.

    Google might own the internet in America, but that kind of attitude just doesn't fly in Asia :P

  12. Nick,
    As some1 tat absolutely adore books (and I mean crazy abt books), can understand your excitement abt getting those hard to get books at half price^_^
    I think the paylessbook promotion ends mid of this mth...sob sob..too late for me to get more.
    ppstt...I bought over RM100 worth of 2nd books when I was there..kakakakakaka..

  13. Jason - yeah, I wondered why the heck they did that though. Glad they fixed it back to normal.

    Trust me, they ain't too popular in my parts of the world too ...

  14. Jen's place - Middle of this month? Darn, that doesn't leave me much time to go and look at their other branches. Looks like I'm going to be dragging wifey out tomorrow looking for more books then ... LOL!

  15. Funny, my friend and I were just having a discussion about tempers. She said that men who used to be bad tempered when young become mellow with age. Men who are patient and good natured become bad tempered when they grow older.
    Don't tell me this theory is true!

  16. BT - Oh my god, I seriously hope that is not true at all. I hate being a grouch. It goes against everything I hold dear!

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