Monday, February 11, 2008

Puffy Ayumi

Today just went by so fast that I didn't really have time to even enjoy it. In fact I don't even remember what transpired ... LOL! While there are still a lot of people on their CNY holidays, myself included, the rest of the country has started work and the neighbourhood is back to being the bustling place that it was with the traffic back to normal. The boys go back to school tomorrow while I still have another day of the holidays left to enjoy. Then it's back to work and I know I'm going to be pretty busy with the load I have waiting for me there.

The day was pretty normal for me, nothing unexceptional happened. That means I didn't scold anybody or get mad with anyone ... LOL! Wifey and me woke up a little earlier than normal today. As we always do, we checked out our blogs, emails and stuff. I saw a couple of assignments that I've yet to complete. Wanted to actually do the one on engraved plaques but decided to shelve it to a little later cos the boys were starting a picket line outside the bedroom door demanding for breakfast. We didn't want them starting a riot, so we went down to prepare their breakfast. I don't remember harassing my mom for breakfast when I was young.

'That's because you were never up before lunch, you dork.'

You have a valid point there Mr. Interloper. We bought this pre-packed Roti Canai (a kind of local Indian Muslim bread) yesterday when we were out shopping and decided to prepare that for the kids. We've bought this pre-packed things few times before but this time it was a different brand and it turned out to be harder than a slab of marble ... My younger boy was complaining his teeth were gonna break! It was a pack of 5 pieces and we threw away at least 3 pieces. What a waste. Next time we'll stick to the regular brand that we buy or just get the fresh ones from the shop.

After breakfast, wifey wanted to get some banking stuff done and that was a mistake. The bank was pretty packed with customers and we ended up waiting close to an hour plus just to get a simple transaction done! But surprisingly I didn't lose my temper with the long wait. I'm pretty proud of myself ... hehehe ... Normally things like this would rile me up. I guess I just got to bear with all the inefficiencies of this world, not that I'm all that efficient myself anyway.

The rest of the day was just a blur to me. We bought some lunch for the boys and ourselves, I had a nice two hours nap and then woke up, surfed a little, made some corned beef sandwiches for dinner and watched a little TV, an old movie called Blue Thunder. Really corny watching all those old time effects compared to today. But I guess it was high tech in its time, right?

Oh, and wifey got herself a pair of bedroom slippers yesterday to use in the kitchen. Remember I said our kitchen floor gets really oily after my mom uses it? Even though we mop the place almost everyday but wifey just couldn't stand stepping on the oily floor so she got herself a pair of those bedroom slippers. Well, I kinda picked it for her. It looks cute and really huge on her that she looks funny walking with it ... LOL! I don't know what animal they fashioned those slippers from but I officially named them Puffy Ayumi. Don't ask me why, but they just seemed so Puffy Ayumish ... LOL! Just so you guys know, the left one is Puffy and the right one is Ayumi ... LMAO! I just couldn't help but name them. Now even wifey refers to them as Puffy Ayumi. Don't they just look so adorable on her? :D

At least I did manage to get in some good reading today, well both wifey and me did anyway. It's been ages since we both got in bed with a good book. I didn't know how much I missed reading and I'm savouring every single word from those 3 new books I bought. I think I'm only in page 18 or so of my book. I don't want it to finish so fast. I'm definitely going to be doing some reading later tonight after this posting. Once I start reading again, I just can't stop. I'll just have to divide my time equally between blogging and reading I guess.

That's about how my day went. Nothing really exceptional happened that was worth remembering. Hope you guys had a more eventful day. Time to go do my rounds on the blogsphere and see what you all have been up to in your parts of the world. Catch you guys soon.


  1. "Then it's back to work and I know I'm going to be pretty busy with the load I have waiting for me there" I totally know what you mean! I came back to work today and I am feeling very tired. Can't stop thinking about the holidays I have just enjoyed :)

    As you said, time goes by so quickly one can't but wonder how did it go so fast? I loved your wife's slippers! They are really cute :) I know that animal, it is "merry melody" if I am not wrong. I really liked it when I was a kid :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. You're in a really good mood today! I'm sure your kids will know how to 'milk' the goodness out of you. Those slippers are so cute!

  3. La Delirante - I am so not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. The long holidays has made me lazy!

    Merry Melody? Cool, at least now I know ... hehehe ... I'll go check it out in more detail ...

  4. BT - I am in a good mood. I hope it stays that way ... hehehe ... The kids know how difficult it is to get things from me. LOL!

    I love those slippers too especially with her walking in them ... they look so gigantic on her feet ...

  5. puffy ayumi is a cute name for those slippers! Hehe..

  6. Puffy Ayumi? Where did you get the last name? Sounds so Anime...LOL...anyways, i own a bedroom slippers in green color but it is definitely Kerro Kerropi's. Although it doesnt look 'animalish' like that of your wifey's. LOL!

  7. Jacq - That was the first name that popped into my mind when she got the slippers ... LOL!

  8. Chegu Carol - Hahaha ... like I told Jacq, the name just popped into my mind!

    Green slippers huh? LOL! By the way, what is a Kerro Kerropi, ah? I'm a little blur when it comes to things like this la ... LOL!

  9. I'm so used to wearing slippers at home, always on the lookout for a good pair. Love the color combination on this one! ;)

  10. Kerro Kerropi is a Jap cartoon of a frog. It's GREEN (duh!) and cute. LOL!

  11. Marzie - I feel really uncomfortable with using slippers at home. Have been so used to walking around bare foot at home all these years. But with the amount of times the kitchen gets oily, I just may be inclined to start wearing one! LOL!

  12. Chegu Carol - Thanks for that information. I thought it was some kind of keropok ... LOL! Well, I googled it and now I have an idea what it looks like ... hehehe ...


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