Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Valentine Grouch!

It's back to work for me today and I'm not liking it one bit! After the nice long holiday I had, which in true fact was never enough, I just can't seem to get back into the groove of working just yet. And the fact that I have not much to do at the moment doesn't make things all that much easier.

To say I had nothing to do would be a little unfair. I had some stuff to do this morning when I first came in, but that didn't require too much brain power to do. After finishing that it was about time for lunch. Well, not really lunch time yet, but I was a little bored doing nothing so I bummed off for lunch a little earlier. And now that I'm back in the office, I have absolutely nothing to do.

Sitting here staring at the screen and yawning the day away sure feels like a great thing to do. Not! I guess I shouldn't be complaining so much. At least the lack of work at the moment should help get me back in the working groove slowly. I know I have a couple of projects coming up soon cos and when they do come in, I'm going to be pretty busy and then I'll complain that I'm too overworked and need more free time.

'Gee, there is no pleasing you is there, Nick?'

Nope, I guess not, I'm the perennial complainer remember and getting older just makes me better at being a grouch ... LOL! I'm sure wifey is relived a little that I'm back at work cos I've been perpetually harassing her at home with my antics ... hehehe ... The whole time I was home for the holidays she couldn't do any of her stuff cos I was practically by her side all day and she knows with me around at home, she can't concentrate on doing her stuff like updating the household accounts, etc, etc, etc. At least you can get them done today, right honey?

So, Valentine's day is just a few hours away, about 9 hours to be specific. I hope for your sakes you'd have already bought your loved ones something or there'll be hell to pay tomorrow! LOL! I'm know I'm in the clear cos I already got wifey her Valentine gift. Thank god, so no rushing around looking for some hiked up Valentine present and making someone else all that much richer by capitalizing on the occasion.

Valentine's day has become so commercialized these days. I guess things have to change with the times but I'm a pretty old fashioned fellow and I don't just believe in showing your loved one how much you love her on just one particular day. It just seems so fake to me. I believe if you love someone, why not show it every single day? And before you tell me to put my money where my mouth is, let me tell you that I surprise wifey with little home made love notes every now and then which I hide all over the room for her to find.

And she doesn't know when or where I'll hide them that sometimes, on days when I don't leave those little notes, she'll still be searching for them ... hehehe ... It's something that I used to do for her ages ago but for some reason I myself cannot fathom stopped for long while but have started leaving those love notes for her again. And I love the look on her face when she discovers them. Makes my effort of creating the notes seem all the more worthwhile. And the best thing is she never knows when or where I'll leave them. Sometimes she gets them everyday for a whole week and then there are time when I don't leave any for a couple of days even ...

That's why I'm not too keen on celebrating Valentine's these days. Maybe in the old days yes, but back then I was a young, brash and naive lad who didn't know much. I'd save up all my money just to buy whomever I had a crush on back then a rose that would cost RM15.00 which on a normal day would cost RM1.50 or even some expensive gift that I could hardly afford just to show how much I loved that person on that particular day but for the rest of the 364 days, I'd do nothing much. As if that one day would really show anyone how much they really mean to me. If you love someone that much, you'd show it to them every single day and you tell them that everyday not just on Valentine's day.

I'm sorry if I've ruined anyones perception on Valentine's day or maybe you think I'm just being a cheapskate or anything like that, but I'm just being my normal expressive self. I'm really not interested in making anyone richer than they already are with all the hiked up Valentine promo's out there. I work in an Ad Agency and I know how we use copywriters to write sweet words to make an ad sound like you must have or get what they're offering for your loved ones cos it's special and he/she will remember it for ages to come but in true fact, all we're doing is suckering you in making someone else richer by spending more than what the item is worth! LOL!

Ok, I think I'd better stop with the negative Valentine bashing or you guys are all probably going to hate me soon for being so unromantic on this special day. For all of you who are doing something special for your loved one on Valentine's days, have loads of fun, ok? :D As for me, I think I'll make a few more love notes for wifey to find :)


  1. hi Nick!
    Actually I just posted pretty much the same thing on my blog abt how commercialised V-day is nowadays!
    Guess we more matured couples tend to think differently than those still new or at courting stage or those still wet behind their ears!

  2. Jen - We more matured couples? Makes me and wifey sound like a really old couple already ... LOL!

    Actually I have nothing against Valentines Day itself. I just have everything against those merchants who hike up their prices 300% or more and ruin the real meaning of Valentine!

  3. I think you're little notes are SO much sweeter than anything you can buy her, at a ridiculous price, for Valentine's Day. It's just another silly commercial holiday anyway.

  4. Awwww how sweet leaving love notes around for wifey! Happy Valentine's day to both of you. :):):)

  5. Valentine will always reminds me of my silly 'yellow pineapple' juice. Maybe I should post that entry again. Ive posted it last year though but in different blog site.

    Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day to you and family Nick. :)

  6. i meant to say 'yellow watermelon' juice. Gee, i still get confused with the two after so long...LOL

  7. I would much rather get little love notes than a Valentines Day card out of obligation. I think that's very sweet and it sounds like wifey really appreciates it.

  8. Aww... such a sweetie you are!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Nick! :D

  9. And just don't forget where you leave the notes so not both of you will look for them :-).

    Some people are just trying to be romantic on VD by showing their 100% love to their loved ones, but actually 50% the rest of the days.

    Happy Valentine's Day...

  10. Corrina - What? You get a holiday for Valentine's Day? Darn, I knew I was missing out on something ... LOL!

  11. Marzie - Thank you :D Happy Valentine's day to you and B too ... So what have you guys got planned for today? Come on, tell, tell!

  12. Chegu Carol - Yellow pineapple juice? Now, I'd like to hear this story ... :D

    Happy Valentine's day to you and your hubby too. Hope you guys have a great time today.

  13. Chegu Carol - Yellow watermelon juice? Now I'm really getting more intrigued about your story ... LOL!

  14. Gypsy - Well, from the look on her face when she finds those notes, I'd say she appreciates it, well, at least I hope so ... LOL!

    Happy Valentine's day to you and your hubby, Gypsy!

  15. Ethel - LOL, I'm such a sweetie? Man, that makes me sound soooo soft ... LOL!

    Happy Valentine's day to you too, Cindy!

  16. Marlene - So far I haven't forgotten just yet. But there's always a first time ... LOL!

    I've nothing against Valentine's day though, I just hate the commercialization of it. Makes the real meaning of Valentine seem so jaded!

    Happy Valentine's day to you, Marlene.

  17. What do you give ur loving wifey? Hahaha! I already give hubby his present last nite in fact, a Burberry perfume that he always wanted!!

    When come to present, I always have a habit of buying them way earlier, dont wanna rush with others and avoid the price hike!! :) Never really celebrate Valentine's Day since married, just a nice dinner thats all! I also believe in showing love everyday not on a special occasion only

  18. I enjoyed your post as I too feel the same way. It is too commercialized. Your lover should treat you on any givin day not out of abligation because its the big V day.

  19. Oh, you're so romantic already, your wife already love you to bits...don't need to go through the whole Valentine's day hoopla thing. That said, make everyday a V-Day for her!

  20. yup.. festivals are getting too commercialized these days.. you don't even wanna know how much a stalk of rose costs.. hmm, maybe I should go into flower biz.. :-)

  21. Dropping by to say "Happy Valentine's Day, Nick".

    Stay sweet and in-love. I can imagine how creative you are that each day you have different ways of expressing your love to wifey. It's good, you don't need to wait for Valentine's day or any other occasion to show her how you feel.

  22. Rose - Well, I bought her a handbag last week, nothing fancy but she liked it. Yup, getting it early will definitely endure you not to pay crazy prices for it later ... LOL!

  23. Dyiane - First of all, welcome to my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Yup, one should just have only one day when you shower that person with love. it should be everyday ...

    Hope to see you around more.

  24. Sting - Just humour me, how much does a stalk of rose cost today? I'd really like to know ... hehehe ...

    That flower shop business sure sounds like a good idea. Maybe open one just for today, a part time kinda thing. I'm sure it'll be profitable ... LOL!

  25. Albine - It's good to see you here again.

    Well, I don't really send her notes everyday but I try to :D

    Valentine's day is for the younger generation I guess, not old fogeys like me ...

    And Happy Valentine's day to you too.

  26. u've only started work on 13th? I started on the 11th! you are right, the holidays were never enough. Wished i had more days to rest & play.

    well, me & darling not really the valentine's day person. for us, everyday is 'valentine'. Whenever we feel like, we would celebrate by feasting BIG ONE at some fancy restaurant or even hawker stall. sometimes he would buy me roses other time just chocolates.

    you are right! everything is XTRA expensive on valentine. we rather stay at home & cook deliciuos meal ourselves. after dinner, we could enjoy watching DVD at our cozy little home. :)

    so, nick, we kinda hv the same perspective about Valentine's Day! Looks like i can join your "Old fogeys" Gang huh! LOL!

    Well, no matter what's my thinking is, i wish you * your Wifey a Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy your evening! :)

  27. I sooo agree with your post re the ridiculously over priced things during VD. Even told hubby not to get me flowers or go for a nice dinner on VD itself. Instead we gonna go for a nice meal and dessert after the heavily commercialised "day" :)

    BTW, you're so sweet to leave love notes for your wifey :) Lucky her!! ;p

  28. You da man!! Leaving all those notes for her.. making her search the whole house even when you don't. LOL! Okay, I just made that sound evil.. No, no. Just kidding! :D

    V day this year was super boring because my guys Marc and Rovilson did not reach the line first. (nice way of saying they lost, huh?)

    But wait till you see what hubby got for me for V day. Will post about it soon. It's a riot! :D

    Anyways, Happy Valentines Day to you and your super wifey! And the kids as well! have a happy weekend!

  29. Jean - haven't seen you here in a while. Yes, I had an extra day of holiday but it sure wasn't enough ... LOL!

    Staying home and having a home cooked meal and watching DVD's sure sounds like a fun thing to do during Valentine. At least the merchants won't get richer with our money ... LOL!

    Happy Valentine's day to you and your darling Jean.

  30. Aunty J - Now that is a good idea. The day after Valentines would sound more practical, especially with the hiked up prices on Vday itself ...

    Oh, and that reminds me, I haven't done my daily note for her yet! LOL!

  31. Shemah - LOL! That's the whole idea, she'll never know if I would leave a note or not. But i love her expression when she actually finds one. I'm running out of places to hide it though ... hehehe ...

    I was rooting for those 2 clowns too, too bad they screwed it up at the final hurdle! Damn them! LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing what you got for V day. And Happy Valentine's day to you and your hubby too.

  32. Nick, see this is the reason why we need you to keep blogging away.... Valentines is so commercialized nowadays that stores prepare months and months in advance! But I still don't understand why men don't seem to get it!

    Well, except for you of course. And it's great you're doing this re-education thing for those who keep on *forgetting*.

    LOL! I linked to this article.

  33. Sharon - I guess some men just want to impress and maybe 'get' something out of it later ... LOL!

    I'm going to post about this guy who spent RM40,000 plus for his Valentine day thingy soon ... Now that guy I definitely call clueless! LOL!

    Thanks for the link :D


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