Friday, March 7, 2008

Something The Cat Dragged In!

Do you have bad breath? Can you stand people with bad breath? Well, I can't and let me tell you a little experience I had with this thing called bad breath yesterday. I was on the verge of passing out because of bad breath yesterday.

I had an appointment yesterday with one of our more important clients. They're this big huge conglomerate and we're in the midst of doing their company profile. Both my boss and me are handling the same account, she's basically dealing more with the higher ups and I'm basically dealing more with the lower ranks, which is just fine by me. The higher ups (whom I'm met before) can be a bunch of arrogant know it alls at times.

Anyway, this profile project is in a little mess at the moment, especially with compiling all the data needed for each individual subsidiary and stuff like that. So, yesterday I had to meet one of the 'higher ups' and see him about getting a little more information that I could work with. This guy is one of the many Vice-Presidents of the company and as far as I'm concerned one of the nicer 'higher ups' in the organization.

So, there I was having my meeting with him in his room and not long into the meeting, I start getting whiffs of this peculiar pungent smell. At first I couldn't identify it and thought maybe I stepped on dog or cat poo on the way in. I discreetly check the bottom of both my shoes. I mean, these things happen you know. It has happened to me a few times before. But thankfully, both my shoes are in the clear. But that rancid smell is still around on an on/off basis.

Ok, maybe it's my shirt or something, I thought. You know how sometimes when your clothes don't really dry out properly after being washed and you get this unpleasant mildewy kind smell? Well, I thought maybe it was that. But then I've been in my shirt for hours already and would have notice if the smell was from my shirt. But just to be sure, I once again discreetly try to smell my shirt. Trust me, it wasn't easy trying to smell your own shirt while having a meeting with someone face to face. But it wasn't my shirt, all I could smell was my perfume.

Ok, the smell is definitely not coming from me. So, I start to look at the surroundings of the guys room but there's nothing that would cause it. Then it finally hit me. The smell only appeared everytime this VP opened his mouth to say something. Oh my god, it finally dawns on me that his VP has bad breath! And he has a tendency of breathing heavily when he speaks and he's sitting right smack in front of me with the air conditioning blowing away from behind him. Take a guess who's getting the brunt of this attack! Yeah, you got that right, me!

Ok, now, let me tell you something. The smell of this guys breath was akin to something the cat dragged in after it was left out to decompose for close to a year! Ok, maybe that was a little too much, but it sure smelt that way. And the worse thing was there was no way to maneuver and escape the brunt of his 'attack'. I just had to sit there and keep on smiling and try to stop myself from fainting and falling over. I could have told him about it, but hey, how in heaven's name do you even begin to tell a VP of a huge establishment that his breath stank big time!

'Oh, by the Mr. VP, your breath smell like dead fish, can you refrain from breathing in my face?'

I don't think that would have sat to well with him now, right? And there really was no other diplomatic way for me to tell him. I mean if he was my buddy, than that wouldn't pose any problems. But he's a Vice-President for goodness sake! How do you tell a VP of a company, especially one that is one of our biggest accounts that he stinks? Well, his breath anyway. So there I was, having to sit through the meeting and stomach his breath and it wasn't a short one cos this guy is pretty long winded.

'And so are you, Nick!'

Ok, ok, so I am a little long winded too, so sue me already! I was honestly on the verge of passing out. Everytime he spoke, I had to brace myself to face the barrage of the smell. I did my best to hold my breath and not breathe throughout the meeting but by the time the meeting was over, I think I was turning slightly green in the face cos just before I left his room, he asked me if I was feeling alright. He said I looked a little woozy.

'No of course I wasn't feeling alright Mr. VP. I was trying hard not to faint from inhaling all your bad air!'

But of course I didn't tell him that, I just smiled and told him I'm suffering from a headache and I'll be okay. And the moment I left his room and was in fresh air, I greedily sucked in lungfuls of that wonderfully dirty polluted city air and it was way better than his breath I tell you! I really couldn't believe a VP of a respectable establishment would have bad breath. I mean really bad breath. I'm not saying I have the world's most nicest smelling breath but this guy was bad with a capital B-A-D! The worse thing is I'm going to need to see him again soon. I think I'll bring along my own gas mask, maybe he'll just get the message on his own. Right now I pity his staff ... LOL!

Oh and before I end, since I'm hopelessly long winded and all and not to mention a little thick skinned at times, let me do a little shameless advertising here ... hehehe ... I've had my other blog Spiff docked from a PR3 to a PR0 for doing paid postings and was looking around for more opportunities to do Blog Advertising and came across this site called BuyBlogReviews.

For those of you who are interested, this site is a little different from the rest out there in a sense that you get to bid on how much you would like to be paid for a certain assignment. Even though you set a lower base amount for advertiser to pay you if they pick you for an assignment, you're allowed to bid a higher value when you bid for assignments. You're not just limited to your base value amount. Isn't that cool?

Go and sign up now, it's worth it I tell you cos the moment I signed up and got my blog approved, I actually received a few assignments right away. I've already bid on a few more and am just waiting for my bids to be approved. So don't wait. It's no fun being a millionaire all on my own ... LOL! Happy weekend people.


  1. Nick,
    This remind me of my complain abt my taukehniu bad breath! Usually, after lunch, her mouth will smell worse than someone that smokes! And she love to come over and discuss about things after lunch!!
    So be thankful that you only get to smell, oops I mean see the VP occassionally...

  2. Jen - LOL! Yeah, at least I don't have to face him every day. I'd have gone crazy if I did. I wonder how his staff stands it though. Gosh, you boss has bad breath too and she's a woman so more, not that is just bad! LOL!

  3. that was such a long winded post that it took my breath away (pun intended) :-) well, you could offer him some mint :-)

  4. LOL..I hate it when I have to talk to someone who's breath smells bad like that....ewwwww

  5. Why do the people with BAD BREATH also seem to be "Close Talkers"??

  6. I know how it is in this kind of situation. Bad breath is something most of us can't stand. I usually poke my nose several times in front of the bad breathing person. Sometimes I try not to breath for a half second but i know it's not good.

    Oh, thanks for sharing your secret about how to be a millionaire by blogging, lol!...

  7. Sting - LOL! Yeah, it was so long wonded, it left me breathless just writing it :D

    I'll definitely bring some along in my next meeting, that's for sure ... LOL!

  8. Diamond - So do I, can't these people actually smell their own breath?

  9. Alamak Nick.. Lucky you don't have asthma otherwise you can really literally faint from such a triggering smell!

    Yeap am already a member of BBR. Have they approved your bid yets. Mine still are still pending after so long :(

  10. That sounded awful Nick. There is just no getting away from something like that. Anything you would have done to avoid it would have provoked questions from the VP none of which you would actually want to answer. Maybe you could get some of that stuff coronors put under their nose when they are dealing with dead people.

  11. Okay ewww on the bad breath! I haven't heard of that blogging company.

  12. OMG HAHAHAHAHHA.. just reading your post makes me wanna faint, because I was trying out the "don't breath" like you did. I wanted to experiment how it was for you. LOL!

    Yeah, bad breath can kill! Hahaha! That's why I always make sure I'm chewing on some mints whenever I have a meeting/make up/date/whatever.. just to be safe. lol

    Maybe next time when you meet someone with bad breath, you can pretend to offer them some mint? And if that person refused, enlarge your eyes then roll it to hint. HAHAHAHA!

  13. Yeah.. I think the next time you have a meeting with him, make sure you lay out all the goodies, in a small bowl. Mentos, Clorets, Listerine Packs, the works!! LOL!

    USUALLY, people can't resist taking one or two of those. Just hope and pray that he's like other people. Maybe he's got constipation. I read that when you have really bad constipation, all that toxic gas will travel up and that's why their bad breath smells like poo. No kidding!!

    Well, let's hope the VP has taken a crap before your next meeting with him! ;)

  14. Oh ICK! Bad breath, literally, gags me! I've encountered it so often, and by so many oblivious people, that it's made ME paranoid about my own breath. I am never far from a mint, a breath strip or gum.

  15. Yuk! That sounded like one smelly meeting! Maybe you should bring a peg with you next time, and clip it on you nose every time he opens his mouth!

    I'm off to brush my teeth now.

  16. Hey Nick, I like cats very much... please, don't compare them this way ;o)

    You're right! I don't like people with bad breath, but sometimes they really don't know they have it and it's hard to talk about with them.
    I usually offer them some drops, it's like a signal and some of them recognize it!

    Have a terrific wekend!

  17. Meleah - If I knew the answer to that, I'd be a millionaire ... LOL!

  18. Marlene - I really didn't know how to tell him he had real bad breath without insulting him. And he was was an important client as well ... Well, the next time I meet him, I'll try to sit as far away as possible ... LOL!

    You're welcome, now we can all be millionaires together :D

  19. Lady Java - I was on the verge of fainting la ... LOL!

    Cool. Yeah, I've so far received 3 assignments from them. Hopefully hopefully they'll approve your bids soon. I'm still waiting for a few more to get approved ...

  20. Gypsy - It was worse than it sounded. Hmmm, you mean coroners actually have some kind of stuff they use to blot out the stench? Gee, I didn't know that, I thought those guys just had stomachs made of steel .. LOL! Thanks for the tip Gypsy, I'm tempted to actually go and find the stuff ... LOL!

  21. LOL!I can't stand when people has terrible bad breath.It is a killer man!What i will do when someone who has bad braetch talk to me,I will do others step back.I'm not sure if I can stand the breath as long as you do!:)

  22. Tammy - LOL! Yeah ewwwww ...

    Well, go ahead and try them out. They do have some good assignments on hand.

  23. Cindy - trust me, it didn't work, I almost passed out from lack of oxygen ... LOL!

    Well, from now on I'm going to keep a pack of mints with me at all times, especially when I see clients, who knows maybe my breath also stinks ... LOL!

    But seriously, how to offer him mints without offending him?

  24. Shemah - You think he'll get the message that way? LOL!

    I can already imagine myself bringing along a whole bag of goodies for my next meeting ... hahahaha ...

    Bad constipation, ok, that's even worse than bad breath! I'm turning green just imagining the smell! Groaannnn ...

  25. Corrina - Gee, now you've got me paranoid about my own breath.

    *smelling breath now*

    Ok, it's time to go rinse my mouth! LOL!

  26. Cidao - LOL! Ok, I won't insult the poor cats ...

    Yeah, that's true, most times people don't realize they have bad breath and there's really no easy way to tell them.

    Terrific weekend to you too.

  27. Oh I hate the smell of laundry not being properly dried too...anyway this reminds me of the BO post u did before, I dunno which one is worse he he...

  28. the world according to me - A Peg? LOL! Now that is a good idea! I'm sure he'll more than get the message ... LOL!

  29. sweetiepie - I wish I could have moved back but I was stuck on a chair and just had to suffer through it ...

  30. Marzie - Yeah, that's another smell that I really can't stand.

    Hmmmm, I did a BO post? Gee, I can't remember la, I must be really getting old! LOL!

  31. Oh my. It's funny you were turning green... I know it's not funny but wow, how his wife and family can tolerate him I wonder?

  32. BT - LOL! Yeah, I'd bet I would have looked strange with a green hue across my face ... :D

    That is really a good question. Even at home, if my breath does smell funny, wifey will tell me right off so I too wonder how this guy's family takes it ...

  33. Hahaha.. I totally agree with Shemah.. Just lay out the bowl of mints on the table for every meeting.. Better yet, have the mints glazed with laxatives for those having constipation! LOL! I couldn't imagine what it must've been for you!! This post is too hilarious!

  34. Syura - LOL! Next time I go see him, I'll bring an assortment of breath fresheners with me.

    It was hell, pure hell! LOL!

  35. Im speechless....poor you...I wonder do this people ever brush their gigi in the morning? Actually more like they brush their tongue?? Cause that's where all the bacteria is!

    erk...the tongue must be in yellow color right? LOL!!!! Erm i don't think you even wanna see may faint!

  36. Emelda - LOL! I was speechless from not being able to breathe ...

    I seriously don't think I would have wanted to see his tongue, like you said, I'd have fainted right away ... LOL!

    Thank god I do scrub my tongue every morning :D


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