Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Mischief Kids Do ...

This morning after making the kids breakfast, wifey and me will start our usual Saturday routine of cleaning up the place. So, while wifey does the laundry I'll start with the cleaning up of the kitchen and work my way to the mopping of the floor and the cleaning of the bathrooms and wifey will join me the moment the laundry is in the washing machine.

Now, I live in a house with 3 bathroom, two upstairs and one downstairs near the kitchen and dining area. So I'll start with that bathroom first. Today I tun on the tap and notice that the water is not going down the sink. Darn, I mutter to myself. This has happened quite few times before.

'The sink is stuck again, honey' I holler.

I've never really called a plumber for this cos it's a simple job of taking the plunger and clearing it up. So, I take the plunger and plunge, what else, the sink and to my utter amazement, I see loads of orange seeds start backing up from the pipe. Now who the heck threw orange seeds down the bathroom sink and I shout for wifey again:

'Hon, there's loads of orange seeds stuck here. Who's the smarty pants who threw them down here in the first place?'

The moment I said that, we both stop and look at each other and instantly know the culprit is. Our younger boy! That fellow is just up to all kinds of mischief and recently we bought him oranges and he's the only one who has been eating them. Wifey calls him in and gives him a piece of her mind about his wisdom at times. And that fellow has this innocent little boy look on his face! LOL! He's giving her his 'what are you talking about look' that he's famous for.

Well, after the chewing out he got from wifey, I practically spend at least half an hour trying to clear the blockage and it wasn't easy, mind you. The amount of seeds in there were phenomenal. I think he threw everything down the sink. I was totally pissed and in the process somehow snagged my little pinky on god knows where that I ripped out a chunk of flesh (not really a chunk but it sounds so much more dramatic ... LOL) that you could see the whites of my flesh and the next thing you know, blood starts gushing out.

It never fails to happen though, whenever I try to do any handy work, I'm bound to hurt myself somehow. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I can't do any handy work whatsoever, it's just that I'm a little bit careless at times and would always end up with wounds after any handy work session. I guess I'm not cut out to be a handyman like Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor and that's probably why I work in advertising, it's so much safer ... LOL!

All that aside I managed to clear the blockage at least until those two geniuses come up with another scheme of theirs. The younger fellow is really the number one culprit when it comes to all these schemes. He suckers his older brother into going along with his all his schemes. But then I guess that's just the trait of every little hyper active kid in this world ... LOL! I wasn't an angel in my younger days as well. I can't think of at least a couple of pranks and mischief that I got myself into in my time.

I remember when I was about 4 or maybe 5 years old. I used to live in this seaside town called Port Dickson cos my dad used to work in the National Electricity Board and we were provided government quarters to stay in. There was this elderly family living next door and one day, I took a piece of wire and tied their door latch from the outside with it and it just so happened that on day there was this police scene outside our quarters (something about the police apprehending this thief or something) and we all ran out like the busy bodies we were to watch the commotion. Unfortunately this elder couple just couldn't get out of their house cos I tied their latch together and they were screaming for help and eventually some of the other neighbours helped them out.

I was snickering away at it all (ok, I know it was a mean thing to do but hey, I was 4 or 5 years old at that time, k?) and till today I never admitted it even though the whole neighbourhood suspect it was me. I was the Dennis the Menace of the neighbourhood in those days ... hehehe ... I also remember throwing stones at freight trains just to test a theory that the stones would never hit the moving trains cos of this urrmmm, layer of air turbulence around it and I was right cos the darn stones just flew straight back at me. Unfortunately one of my busy body neighbours saw me do this and complained to mom and I got the belting of my life when I got home later.

Darn that neighbour. But it did get me a nice big ice cream later cos mom felt so bad at having wallop half the life out of me, she bought me this nice huge ice cream cone :D But I still hate that snitch of a neighbour though! So, I can understand and relate when my boys get up to mischief but I just hate having to clean up their pranks. I guess that's how my mom must have felt when I was young! LOL! Maybe I should look in getting them a nice desk so they can actually sit and do some work on it and stay out of mischief all the time. We have two desks, well, one really, the other is an old computer table and half the time either me and wifey are using the other desk for our blogging purposes and the kids always end up using the computer desk and they really don't like it all that much.

I've been actually looking around for some decent office desks to get for myself so I can give the kids the current desk we're using, but so far all the office furniture shops that I've checked out don't have anything that catches my eye just yet. But wifey told me about this site online that have some pretty cool and sturdy office tables and I just had to check it out. I got my eyes set on the Price Point Grey cantilever crescent desk, looks about just what I had in mind anyway.

And these desks are not your everyday run of the mill kind ok, they have a 25mm thick desktop while most of the same have 18mm tops. And it also has double upstand legs, which is really 2 vertical supports instead of one which reduces bowing which is a good thing seeing as how I have loads of stuff on my desk and it has this 2mm thick edging compared to similar models which only have a 0.6mm thick edging. What's more, they come with and 8-year guarantee at that. What more could I want? So for me, it's going to be Price Point office desks or nothing at all :D


  1. Hey Nick! I'm back from my disappearing act!! hehehehe...

    Anyways, my sink was recently stuck too. And my hubby was so adamant about buying those unclogging powders while I was sooooo adamant to fix it myself. So i took 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda, and poured it in the sink followed by 3 cups of vinegar. After it stopped foaming, I poured in hot water and after 5 minutes.. ran it with cold water! End result, MY SINK WAS UNCLOGGED! LOL! in your face, hubby!! LOL!

    But I guess with orange seeds, you need to physically remove them, though. Sorry to hear about ur hand.

    And sorry to hear you got the walloping of your life. But biasalah tu.. parents those days really knew how to wallop! And I guess you've never had luck with neighbours, huh! ;P

    Talking about computer tables, I need a new one too.. I'm getting bad blood circulation from sitting on the bed cross legged. :(

    And sorry about the long winded comment. hehehehe.. Long posts deserves long comments! :P

  2. Aahhh.. My toes immediately curled up when you said A CHUNK of flesh ripped from your finger!! Nick, you really are a Drama King!

    And I lurrvveee the lil prank you did on your neighbor! Hahaha!! Mean, but hilarious!

  3. Haha I have to agree with Syura. You really are a Drama King! :P

    Btw, sorry about the finger. Hope it heals soon!

  4. Oh you little rascal you! hehehe

  5. Shemah - Wow, that was by far the longest comment I've ever read! LOL!

    I've tried those professional unclogging stuff and I just made the sink worse and ended up calling a plumber and was RM150.00 poorer!

    Hahaha ... yeah, me and neighbours just don't get along too well. I'm always had neighbour problems. Must be me la ... At least I got an ice cream out of the belting! LOL!

  6. Syura - LOL! It wasn't that big a chunk of flesh but it hurt like hell though. Drama King, huh? I'll take that as a compliment ... LOL!

    I loved the prank too and the best part is till today I remain innocent ... muahahahaha ...

  7. Rozella - The Drama King thanks you ... LOL!

    Oh, the finger is on the road to recovery, just looks weird with a teeny weeny chunk of flesh missing ...

  8. Tammy - hehehe ... a little rascal, that I sure was.

  9. Now you know where your younger boy gets his naughty genes from!

  10. Man, my finger is still tingling from your description. :S Syura is right, you are a drama king. :P

    The prank on the neighbour was a real beaut!

    And I applaud your son. It mus thave taken real ingenuity to somehow stuff ALL those orange seeds in there.

  11. So it wasn't really a chunk?!

    The piece of wire and door latch story made me laugh, I must admit! What's a harmless prank every once in a while?! Arr, except when you get walloped for it!

  12. bathroom dramas are seriously straight up comedy.

  13. BT - LOL! I guess that's absolutely true!

  14. Haizum - Hahaha ... That's me, the Drama King!

    Ingenuity? Darn, I'm still trying to figure how he stuffed that many seeds down the sink. There's still lots more there that I can get to. That boy takes the cake la ... LOL!

  15. the world according to me - Well, depends on your definition of chunk ... hehehe ... to me it was like a huge piece ... LOL!

    Yeah, what's a good prank every now and then, unless of course you're on the receiving end of it ... LOL!

  16. Meleah - You got that right. The amount of comedy I've created in my bathroom could be made into a full comedy season! LOL!

  17. Well,now we know where your boys get their michieveous mind. Like father like sons! ;p

    Hmmm...looking at the way you write, am not surprise you're a drama king! hahaha...imagine if you're superstar, I think you'll probably end up worst than a diva!! hahaha...just kidding Nick! ;p

    Anyway, hope your finger will be as good as new soon!! :)

  18. Aunty J - Yeah, you may be right about that ... LOL!

    Me, a superstar? LOL! Not in a millions years la.

    The finger is okay already. New flesh has grown to fill the hole that was there earlier ... hehehe ...

  19. Gee, I can't wait to have kids of my own.... LOL!

  20. Hui Sen - LOL! Hope that post didn't put you off from wanting to get kids buddy. They're not all that bad, after all we did the same mischief when we were young ... LOL!

  21. LOL, you were one naughty curious Dennis weren't you? That train stunt was dangerous, wanted to test a theory it seems! :)

  22. Marzie - LOL! I was, I was! Well, it did prove my theory though ... LOL!

  23. Hi nick..Thanx for dropping by my blog..My 4 years old son dumped my MIL's H/P inside the toilet bowl before and was about to flush it if it wasn't stopped by my maid. My MIL's H/P 'kaput' after that..

  24. Kadus Mama - Welcome to Anything Goes!

    My kids know better than to touch my cellphone. I'm pretty particular with my stuff ... LOL!

    Yeah, I'll bet the cell phone wouldn't be of much use after that ... LOL!


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