Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Jack Of All Trades

The week is turning into one crazy and weird one and it's only Wednesday. What did I do to deserve such a fate? Why me? Haven't I been a good little boy so far? I haven't done anything evil or mischievous for months, well, lets not count dumping that booger into my clients drink last week ... hehehe ...

Actually I'm not the only one whose week is turning out bad. My boss is also having a pretty lousy week so far. Practically everyone (which wasn't much to begin with) has decided to quit working here! Yes, quit for no apparent reasons and some with some pretty strange reasons even. We're not a huge company, just enough people to make the operations run smoothly and when even one takes off, it cogs the system some.

Right now, including my boss, her driver and me, there is only one other staff left and that is going to be a huge problem for us right now. I have absolutely no idea why the heck they all decided to up and leave and neither does my boss. I've just got a new project from my banking client and with no staff, that is going to be a great big problem for me. Darn, I must have done something really bad in my previous life.

Ok, before you all go saying that maybe the staff are not happy working here, the pay is lousy (well, in a way it is), the boss is fierce (only when you screw up, but then so is every boss), the planet mars is not in conjunction with Venus or something, the working environment here is pretty flexible and not really that stressful so it's come as a total shock to me for this to happen. As long as you do and complete your work, you can do pretty much anything at all and the boss is okay with it, even blog ... hehehe ...

There was no sign of any of this happening at all. When work started on Monday, one of the girls didn't turn up for work, but that was not something unusual cos she tends to do that quite a bit. As usual, she doesn't answer her cell, which is also nothing new. We're used to her ways. So we let that be. But until today she has not returned to work!

Then, a little later in the afternoon, another 2 guys who just came back from some appointments, decided to leave all their office stuff on the reception table and walk out. No reasons given, no explanations, nothing. They leave just like that. Things are beginning to start looking weird.

Then yesterday, another girl decides not to come in saying she needed to settle some accident matters that she had a few weeks back with the police. She was supposed to come back to work in the afternoon but she never turned up (which wasn't all that surprising with the way the police department works over here). But calling her cell to find out turned out to be useless cos she never answered.

Ok, guess she's not going to come back for the day. Never mind. Then today, she texts my boss saying that her husband has restricted her from working and has confiscated her car keys, house keys and everything. WTF? That has to be the weirdest story I've ever heard in my lifetime and I've pulled some gems before.

I'm already suffering as it is. There is practically no one in the office except for my other colleague and he has stuff to do outside. So I'm stuck in the office today playing the parts of a clerk and receptionist on top of my own load of work which has now just quadrupled. This is crazy, really crazy. I'm still in utter shock that everyone just decides to leave at the same time.

And on top of that, my car repair bills is just sky rocketing. The car still isn't fixed yet and the mechanic says he needs to change this and that and also that, oh and not forgetting this too, and it looks like the cost is going to sky rocket from its initial quote. I'm probably going to be eating grass next month. Wait a minute, I am already eating grass!

Maybe I should seriously look into getting a new credit card or something. I'm sure there are a lot of balance transfer cards that I could look for out there, something that will give me a better deal with an even better credit limit with reasonable interest rates to help out in times like these. And I know just where to look to compare credit cards online. None other than! They have loads of data on credit cards that you can run a comparison on just which one would suit your needs perfectly. I'm definitely going to check them out.

What a week it's turning out to be. I'm hoping nothing more serious happens anytime soon cos I don't think I could take anymore crap like this. I'm on the verge of exploding and screaming my lungs out but I suppose that wouldn't really do much good would it? I'm going to post this now, go outside and take some long deep breaths and then come back in and continue whatever work I have that's piling up already. I hope you guys are having a much better week than I am.


  1. Ah, it seems like everybody having bad streaks. Must be something in the air.

    We will prevail! :D

  2. Haizum - The day got even worse the moment I saw the repair bill!

    If it's something in the air, I hope it blows away soon cos I am so not liking it!

    Yeah, we will prevail! Well, I hope so anyway ... LOL!

  3. Jeez..they all are leaving just like that?? Something is wrong really!!
    And with the story of husband confiscating wife's keys?? Like..what the heck?? It is too weird to be a reason of not coming back to work! seriously...

  4. oh man!! that's horrible! hope things get better soonest (and please look after your health ah). One of the reasons I'm not well now is that the last 3 weeks work has been (almost) non-stop. *sigh*

  5. awww...take a deep breath Nick. Hope everything works out in the end! Smile!

  6. Hi Nick

    I'm having one of those days too!

    That is one weird excuse, about the husband and the car keys.

    Hope no-one else has left since writing this?!

    Seriously though, I hope your day gets better.

  7. really?!?.. the last time I checked, Apr 1 was long gone! that's so so weird.. they must have a reason! would it be your competitor decided to snatch those staff away?

  8. Cheer up the weekend is only a few days away! :o)

  9. Wow, maybe you just have an extremely high tolerance level. In that case, your boss should treasure you more and pay you better, am I right?

  10. I think everyone is having a tough time, but in diff ways. It's just that time again when karma is getting us back for all those times we allowed our devil horns to show.

    I hope I don't get blacklisted from Santa's Nice List :P You probably would la! Hahaha

    Take it easy. At least the AI results you happy with no?

  11. Kadus Mama - Yeah, they really left just like that! I'm still in utter shock!

    It is a weird reason. Apparently her husband even confiscated her cell phone and she took it back to make a quick text while hubby was sleeping or something. Makes a cool thriller story la ... LOL!

  12. Osindak - Actually I do need a break from here. I haven't really taken a nice long leave since last Christmas but with the current situation here at the office, I don't see myself taking a nice long break anytime soon ... sighhh ...

  13. Monica - (*Taking deep huge long breath*) LOL! I'm sure things will work out but until we get some new people, I'm going to be taking loads of huge deep breaths ... hehehe ...

  14. The World According To Me - Well, join the club then ... hehehe ...

    Yeah, the excuses get weirder by the day! Makes a good story for a thriller though :D

    No, thank god no one has left since writing this ... phewwww ...

  15. Sting - That's the first thing I did, to check whether it was April 1st.

    I don't think it's got to do with any competitors though. But I really do wish I knew why though.

    This is a job for Sherlock Holmes ... LOL!

  16. Tammy - Just hearing the words weekend is enough to cheer me up already ... hehehe ...

  17. BT- High tolerance level? Me? No la, maybe I'm just stupid ... LOL!

    Boss, are you reading this? I could do with more pay ... LOL!

  18. Rozella - Darn, I knew I shouldn't have put that booger in my clients mug the other day ... LOL!

    Urmmmm, Santa probably has me black, blue, green, red, yellow and orange listed too by now ... hahaha ...

    Actually I just heard about the AI results and yes, I'm much happier ... hehehe ... though I missed their performance last night.

  19. Nick,
    That is really weird for every1 up & leave just like that. Perhaps there is some bad rumors going on or some1 is out to sabo ur company, i.e. headhunt ppl!

    Right, for now, remember to BREATH! Take care!

  20. Jen - Well, I don't really know the reason they left but they could have been a little more professional about things, ya?

    Oh well, I guess we just have to look for a new batch of people.

    And yes, I must remember to breathe ... LOL!

  21. Anyone can make excuses just to get away from work, but a husband confiscating her keys and everything is a scandal in a sense, lol!

    Well, if your work has been quadrupled with multiple tasks, then you should ask for salaray quadruple, too, heheee.

  22. Jen - LOL! You wouldn't want to work here ... trust me. It can be pretty stressful at times ... LOL!

  23. Marlene - Yeah, that would be a scandal alright ... LOL!

    How I wish!

  24. Hmmmmm that is really weird Nick, especially the girl and her husband! Some more she sent a text message to ur boss, talk abt unprofessional!

    Love the office gossip, keep them coming! :)

  25. Well you be good at managing stress after all that happenings in the week, don't you think so??

  26. Maybe they all know something you don't Nick. I hope the girl with the whacky husband is ok. Maybe he's holding her prisoner....oh dear I do seem to have a vivid imagination don't I?

  27. Marzie - It is weird and I still don't know why they all upped and left ...

    Well, lots of people send text messages now instead of talking face to face. It's not unheard of to hear people divorcing someone with a text message ... LOL!

    Don't worry, more office gossip to come soon ... hahaha ... wui, like soap opera la.

  28. Agnes C - Well, I suppose you're but I could do with less of th stress management part ... LOL!

  29. Gypsy - Well, if they did and not tell me about it, they must not like me very much then ... LOL!

    I keep thinking along those lines too but then I keep thinking that it's one of the most creative excuses I've heard in a long time ... LOL!

  30. Nick, don't worry, it's only your Donald Duck's Syndrome in action! :o)

  31. Cidao - LOL! I've totally forgotten about the good old Donald Duck syndrome, but you're probably right buddy.


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