Monday, June 9, 2008

The Christening ...

The school holidays are over and poor wifey has to wake up early to get the boys ready for school again. And on top of that she's not feeling all that well. I think I passed on my sickness to her. Bad me! I hope she gets well soon cos I don't like seeing her fall sick. And she's as stubborn as I am when it comes to going to the doctors. Well, if she gets any worse by the time I head home, I'm going to drag her to the clinic.

The weekend was kinda bitters sweet for some personal reasons that I'm not going to publish for the world to read ... hehehe ... Let's just say that I'm glad the weekend is over. And that's an absolutely strange statement to be coming from one who adores the weekends. Well, I'm looking forward to next weekend though ... LOL!

My other best buddy, Sean had his baby's baptism celebration on Saturday. It was a pretty last minute thing for me cos my good old buddy only informed me the Wednesday before that the baptism would be on Saturday. That brought about the task of looking for a suitable gift. To be honest, I've never bought anyone baptism gifts before so I was lost as to what to get.

I was thinking about getting a playstation 3 for the little fellow but then he's a wee bit too young to be playing console games just yet ... hehehe ... In the end, after searching a few complexes over the next three days, wifey and me finally found something we thought would be suitable and even then it was late on Friday night. By the time we got home, we were too tired to wrap the gift so we left it for the next morning.

And as usual, Saturday's were meant for sleeping in a little late but the baptism was at 12.00pm followed by a Chinese lunch in a hotel in the capital. So, there we were in the morning scrambling to wrap the gift with me trying to figure out how to make a baptism card in an hour or so. Worse still, my printer at home was on the blink and I had to resort to actually making a card the old fashioned way, by hand!

I had to quietly go and borrow my younger boys crayons, color pencils, glue sticks, scissors, whatnots and then start my 'masterpiece'. Boy, was it tough. I may work in advertising and am fully qualified and trained to come up with mock ups and stuff at work but that was with the help of a computer and printer not forgetting my trusty illustrator and photoshop softwares to back me up. While I have both the softwares at home, without a working printer, it would be pointless.

So, I had to resort to the traditional method of making the card. I haven't worked 'manually' on any designs in a really long time and it took me quite a while to finally come up with something that could pass off as a card! And it look pretty decent if I do say so myself ... hehehe ... As tedious as it was making the card from scratch, it was actually such fun working in 'free hand' mode though I'd gladly stick to my trusty old illustrator and photoshop anytime ... LOL!

The baptism and lunch went well, though my buddy Adrian and me were not fully satisfied with the food. Don't get me wrong, the food was great. Our buddy Sean pick a great place for the lunch. It was a sit down Chinese lunch with a variety of dishes and when I say variety, I mean about 150 variations with an all you could eat theme thrown into it. Now, of cos both Adrian and me didn't know that when we sat down to eat.

The initial set of food came in pretty small portions and I was kinda surprised cos we have 15 people to a table and my first impressions were that the food would not be enough. So, everyone was kind wary about taking too much and being labeled as gluttons. But 40 minutes later, we find out it's an all you can eat Chinese lunch and they have 150 different dishes we could order from. Darn, now they tell us. LOL! No wonder the portions were small cos we could order as much as we liked.

Everyone at the table breathe a sign of relief and that was when the lunch picked up five notches with everyone ordering this and that till the waiters came and told us to stop ordering for a bit cos of a backlog of orders. Apparently they couldn't cope with our orders ... hahaha ... Well, the restaurant starts its lunch offering at 12.00pm and closes at 2.30pm but we only arrived there around 1.20pm after the baptism and the fact that we found out about the all you can eat thing a little too late made it all the more difficult to try many more dishes. Maybe next time.

Yes, we plan to go there again soon ... hehehe ... and this time I intend to try at least 100 dishes just for myself and I'll even go early ... LOL! But all in all, we all had fun and that's the thing that matters most. I don't have much pictures of the event cos I was too busy eating but here's a little pix of the cute baby in question :D



  1. Hi Nick! Sounds like quite a day! Sometimes, it is fun to do things without a computer's aid (only sometimes...haha). I remember my baptism like it was yesterday. It was so embarrassing being a naked little baby in front of everyone - not to mention the water was really cold...ouch hahaha:)

  2. Hey Nick!! LOL! I bet when people saw the small portions they were thinking about all their "kung fu panda" moves on how to get a piece of food!

    But I'm sure with out the help of photoshop or anything your "masterpiece" still came out awesome! :)

    And ain't that bumblebee so darn cute!! Comelllllllnyaaa!!

    p/s: The kids and my mom aren't feeling too well, either.. Hope you and the wife get well really soon!

  3. "the waiters came and told us to stop ordering for a bit cos of a backlog of order"

    Hahahaa!!! How many dish you have been ordering Nick??

    awwwww!! Bumblebee is so cute! How i miss to hold small baby like him..

  4. Awww.. aren't those babies adorable! Was it a double christening of Mark and Caitlyn?

    Well, thank god you didn't post any pics of food cuz I'm starving right now! I would have loved to see a your masterpiece though. :D

    Anyways, hope your Mrs gets well soon! Happy Monday! Or not...

  5. The baptism cake's so cute! you wanna try 100 dishes just for yourself? wow! you too can eat a lot huh..:-D
    Anyway, I hope your wifey'll get well soon..

  6. Alamak!! So cute!!! It almost makes me want to be a mother! Almost! Hahaha

  7. LoL!! You always make me laugh, the good way, i mean...

    So, the next time i come across a small portion of food servicing, i should re-read my menu again, it might be "150 dishes to choose from" too!

    I had a bitter-sweet weekend too. My Saturday was filled with tears of memory, while Sunday was filled with my son's laughter when we were watching that Purple Dino dancing infront of us LIVE!

    You take care and have a great working week ahead.

  8. But 40 minutes later, we find out it's an all you can eat Chinese lunch and they have 150 different dishes we could order from.


  9. That cake is so cute, way too cute to eat!

  10. Your buddy must be the one delighted if you had bought the playstation for a gift, lol!

    Good thing, you didn't look for glitters and stickers to add to the handmade card, hehee...

    Maybe their eat-all-you-can means, eat all 150 but in a little portion of every dish only, hahaa!

  11. Bobby - Nice to see you here :)

    It was quite a rush trying to work with my hands again ... LOL!

    Hahaha ... boy, at least you can still remember your baptism, I can't remember a mine at all ...

  12. Shemah - Hahaha ... I had a few slick moves ready for myself!

    Well, I think it did come out decent but I have no way of knowing ... hehehe ... but it was fun doing it though. I'm going to manually make all my Christmas cards this year :D

    Oh yeah, the lil fellow is so darn cute and was just oblivious to everything that was going on around him :)

    Darn, that sucks. Hope your kids and mom get well soon too.

  13. Kadus Mama - Well, we didn't even order that much la ... I think they were just too lazy to make so many dishes for us they just told that there was a backlog to stop us for ordering more.

    Those darn cheats! LOL!

  14. Syura - Yes it was a double christening for Mark and Caitlyn :D

    I was too shy to actually snap any food pix la, cos half the people on the table with us were strangers ... hehehe ...

    I do have a pix of the so called masterpiece and I'll post it in my next post to show off ... hehehe ...

    Thanks for the get well wishes. I'll be sure to pass it along to her :D

  15. Monica - The cake did look cool and I suppose it tasted nice but since I'm not too into cakes, I didn't try any though.

    The key word here is 'try' ... hehehe ...

    Thanks for the get well wishes.

  16. Rozella - I'm sure JC would be disappointed to read that statement ... hahaha ...

    But yeah, they are so darn cute ...

  17. KM - Yes, you should, who knows the things they don't tell you in a restaurant ... LOL!

    I'm just glad the weekend is over. I'm already looking forward to the coming weekend ... hehehe ...

    A great week ahead to you too :D

  18. Meleah - LOL! I'll put your name on the list right after mine ...

  19. Tammy - It was cut up into small bits in the end ... I wonder who got the little teddy bear though.

  20. Marlene - I'll bet he would be, but not that I'd actually go and get him a real PS3. LOL!

    Oh no, I don't do glitters. I can;t stand the stuff ... hehehe ...

    Well, I wouldn't have minded if they did serve all 150 dishes but I suppose it would have been too much to expect ...

  21. HAHA, bumble bee!! Wah, 150 dishes to choose from? I also want! But really nice of you to make a card for the occasion. You've got talent!

  22. How can anyone not be into cake! I just don't get that! :D

  23. BT - Yes, truly, 150 dishes to choose from and all you can eat so more ... LOL!

    Well, making the card was okay la, but don't know about the talent part la ... LOL!

  24. Cute babies... I like babies so much.. :)

  25. wow so cute the cake la..wonder if the base is also cake..look so thin.

    finally got realy pic from you haha

  26. Faizal - You like babies? That's cool :D And yes, they're really cute ...

  27. Deana - Actually now that you mention it, I pun tak ingat if the base is also a cake. LOL!

  28. Sorry to hear about wifey being sick and that the weekend was bitter sweet for you both. I never ever thought I would hear you say you were glad a weekend was over :(

    Those babies are so cute. I was hoping to see a pic of your masterpiece and get a glimpse of your artistic talents.

  29. What? 150 dishes? I think even if i take small amount of each dishes also cannot tahan lah...thats too much of a food man! LOL!

  30. wow, adorable babies!! and beautiful cake too!

    was it dim sum that u had 150plates? i cant think of any chinese food that serve in small portion.

  31. Gypsy - Yeah, I never thought I'd ever utter those words too. Wifey is still pretty much sick right now though.

    I'll post a picture of the card I did on my next post. It's nothing to shout about though ... hehehe ...

  32. Carol - LOL! You're right la, that's just a little too much of food but it was an all you can eat so it was worth a shot ... hehehe ...

  33. Jean - They are adorable aren't they :D

    No la, it wasn't dim sum. It was all cooked dishes and stuff like that. I think the small portions was because it was an all you can eat lunch meal ...

  34. Bumblebee looked confused, haha. He must be wondering if the cake is actually a toy!
    LOL, the buffet, if only you knew earlier...

  35. Shern's Mom - Hahaha ... yeah he does look confused but that was only cos the poor fellow was woken up from sleep to take that shot. I'd look confused too you know ... LOL!


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