Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Garbled Thoughts ...

I can't seem to really concentrate much on things for the better half of the day. I don't really know why. There's a lot of things running around in my mind bugging me and I can't seem to make them stop. And the worse thing is I don't really know what exactly is bugging me!

Have you guys ever experienced something like that? The feeling that you know somethings bugging you but you can't quite put your finger on it. That little niggling sensation you feel right at the back of your brain? And no matter how hard you try to figure it out, you just can't seem to identify what it is ... sighhhh ... I hate this feeling. I hate not being able to do something about it.

I'm not much of the worrying kind. My policy is why worry about something that hasn't happened yet but when I start feeling like this, then it worries me. And when things worry me, I tend to get distracted with everything else around me. And it does affect my work.

What would normally take me 10 minutes to do takes me a whole hour. I seriously got to figure out what it is that's bugging me or I'm not going to be able to function properly.

It could be nothing at all. There are times when I feel this way for no apparent reason, you know, you get up form bed and just feel moody all day? Well, this isn't one of those reasons. I woke up feeling fine but the moment I stepped into work was when I started feeling this way.

Maybe it's cos wifey is feeling pretty sick at the moment. She's gone from bad to worse since the weekend. She down with some serious flu, fever and cough and it's at it's peak right now. The poor girl is huddled up in bed right now and I wish I was home to look after her.

She's such a perky little girl that seeing her lie in bed when I went home this afternoon sure didn't help my mood one bit. My moods are affected a lot by her moods too. If she's down, sad or moody, then I'm down, sad and moody too.

I hope she gets well soon cos I hate seeing her sick and it's all cos of me. I'm the one who passed my flu, fever and cough to her. I know that can't be helped cos we share the same bed and stuff but I still feel bad. I'm so sorry honey. I'll make it up to you when you get better, I promise.

In fact my elder boy also is down with fever and has missed school for 2 days now. Maybe next time if I fall sick, I'll just isolate myself from everyone else at home. Thank god the younger fellow has much stronger genes ... LOL!

Anyways, I hope things will be better soon and whatever is bugging me (or trying to bug me) goes away soon. I've got a few assignments that need to be completed on top of my own office work and I can't concentrate enough to get them done. But then again, I don't really know much about Orovo detox to even write a decent post about it ... hehehe ... Well, I'll just leave you guys with another short little post for now.

Something must really be wrong with me to write two consecutive short posts ... LOL!


  1. Hi Nick! Yes, I know all about that feeling. I've been feeling like that the past few days and really don't know why. Sometimes people will say things like, "Cheer up buddy." and I'm like, "I don't wanna cheer up!" hahaha... I sure hope your wife feels better real soon! May your day be peaceful!!!!

  2. Hey Bobby, thanks for the wishes :D It's just a weird feeling I can't seem to shake. Maybe a good nights sleep will help :D

  3. :( I hope wifey will get better soon..Hey, you can cook chicken soup for her, it can make her feels better..

  4. Please pass my best wishes on to wifey and also your son. Hope they get better soon. I also hope that you work out what's bugging you or that it goes away, whichever comes first.

  5. Oh I hope the wifey will get better pretty soon. Kesian she..and kesian you too for having to worry about them until you have to write two short post in a day. Very unusual of you. :D

  6. I hope you're feeling well, Nick.
    And chicken soup is good against the flu. I hope your wife got better!.

  7. Kadus Mama - The good news is she's feeling a little better today :D The bad news is I don't know how to make chicken soup! LOL!

  8. Gypsy - I will and thanks for the wishes :)

    I'm back to my normal self. I guess I just needed a good nights sleep, that's all :D

  9. Carol - Thanks Carol, I do hope she gets well soon too.

    LOL! It is very unusual for me to write short posts isn't it? But maybe the two short ones can count as one long one? ... hehehe ...

  10. Cidao - I'm feeling so much better today. A good nights sleep works wonders :)

    Yeah, chicken soup is really the best for flu but unfortunately I'm a lousy cook ...

  11. i hope your wife is feeling better by now....and your boy, is he back to school?

    hmm, i am not so sure about chicken soup and flu. we were taught to avoid chicken when we have flu as it might develop fever, they say...

  12. KM - She's feeling so much better now :) And no, my son is still at home. We decided not to let him go until tomorrow. Don't want him to infect the whole class.

    Really? Everyone says chicken soup is good. Oh well, I can't cook it anyway ... hehehe ...

  13. Ohhhh poor wifey is sick! I'll hop over to her site and bring her some soup. I hope u're taking good care of her Nick! :)

  14. Marzie - I am always taking good care of her :D


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