Friday, June 27, 2008

Swamped With Work!

I've been so busy today that I haven't even blog hopped at all today. My reader is showing a lot of you have some new posts and it's probably going to take me all day to go to all your sites and check our your postings but I will :D Just give me some time to head there and read your posts.

As I said, I was pretty busy this morning and it's not cause of any office work at all. All my work has already been completed. And you wanna know what I've been busy with? With assignments la, what else ... LOL! I checked my inbox today and I saw a whole load of them waiting to be completed and that was what I was doing all morning ... LOL!

It wasn't easy doing them in the office mind you but I managed! LOL! I know I shouldn't be doing these assignments in the office but I was free and they're pretty good offers and with my car going to have to visit the mechanic again soon, any extra income is indeed welcome. You all know la how much things cost nowadays, right?

The problem with these assignments is that when they come, they practically come in a whole bunch and some don't give you all that much time to work on them. I didn't have any to do the past 3 days or so but I have enough right now to last me all weekend ... hehehe ... Some of these assignment are pretty good money so I'd be silly to refuse any of them.

If anyone had told me back then that I could make some money by blogging, I'd have said they were crazy. It didn't really appeal to me. Not because I didn't want to make money but because I was ignorant of the fact to making money online. It took a while before I actually went a little more active, alright, alright, a lot more active into it ... LOL!

Back when I first started blogging I refused to sign up with anyone. I wanted an ad free blog. I didn't want to put up all kinds of money making widgets on my blog (I still don't have any of them). Wifey was at that time experimenting with making money through her blog and she was encouraging me to join. I was adamant about staying away from stuff like these.

But then, after she made some money (and a good sum at that) I got interested a lot more. Who wouldn't, ya? By that time I was hooked and addicted to blogging and getting paid for doing something you like couldn't be all that bad. So, I jumped on the band wagon and haven't looked back since. But I still do try my best to maintain this blog in particular to be a more personal blog.

No matter what assignments I'm given I do try to infuse as much personal experiences into it. I don't want my readers coming her and just reading about some product, game, service or things like that. With whatever assignment I get I try to dig back into some personal experience (and I do have loads of experiences in my lifetime) and write my post around the assignments given. I blog mainly for personal and fun reasons and I wouldn't want to bore any of my readers ... hehehe ...

I'm glad I did decide to jump on the bandwagon. After 304 postings (I only realized that today), I must say I've made a decent sum of cash with both my blogs. And it's actually come at the right time to have some extra income seeing as how the cost of everything is going up. At least this way I can use my cards lesser and not incur too much of interest on the outstanding amount.

In fact I'm trying to completely pay back all my outstanding debts and not use my cards anymore. The more cards I have the more I spend and the more I spend the more I owe. But if you're looking for a new card or even thinking of getting one, then I'd recommend you check out and get them to calculate your credit score to see if you're eligible for a card or not.

With them, you'll get all kinds of answers to any of your questions concerning the types of credit available and if you're eligible for them. I'd say give them a try if you still think plastic is king :D As for me, I'm going to stick with cash for now, unless of course I'm buying something online, that is. And with that said, this assignment just made me a little bit richer ... hehehe ...


  1. yay!!! that is good for you..more $$$ coming..
    I'm sure i won't refuse any ops given..but I don't have soooo many ops like you lah..
    Anyway..hope all you 'assignment' will make you fully occupied this whole weekend.. :)

  2. Kadus Mama - Hooray to more money ... hehehe ... I don't really get that much ops but they just happen to all come at the same time sampai I jadi gila trying post them all ... LOL!

    I'm definitely going to be busy with assignment this weekend ... hehehe ...

  3. Maslight - :D Was getting fed up of the old one with the shoes ...

  4. I like the banner!

    I keep saying I must look into this money earning through blogging. Good to hear it's working for you.

  5. Wohoott Nick.. it's money no one will give you.. I just withdrew a chunk from AlRajhi and as I calculate the bills.. makes me feel sooooooo good!! you know lah.. me cannot work in Malaysia coz of my residency status.. so having all those money makes me feel so rich...lolzz!!!

    Here's to more ching ching to the bank for me and you friend :)

    PS: Love the new header.. so relaxing eh...

  6. Good to hear that Nick. more assignments, more money!!! hey, I like your new header too ;-)

  7. am really happy for you :-) with all the price increase, it sure comes in handy... so treated your wifey or not?

    btw, nice header :-)

  8. Love the new header!!! It kinda looks like you...hehehe!

  9. The world According To Me - Why, thank you :D

    You should check it out sometime. It does come in handy in times of need for me :D

  10. Lady Java - Yes, that's true. It's money for doing something you like so you won't find me complaining ... hehehe ...

    Thanks, the header suits my lazy persona just fine ... hehehe ...

  11. Diamond - Thank you :D Haven't seen you in a while though. Hope things are going fine ...

  12. Monica - And I definitely could do with a lot more money ... LOL!

    Thanks for the compliment about the header :D

  13. Sting - Yeah, it comes in really handy especially now with all things costing so much more. In fact, wifey treated me ... LOL!

    Thanks. Glad you like the header.

  14. Tammy - LOL! It does, it does. It fits my lazy bum attitude just nice ... hehehe ...

  15. Yalah Nick! Nice header.. I just noticed it.. hehehe.. sorryyy..

    Anyways, all of us can use a little extra extra at this time. Allie goes through a tin of formula a week.. which is crazzzyyy!! If only I wasn't ordered by the doctors to stop breastfeeding (due to meds I was taking). That would've saved me alot. LOL!

    I totally complain about not getting assignments, but I hate having to do them all one shot, because I lose a sense of "personal-ity" with tons of ads flooding my blog. I could choose not to, but it hurts even more to say no to money. LOL! There's just no pleasing us bloggers. or maybe it's just me.

    So, GOOD FOR YOU on making all the extra-extra you can! Esp with having 2 blogs.. who knows, you'll get enough to bring the whole family for a vacay just like your header!!

  16. Shemah - LOL! No worries and thanks for the compliment.

    No, it's not just you. I can never say no to assignments and money too ... LOL! But I do worry about losing that sense of, like you said, personal-ity of my blog but hey, a blogger's got to do what a blogger's got to do ... LOL!

    It's going to be a real l o o o n n n g g g time for me to be rich enough to take the family for a holiday la, I'd probably need at least about 20 blogs to achieve that .... LOL!

  17. Making money is fun! Planning what to do with it is even better. :P

  18. Hey Rozella - Making money is definitely fun but it sure would be more fun if I didn't have to spend my money fixing my car all the time ...

  19. I've been doing paid posts for about a year now that it's come to a point where I sometimes can't even be bothered to make it personal anymore! My readers know that I'm doing sponsored posts, so an ad is what you get! Boring pun, boring lah! LOL!

    But who can resist money right.. For SS alone I oredi made almost RM1K. No way am I gonna say no to good money. But there have been times when I just got too lazy and let some ads expire especially from other networks. When it comes to paid posts, I guess I'm just not as good as you Nick.. hehe..

  20. Oh yeah! Love the header and the green background to your avatar! :D

  21. Syura - RM1K, that's a pretty good sum :D I haven't made anywhere close to that much from them yet but I've made quite a bit with some of the others. I'm desperate enough to do all the posts ... LOL!

    Here's looking forward to more money for all of us! :D

  22. Syura - Thank you :D Was a little fed up of the shoes ... LOL!

  23. Hi Nick!!! I am soooooo sorry for being MIA. Am currently working on an AR and u know how it is, agency bugging me to meet their ridic deadline and I've been working really hard. Not like your buddy who's so free nowadays he he...Guess it's my turn to suffer now. ;)

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear ur blogs made u some money. I bet it's a lot, happy shopping! Or paying off debts! :)

  24. Marzie - Hey, no worries. I know what it's like to be stuck with an AR! It can be god awful crazy and what with demanding clients chasing you up and down.

    I wish it made me a lot more money so I could finally retire from advertising and just blog all day though ... LOL!

  25. Hey, uncle Nick, now you're getting rich, would you please give me some money? :o)

  26. Cidao - LOL! I would if I had enough to spare after spending it all on car repairs!

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