Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Eye Of The Beholder

It's the halfway point of the week and I finally managed to clear all my work, well most of it anyway and have managed to get some time for myself. I haven't been blogging from the office for quite a while now. Well, not as often as I used to anyway. These days with the workload I've been having, I've only managed to get a couple of minutes free time here and there to check on my blog and do a little blog hopping.

I haven't been this busy in god knows how long. Not that I'm complaining that much mind you. More work means more business. More business means more money for the office. And more money for the office means I'll get paid every month :D We can't be too choosy with the work we have right now. Not in this day, situation and age anyway.

But the workload is kinda taking it's toll on me. The moment I step in to the office, it's right down to work. No chance to check into my blog like I used to first thing in the morning anymore. It's work, work and work right through the day. And by the time I get one project completed, a new one is already coming in demanding attention.

By the time I'm done in the evening I'm totally drained out. I'll be driving home with a mentally exhausted mind and feeling lethargic and can't wait to call it a night. My average day these days revolves around coming to work, working like a slave, heading home feeling like a zombie, prepare my usual diet dinner of salads or a chicken sandwich, watch a couple of hours of TV, then head to bed, not even bothering to log on and check my blog. And you all know what a blog addict I am.

There was a time I use to even catch a few hours of reading in bed before calling it a night. I love reading and it's something I love to do before sleeping. Wifey will normally be blogging away and I'll be cuddled up in bed with a recycled book waiting for her. Now, I'm fast asleep even before she comes in to bed. Man, I hope to get back to some semblance of my normal routine sometime soon and get back on track with my daily postings ... hehehe ...

Speaking of reading in bed and all that. I've recently noticed that my eyesight has deteriorated considerably. I have problems trying to make out those fine prints in some of the books I read. I have a whole load of books at home and I've gone through them all at least 4 billion times (ok, I exaggerate, maybe a little over 2 million ... LOL!) and I had no problems before reading them even with some of them having fonts are are pretty small.

When I read them again nowadays, I don't remember the fonts being so small that I have trouble trying to read them. And the position of the lighting in my room doesn't help all that much. Maybe if you keep a book too long, the fonts tend to shrink? Or maybe the ink fades in time and makes the fonts look smaller? Ok, ok, I'll stop making up excuses. I've got bad eyesight due to old age! There, are you all happy now?

But the thing is I hate and I really mean I HATE wearing glasses. Glasses can be so uncomfortable for me. After long periods of time wearing them the bridge of my nose hurts. I actually wore glasses at one time and being the vain pot that I am, I threw them away after a few months. I have astigmatism and was prescribed glasses especially for when I drive at nights. Even wearing my sunglasses for too long a time makes me feel totally uncomfortable. And I'm using pretty light weight Ray-Ban wayfarers and even then, they can hurt.

You know, the funny thing is at one time when I was a kid, I so wanted to wear glasses. I remember my cousin was prescribed to wear glasses and I pretended that I was having headaches and blurred vision so that I could wear glasses too. In those days, it was so cool to be seen in school with glasses on. It made you look intelligent and I did everything I could to get a pair but my mom saw right through me ... LOL! Now, I wouldn't be caught dead in one! How times change, ya?

But the sad truth of the matter is my eyesight have gone bad and I probably would one day really need to get myself a pair of glasses. But that was until I heard of LASIK! I'm sure you all already know that LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a type of refrective laser eye surgery for correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, right? Well, if you didn't, shame on you ... LOL! This sounds like the perfect option for me. Instead of having to wear some uncomfortable not so happening set of glasses or even contact lenses, I could go get my eyes lasered (is there such a word?).

I'm told it will take about 2 hours for the examination of your eye that will include 3-d mapping (sounds cool and high tech!), get a customized wave-front measurement of the eye (whatever the heck that means) and also get my corneas checked. It's supposed to be a fast and painless procedure but I was also told that not everyone is eligible for it. I guess I need to check out a lot more LASIK information if I ever decided to let some guy in a white coat (they call them ophthalmologists, Nick!) shoot lasers into my eye.

Whoa, will you just look at the time, I'd best be getting back to work now :D Hope you all have been having a great Wednesday so far. But before I even get back to work, a little blog hopping is due ... hehehe ...



  1. you know the idea of having surgery on eyes scares the hell out of me. But i know it has been helpful for many people :)

    Pity to hear you are so overloaded, but then the question arises, if you have less workload, you are not paid monthly? :P :D

    Have a great day, Nick :)

  2. Like lena said..the idea of lasik scares the hell out of me..I dun even put on contacts @_@ I've been using spectacles since primary 6 hehe. bad eye sight. it's worsen throughout the years. Boo! OMG!~ U so remind me of myself, the part where u get other ppl's glasses putting them on? hahahah I used to do that when I was younger, except I used my dad's old kewl fold able glasses. Geez I love it so much that I want em on all the time.

    But the thing is, I've never taken them off except if I'm sleeping. Which sux. But with all that, I still think glasses are kewl XD Well except for my bad eye sight.

    Halfway reading through ur post I was giggling, my colleague tot I was crazy @_@

    But the best time for me to read blogs are either in the morning or at work. Coz I dun read at nite. I chat at nite or go out XD weeeeee

  3. Lena - Who wouldn't be afraid of someone point a laser into your eye. I've seen what lasers can do on Star Wars ... LOL!

    LOL! No, I do get paid monthly but then with lesser workload one day the company will eventually not be able to afford paying me ... hehehe ...

    A great day to you too :D

  4. Maslight - I've had bad eyesight for years now. It's just that glasses make my nose feel uncomfortable and also cos I'm vain la ... LOL!

    I think it's because of trying on peoples glasses when I was young probably led to my bad eyesight and also cos of all that reading I do in improper lighting.

    I do the same thing too these days. I don't really blog at nights anymore. By the time I get home, I'm too tired to even do anything let alone blog! Hehehe ...

  5. but no choice for me...had to use spec to's a genetic thing T_T

  6. I hear you on the bad eye sight. With me it's not just reading anymore...I literally can't do anything without my glasses and my prescription has doubled in 3 years. Next time I go for a review I'm expecting him to just say, "Lady, just go and get a seeing eye dog and be done with it". Ha.

  7. wearing glasses is cool, and way, way less of a hassle than wearing contacts. but lasik...i'd rather not.

    think about it, with glasses, you can change your image every 2-3 years. how cool is that?

  8. I have considered going for Lasik, but I figured that my poor eyesight is still pretty bearable for now. It sucks having to put on glasses just to watch tv, and it super sucks to wear them while driving.

    It sounds scary to have eye surgery but perhaps when I'm blind as a bat, I'll go for it :)

  9. Be back tomorrow and read this whole post. My eyes got tired after watching that Papillon film, darn too long film, lol! I may need that Lasik information if it can do something to get away with astigmatism., hehee.

  10. You do seem extremely busy at work. Getting so drained everyday is bad for your health. Hope your work situation improves.

    You know what? I have the same eyesight problem as you do. It gets worse at night especially under low lighting. I can't read the menu, road directory or the words on people's namecards. It is a problem! And I don't want to be seen wearing old-man glasses!!

  11. 'But the workload is kinda taking it's toll on me. The moment I step in to the office, it's right down to work. No chance to check into my blog like I used to first thing in the morning anymore. It's work, work and work right through the day. And by the time I get one project completed, a new one is already coming in demanding attention."

    UM WOW. I could have written THAT paragraph. That is exactly whats been happening to me in my office. I can barley keep up.

    and I really loathe when I miss out on my blog time.


    here's hoping things in the office slow down for the both of us.

  12. Hi Nick,
    LASIK can be for old-age-blurness too ? Oopss! Did I just call you old? SORRY *GRIN*!

  13. Maslight - LOL! Well, I guess glasses are okay for some people ...

  14. Gypsy - "Lady, just go and get a seeing eye dog and be done with it". LMAO! You know I think that's exactly what they're going to say to me if I ever went for an eye check up!

  15. Perry - LOL! You do have a point there you know. For me, it's just so darn uncomfortable la! But eventually I'm going to have to probably get one ...

  16. Perky - I'm too vain to get glasses for now. LOL! I already look old enuf and glasses are going to make me look even older!

  17. Marlene - LOL! I'll bet my long winded post would tire most peoples eyes out!

  18. BT - It's the sign of growing old I guess. It gets worse when I drive at nights in the rain, every point of light starts looking like starbursts!

  19. Meleah - LOL! At least I'm not the only blog addict around! My workload has calmed down a little and I'm able to spend more time with my blog and I'm thankful for that ...

  20. Jen - I'm not really sure la. All I know it's an alternative to wearing glasses and yes, you just did call me an old man ... siggghhh ... LOL!

  21. my boss had a lasik surgery last year and i can tell you his sight is never been better.
    The cost was around Rm5k..and it was done of the lasik centre at MidValley..if you think you want to have a lasik surgery, i can give you the info..hehehee!!

  22. My big bro and SIL had lasik in KL too..thy paid like RM10k and RM8k for the surgery...but they said it is worth the money :)

    BTW, so am not alone of wanting to wear glasses once upon a time eh...I so wanted to look intelligent then coz most of the smart students wore glasses in my class heee...

  23. I have worn glasses since I was 10.
    Four-eyed guy(quatro olhos) is the nickname used to define who wears glasses in Brazil and kids are really evil with it.
    I'm afraid of surgery... thinking about something cuttting me scares the hell out of me!

  24. some ppl look good with glasses but look horrible without them...LOL

  25. Kadus Mama - Actually to be honest, I had a client which offers LASIK surgery and I kinda know quite a bit about it ... hehehe ... But it still scares me to have some laser gun pointed at your eyes ... LOL!

    But I didn't know it cost RM5K, whoa that's a lot of money to be spending on an eye, cheaper to g et glasses ... hehehe ...

  26. Aunty J - RM8-10K? Oh my god. I think I'll stick with glasses, besides like Perry said, I can change my image every few years ... hehehe ...

  27. Cidao - Wow, that's a long time to have been wearing glasses. Actually kids these days are wearing glasses as young as 6 years old. It's sad that they need glasses at that age though.

    Anything that concerns surgery scares the hell out of me!

  28. Monica - That's true too ... LOL! But I know for a fact I look like a geek with one on ...


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