Friday, July 18, 2008

The Six Million Dollar Man

Friday is finally here. I thought the week would never end! I was so tied up with work that I hardly had time to even breath. It was a really frenzied 10 days for me and I'm glad it's over. I still do have quite a bit of work to complete but at least I can do them at my own pace.

I'm really looking forward to the end of the day and to the weekend especially. I'm just going to stay home and do absolutely nothing. Maybe sleep in late (not very likely with my younger boy around), maybe laze on the couch and watch tv (again not very likely cos the boys will hijack the tv for their Saturday morning cartoons). Gee, maybe I'll just sleep all day ... LOL!

I'm hoping to have an easy day today and so far it looks like it's heading in that direction. Nothing to stress me out has happened yet and I hope nothing will. And even if some doofus client calls, I won't let them get the better of my nerves. I've had my nerves frayed enough the past week or so to last me two lifetimes! I even have a lunch date with wifey later so I'm really looking forward to that as well ... :D

But one thing I really need to do is go get my left knee checked out pretty soon. I've been having this pain in my left knee for a very long time and in recent weeks it's kinda getting worse. Ok, maybe not kinda, it IS getting worse. My knees have always been a problem ever since I took up running all those years ago.

It's basically a common problem with anyone who runs. All that pounding the knees take when you hit that asphalt will eventually one day catch up with you and give you problems like these. And no matter what kind of high tech fancy schmancy running shoe you have, it never really is enough to cushion the pounding all that much, especially if you run seriously hard.

But that isn't the only reason contributing to this pain in my knee. The amount of times I hit that knee real hard on the sides of tables, beds, cabinets, edge of the car door and whatnots could fill a whole novel. And these were not soft knocks mind you. There were hard enough to bring tears to my eyes! I'm sure most of you would have hit your knees on stuff like these once in a blue moon, right? Well, a careless doofus like me can hit my knee on stuff at least once a day, minimum!

I can't even count the number of times I have hit my knee on the edge of my bed. When I have the urge to pee at night, I'll walk to the bathroom in pitch darkness and even while doing my business I wouldn't switch on the bathroom light. And I aim pretty well in the dark, just in case you're all wondering ... LOL! Then I'd groggily head back to bed and on more than one occasion I have slammed my knee (especially the left one) on the sharp edge of the bed, leaving me in absolute mind numbing pain.

I'd be standing there not able to move and trying so hard not to scream in pain and wake everyone up. I've done that so many times that you'd think I should be more careful in my bathroom excursions at night by now. I think that and a whole load of other knockings have totally ruined this knee to the point that it's worrisome these days.

There are days when the knee works just fine and there are days when I'm walking up the stairs and it's just give way from under me. And when that happens, I'll feel this jolt or snap, for want of a better word and I would have to hobble up the stairs like an old man! It doesn't happen everyday but it's beginning to happen more often that I am getting a little, no make that a LOT more worried. In fact, it's hurting right now even as I write this post and I know it's going to hurt when I walk downstairs later.

I need to go get some professional help and get the knee X-rayed or something. I think it's begining to lead to something a little more serious than old age. My right knee seems fine, just the left one. It's put paid to my running career (or what little I had of it the past months that is). I know I can't put on my running shoes and go running until I find out what's wrong with it. I don't want to go running and have the knee give out from under me and have to get the security guards send me home on their motorbikes or something.

Wifey has been nagging me to get it checked for quite sometime but being the boneheaded typical male that I am, I've been putting it off for sometime thinking it will go away on it's own. But it's been months and there is no sign of it ever 'going away'. In fact, it's just getting worse each day. I try to not put too much pressure on it but unfortunately I also drive a manual car and the darn clutch happens to be controlled with the left foot. And the fact that I have to drive for appointments most of the time doesn't contribute to the well being of that knee.

What I'm worried about going for a check up is I am sure they're probably going to discover something really horrible with it and tell me it needs to be operated on and replace some part of something in there, drill some screws and such and I've seen a medical show on tv before about knee operations and it was so darn painful to just watch them drill this poor guys knee and insert stuff into it. And it took a hell of a long time for it to heal. And I am afraid of pain like that!

I wonder if they could give me a bionic knee or something, maybe they could even rebuild me like that Steve Austin fellow. You know, 'Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive, we can rebuild him, we have the technology ...' and all that. Though I don't suppose it would still cost only six million these days, ya? LOL! But bionics or not, I do have to get this knee checked out pretty soon before it even gets worse. And this time I can't blame this pain on old age ... siggghhh ...

That aside, Have a great weekend folks :D


  1. Alamak Nick, better get that knee checked up fast! Wouldn't want you to end up immobilized and sit in front of your blog all day long! I know you'd enjoy that but trust me, it gets boring! :P

    Besides, limping is so not cool.. Who knows you'd be able to rock a cast on your leg and have everyone sign it! (if you ever need one anyway.. :P)

  2. :( Preventation is better than before something happend to your knee, go and check what is actually wrong with it. Hopefully nothing is serious..

  3. Reminds me of my knee..gout! @_@ anyways have a pleasant weekend...stress free!!! XD

  4. Syura - Hmmm, sitting in front of the pc and blogging all day, I could live with that ... LOL!

    But I am going to get it checked soon. It really is getting to be more than bothersome. Like you said, limping ain't cool. Don't want wifey calling me Pak Tempang now would I? LOL!

    Oh and you can be the fist to sign the cast ... hahaha ...

  5. Kadus Mama - I think if I had listened to wifey all those months ago to go and get it checked out I don't think it would have come to the point where it hurts so bad now.

    I'm hoping it's nothing serious too cos that medical tv show I saw, they actually used a drill and hammer to fix this guys knees! Aiyoo, I feel like fainting oredi ... LOL!

  6. Maslight - You had a gout in your knee? Can you even get gouts in your knees? I know it's a silly question but did it hurt bad?

    So far the day has been stress free and I'm guessing the weekend might be too :D A happy weekend to you.

  7. Hey Nick, I know a very good chinese traditional Dr. My Mother in Law could not even squad down in her knees. However, 3 times of treatment, she was able to squad down! Amazing!
    But of course you will feel the pain!
    Its in PJ housing area. Let me know if you are interested :)

  8. hmm..i was thinking, even if nick gets his knees checked, with all that hitting and bumping around, the pain will still be back pretty soon!

    so, please, nick, get your knees checked and install a night light ASAP!

    take care and have a great weekend ahead. ALL play and NO work!

  9. I'd get your knee checked out.It might just be something simple, but better to be safe then sorry. I hope you have a great relaxing weekend!

  10. I agree with your wife. You should go for a check on that knee.

    I run too. But not that much. But even then my knee joints do hurt once in a while. I mostly blame it on improper running posture.

    Take Care! Enjoy your do-nothing weekend. I am going for my second 10km race tomorrow. An all woman's event. Wish me luck ok?!

  11. What, need to be operated? In that case you'll have a very good excuse to rest and blog whole day, or just eat and sleep, how nice.
    Hehe dont get angry ya. I am just finding an excuse myself to have a total rest for a few days & watch my Korean movie. I need an excuse to tell my sons, so that they dont think that I am lazy!

  12. Lianny - The pain, that's what i:m afraid of. LOL! I've seen some of these traditional doctors work and sometimes they can really be painful but thanks for the info. I'll go for a check up first and if all else fails, then a traditional doctor it is ... hehehe ...

  13. KM - A night light, now that is a good idea but both wifey and me can't really sleep even if there is a tiny bit of light la. Maybe I'll use knee pads to sleep at nights ... LOL!

    Thanks, I'm definitely planning to enjoy the weekend :D

  14. Tammy - I intend t get it checked real soon. I think it's come to a point where I can't put it off any longer ...

    A great weekend to you too ...

  15. WaterLearner - I agree with wifey too and I'm going for a check up soon. Somehow I think I owe the knee pains to slamming into object rather than improper running ... LOL!

    All the best in your 10K run tomorrow!

  16. Molly - Actually I haven't even gone for a check up yet so I don't know how bad the damage really is. But sitting home and blogging all day sounds like fun ... hehehe ... but like Syura said up there, it can be boring too :D

    I hope you get that time to sit, relax and watch all your Korean movies ... have a great and restful weekend :D

  17. Nick, is not to say fail.
    If anything that need to go for a surgery, please do go for chinese traditional Dr's.
    Once the knife down, no turning back!
    Big issue!
    Better go get it done ASAP before it goes worse!

  18. I'm just going to stay home and do absolutely nothing.

    THAT is exactly what I am doing. And loving it. I haven't had this much Internet Time in months. I am still in my pajamas and catching up on everyones blogs. This is almost the best weekend EVER.

    hope you got to sleep in or at least get some TV time thats not cartoons!

  19. aww..go.go.go. go check it out before it gets worse! and I hope you've a great weekend too!! ;-)

  20. nick: sorry for the late respond..actually..gout is not funny...since i can't eat certain fewd (like beef, beans, seafood) anymore. sometimes the knee is painful =_=" well coz sometimes stubborn wanna eat beef, *giggles, the after effect kicks in after.

    I got this habit of "duduk bersila", once I can't move my leg for few minutes. It's not fun. But I guess there won't be any problem if you control your fewd consumption.

    Anyways, how's ur weekend?

  21. Lianny - Now I'm getting even more worried about the pain! I seriously hope it doesn't come to having an operation or things like that.

    I'm definitely going to check it out soon ...

  22. Meleah - Well, I did indeed have a good Saturday and I even managed to squeeze in some tv time ... hehehe ...

    Oh and I had a nice looooonnng nap too :D

  23. Monica - I am for sure going to get it checked out soon. But at least today, the pain is no where in sight (*touchwood*)

    And I am having a pretty decent weekend :D

  24. Maslight - I know a little about gout but I didn't know you couldn't eat certain food. Gee, I hope I don't ever get gout cos I can't stand to give up food ... hehehe ... I hope you're no longer suffering from gout though.

    My weekend has been pretty good so far :)

  25. This typical pain reaction - wait until it's over or wait more until it gets worse. A check-up should be the best thing to consider for that matter. A six million dollar bionic knee must be made of gold and diamonds, lol!

  26. Oh, man, I don't have problems with my knee but I always got it beaten and hit by anything all the time because I'm a walking disaster.
    My knee is standing so far...

  27. Wah, that sounds bad. To have a pain that brings tears to the eys sounds like it is time to get it checked rightaway! Hopefully it is something easy to resolve but better solve it now than later. I do wish you can continue running though.

    Yah, when my kids were younger, I could never get to sleep in. They wake up so early even during the weekends, especially my younger boy. You just have to tahan afew more years.When they're older like my kids, they will enjoy sleeping ;-)

  28. Marlene - LOL! Yeah, that is the typical pain reaction from all of us. Gold and diamonds? Gee, that's gonna cost more than six million, isn't it? LOL!

  29. Cidao - LOL! You sound just like me buddy!

  30. BT - I'm hoping it's something easy to solve too, I don't want them opening up my knee and messing around with it or stuff like that!

    I just can't wait till they grow older and enjoy sleeping in, then maybe me and wifey can sleep in a little longer too ... LOL!

  31. Going to the hospital can be such a chore, but best to get that knee checked out soon. Hope ur weekend was as fun as mine! ;)

  32. Marzie - Yeah, that's true. Well, the pain is gone so I'm probably going to procrastinate again ... LOL!

    My weekend was a pretty good one :D I'm sure yours was even better.

  33. I'm afraid I'm very much like a man in this instance and refuse to go to the doctor until I'm dying on the floor. I have a lump on the back of my hand that looks a bit suspicious. Its been there for months and do you think I've gone to see about it yet? I've even been to the doctors with the kids and still didn't say anything.

    I hope you get some answers and some relief from the pain soon Nick :)

  34. Gypsy - Well, the good news is the pain has gone away and the bad news is that means I'm going to procrastinate longer ...


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