Saturday, July 12, 2008

Working On A Sunday!

What an absolutely mad week it's been for me. This is the first time in god knows how long that I actually haven't checked my blog for 3 whole days. For me that's like a miracle! I actually had to work today, a Saturday, can you believe that? And you wanna know what's even more worse? I have to work tomorrow too.

I'm totally exhausted from all the running around from one end of the world to the other and any sane person would be in bed right now sleeping blissfully but I just couldn't ignore my blog any longer. I haven't even gotten round to answering my comments from my previous post yet and I don't like leaving comments unanswered for more than a day.

Ever since I started blogging, I've always answered each and every one of my comments (I've even answered spam comments ... LOL!). My policy is, if you took the time and trouble to leave me a comment, I'll take the time and trouble to reply. And hence I feel bad for not replying some of your comments until today. I'll get around to it right after this post :D And worse yet, I haven't even blog hopped in days! I'm sure some of you have probably even discovered some new technological breakthrough or something ... hehehe ...

The thing is I knew this was going to be a pretty busy week but I didn't expect it to be a horrendously busy week with everyone wanting all their things done at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if these clients think that we only handle their account and no one else's.

We don't really have many accounts with us. We have a couple of anchor clients and we're pretty happy with the workload they give. Normally we don't get jobs or projects that clashes with each other. But this week alone, both our main anchor clients, a financial institution and a government ministry decided that they need things done and insist on seeing me at the exact same time!

The worse thing is my work is done yet. Like I said, I have to work tomorrow and I have to be in Putrajaya, our administrative capital to install and modify some stuff for a gallery we did for them that is going to be the centre of attraction for their event on Monday. And the best part is I wasn't even informed by them that the event was on Monday. I was only aware of it on Wednesday and even then they couldn't give me the information I needed to get their work done for them.

Me: 'You mean the event this Monday, ah?'

Client: 'Ya, you know la, always last minute.'

Me: 'But today is Wednesday and I don't have info from you to get things done!'

Client: 'When is your cutoff time to get info from us?'

Me: 'Urrmm, by 5pm today!'

Client: 'Ok, I email to you tomorrow.'

Me: 'Urmmm, no, no, must be by 5pm today.'

Client: 'Ok, tomorrow first thing in the morning I email to you.'

Me: 'No, no, today! As in by 5pm. TODAY!'

Client: 'Ok, ok, by tonight I email to you.'

That was when I wanted to strangle them. I wanted to ask him which part of 5pm today didn't he understand! God, clients can be so daft and irritating at times and I think I pamper them just a wee bit too much sometimes. They actually only gave me the info on Friday and that is why I had to work today and tomorrow, a SUNDAY, just to struggle to get their stuff ready.

I still have loads and loads and loads of work still waiting for me in the office next week and the week hasn't even started ... sigghhhhhh ... I really, really could do with a lot more help. I'm getting too old for this already. I should just sit in the office and let someone else do all the running around but I'm a hands-on kinda person and besides I don't really have anyone else to help me out. So, I'll just have to suffer until then.

I'm really drained and can hardly keep my eyes open. My back hurts from all the work I did today and like I said earlier, I should be in bed. But the pull was too strong. Wifey is fast asleep already. She's been a little under the weather and we actually decided to sleep early today. We even gave Grey's Anatomy a miss and came up to sleep at 9.30 pm. Yes, it kinda early I know, but we were both tired. But the moment I stepped into the room I heard my PC calling out,

'Nicholassssss, Nicholassssss, you've been neglecting meeeee ...'

And I just had to log on and see what's happening around the blogsphere. I guess the sleep can wait for just a few minutes more ... LOL! I've also got a couple of assignments that was on the verge of expiring and I just couldn't let good money go down the drain now could I? Besides how hard could it be to write about farmhouse sinks? Damned hard I would say ... LOL! Ok, I think I should head to bed already. I'm beginning to write utter nonsense.

Hope you guys are having a way better weekend than I am and I'll drop by your blogs tomorrow, k? I'm just too drained out to blog hop tonight. I'd probably fall asleep at the keyboard soon. I'm going to hit the hay and dream of lazing around by the beach sipping some iced cool lemonade surrounded by a horde of bikini clad women or something (ok honey, maybe no bikini clad women ... LOL!). Happy weekend folks :D


  1. heart goes out to you. i'll try to remember you as i enjoy my worry-free sleep tonight. LOL!

    hope all things work out well. :-)

  2. OMG! I'm so sorry to hear that.. Those clients ahhh.. tak buat langsung nanti baru tau!

    Don't go working yourself ragged now! Otherwise you become kurus and I become jealous of you! hahaha..

    But seriously, hope you get a good night's sleep ya.. and get enough rest. later both you and wifey get ill (God Forbid!) We'll take care of your blog and spam it until you come back. After all, you reply to spams, don't you? :D

  3. you really kind of busy guy - family, work and blog plus working on sunday. :).

    but always have a great day.

  4. I can really understand how you feel about neglecting your blogs. Mine is literally rotting away with neglect.

    No worries, your fans will understand your busy-ness.

  5. I have those kind of client from time to time & they're absolutely a horror to have. Sometimes I wonder if the money they're paying is really worth it or not...

    Anyways, you have a great day & hopefully you'll have an even better week ahead :)

  6. hi there nick! i have to work today too *sigh* but at home lah.. my workload is madness these days... anyways... whatever it is, do take a break ok? it's not worth it to get sick due to being over-stressed and all.. take care!

  7. hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link

  8. I'm so sorry that you have to work during the weekend. :( That really suxs.

  9. That totally sucks!Hopefully next weekend will be better.

  10. It's Monday now. You must be so tired from having no rest during the weekends. I hope your boss gives you time off when work clears up early this week. If you, you really should ask her for it!

  11. Nick, so sorry you had to work on sunday, i know it is totally sux! Sunday is supposed to be the day you spend with your family. I hope your monday today won't be as worse as working on sunday..

  12. hi nick.. i thought us accountants only have the 'priviledge' to work every day, and it is really not healthy to do it. but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. just make sure that they compensate you for that.

    anyway not sure if you are free on 26th july. really dont wanna be a freeloader here but do visit

    i need all the help i can get. besides it would be a very good experience for ur family..

  13. my heart goes out to you, nick...
    and LoL!! i understand the frustration when client 'altered' our dateline for their convenient. 5pm todays always means 5pm tomorrow to them. and the word "DIE DIE MUST COMPLETE" would hang around their mouth loosely yet they are the one who's delaying the whole process..

    hang on there, yeah..
    because the sense of pride is worth every amount of effort you are putting in now to complete your project..

    take care.
    and oh yeah, i had a GREAT weekend..NO work, just play!


  14. Oh dear, working on a weekend. No wonder you are tired.
    I hope the work load eases soon.

    Farm house sinks? Hmmm. If anyone can write about them, you can. I'm sure you'll do a great job!

  15. you must really be up to your neck in work! no updates yet for another day!

    don't worry, though. we'll be lurking...

  16. I loved this part...'Nicholassssss, Nicholassssss, you've been neglecting meeeee ...' I've never actually heard a PC talk before...that's awesome.

    Sorry to hear about the weekend work. It must be killing you because I know how much you enjoy your weekends. It sucks when real life gets in the way of blogging doesn't it? I have to forego sleep in order to keep up and I love my sleep almost as much as you do...I did say ALMOST.

  17. ahhh... yes, it's times like these that make you go "helloooo?" and wished that you could rid the world of idiots :-)

  18. dont you just hate when those pesky day jobs, and life's responsibilities get in the way of our blogs and blog time?

    I too always answer people's comments. If they took the time to leave a comment, Id like to return the favor. Its a respect thing.

    Ive also been dealing with drama and way too exhausted. I went 4 days without checking my blog, or blog hoping.

    I am almost GLAD that I am home sick. I finally spent and ENTIRE day on the internet.

    That was just the medication I needed,=.

  19. PS: I could NEVER work on a Sunday.

    Unless I was employed at the Apple Store. Then I'd work 60 hour weeks!

  20. Nick, if I work on sundays I kill myself. Sunday is sacred for me, I rest and sleep all day long! That's why I hate mondays...

  21. Is what you have to pay for the barbecue weekend session?, lol!

    No kidding, no wonder, you get more spam comments than real ones, hehee.

    Life's like that, Nick. Sometimes you're busy, sometimes you're not. No matter what, the only thing we could do is...complain, hehee. Go finish your work and we'll understand if you can't post until the next weekend. :-)

  22. Perry - You little old meanie you ... LOL! What I wouldn't give for a worry-free sleep right now. It's been and still is a crazy week!

  23. Shemah - I've contemplated telling them to go to hell so many times! LOL! But then, with times like these, I can't be too picky with them.

    Me become kurus? That's like asking for world peace la, Shemah ... LOL!

    LOL! Thanks so much for volunteering to take care of this blog until I come back, you wouldn't mind answering all my comments for me now would you, especially the spam ones ... hahahaha ...

  24. Faizal - What I wouldn't be giving to be able to stay in and sleep all weekend!

    I hope to have a great day but somehow I seriously doubt it ... LOL!

  25. Waterlearner - That's what you get when you become addicted to blogging I guess.

    What? I have fans? LOL!

  26. Perky - Glad I'm not the only one with clients like that :D To be honest, it's really not worth the money at times. They demand just a way bit too much and expect to pay chicken feed in return but then times are bad and I've got to hang on to whatever clients I have left!

    I'm hoping for a better week too but I seriously doubt it, but I should think positive, right?

  27. Osindak - I could never work at home, the pull of my bed is way too strong ... hehehe ...

    Don't worry, I'll take care of my health, one thing I cannot afford is to fall sick right now ...

    Hope you had a great weekend :D

  28. Bernard N. Shull - Urmmm, thanks mate! Now why would I need to know about a Canadian Pharmacy, god alone knows ... LOL!

  29. Rozella - Yeah, it really sucks big time. I haven't work on weekends in ages and I try not to get used to it ... hehehe ... Hope you had a better weekend than mine was :D

  30. Tammy - Well, so far the week is still not improving by that much and I'm not holding my breath just yet.

  31. BT - Exhausted would be a better word. I'm definitely taking some leave the moment everything is completed. I really need the rest.

  32. Kadus Mama - It sucks to the max! Let's not even talk about the Monday I had! LOL! I'm hoping to get all this crazy work load completed by Wednesday and then maybe I can get some rest ...

  33. Lxndreasb - LOL! Nope, lowly advertising types like me are also 'privileged' to work everyday!

    I think I know where that place is. I'll try and drop by with the family :D

  34. KM - The thing is sometimes I don't blame them cos we pamper them just a bit too much. No matter what kind of crazy deadlines they give, we somehow manage to complete them so they assume we can do magic ... siggghhh ... maybe next time I'll just say 'No, we can't do it in that time frame' but then there will always be someone who will be able to do it!

    Glad to note you had a GREAT weekend :D

  35. The World According To Me - So far, the workload seems to be getting even heavier ... siggghhh ...

    LOL! Yeah, I guess I should be able to cook up something about farmhouse sinks!

    Hope the week is a good one for you.

  36. Perry - And I don't think they will be updates from me for quite a while! Hopefully I can post something tonight. I have loads on my mind that need to be dumped here ... hehehe ...

  37. Gypsy - What? Your PC doesn't talk to you? LOL!

    Yeah, how cruel can they be to take away precious blogging time by having me work on weekends! LOL!

    When it comes to sleeping, even blogging loses out to it ... hahaha ...

    Hope you're having a great weekend Gypsy.

  38. Sting - Ooo, I really wished I could do that. the world would be a much better place without these idiots around :D

    Here's wishing you a great week ahead ...

  39. Meleah - I'm with you 100% on this one. Taking away precious blogging time by making me work like mad, it's evil I tell you ... LOL!

    After all this work is done, I'm going to spend all day on the internet too, right after I get a full days worth of sleep, that is ... LOL!

  40. Meleah - LOL! I'd probably work for free if I was employed at the Apple Store ...

  41. Cidao - I agree that Sundays should be sacred. Now if only I could convince my clients that!

  42. Marlene - Remind me not to ever enjoy myself for a barbecue anymore if this is payback time ... LOL!

    Not post until next weekend? That would a catastrophe for me ... LOL!

  43. I guess you hadta pay back your weekend at work for the previous fun weekend that you had. :( Let's just hope the clients won't go crazy on you for the weekends to come! :D

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  45. Syura - I'm begining to think that's the cause too! Gee, I gotta remember to not have a lot of fun during weekends from now on if this is payback time ... LOL!

    I think I'll mogok la if they go crazy this weekend. I need my beauty weekend sleep! ... hehehe ...

  46. Pietro - I'll drop you an email for more details pertaining to this soon.

  47. Hi Nick,
    Join the busy-ness club. Been so busy since I came back from US that I am assigning breathing-time and work-time!!!

  48. aww..sorry to hear that Nick! today's Tuesday, so just 4 more days 'til the weekend, be patient ok..;-) In fact, I had a very busy weekend too...busy enjoying..LOL

  49. Jen - Assigning breathing time ... LOL! I think I need to to that too!

    I'm glad it's already Wednesday cos the weekend is almost here :D

  50. Monica - I'd rather be busy enjoying myself too instead of busy working ... LOL!

    Yeah, thank god the week is already halfway through :D

  51. Ha ha ha!! Nick, I understand what u mean about answering spam comments! ;)

    I hate daft and irritating clients too who thinks we work around the clock! Am currently doing work for an irritating client he he!

  52. Marzie - LOL! Yeah I know I'm a little weird in answering spam comments but what to do la ...

    So far I really haven't heard of a client who is NOT daft and irritating ... hehehe ... Good luck with your daft and irritating client! LOL!

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