Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Eye For An Eye

When you tag someone you just got to be prepared to get tagged by them in return. And eye for an eye they say and that's just what Marzie did to me ... LOL!

Anyway, it's really been ages since she last tagged me with anything. And I know there are even a few tags and memes she sent my way that I've failed to do. Sorry ya Marzie but you know what a lazy bum I can be at times. I can sit on tags until I actually forget who tagged me in the first place. And when I do remember I can't remember the name of the tag ... LOL!

Actually, Marzie was the first person in the blogsphere who tagged with the Alexa train tag (I think that was the first tag, right?) all those centuries ago. And those were the days when I was really new to blogging and didn't know head or tail about tags and memes. And I almost cried trying to figure out how to do that tag! I couldn't admit to the world that I didn't know how to do tags so I struggled along and it took me almost one bloody whole week to get it done ... LOL!

Well, I must say I've come a long way since then and I wouldn't exactly call myself an expert in getting tags done but atleast these days I don't break down and cry or go banging my head against the wall or something ... LOL! And it doesn't mean that these tags are still easy to do. Some of them require the skills of a surgeon and the brains of a rocket scientist to get done ... hehehe ...

Anyways, I have no idea what this meme is really called cos she only named it Meme 2 (geez Marzie, getting lazy ah? LOL) so I'll just call it the Multi-Layered Meme. Hmmm, sounds like a pretty cool name for a tag, if I do say so myself ... hahaha ....

Ok, as all tags go here's quick recap on the rules and stuff. Answer all the questions from each layer, then add your blog in the link list and send a short note (or a long one, whichever suits your fancy) to Yen to be added to the masterlist and then find some victims in return and tag them with it ... hehehe .... simple, ya? Now, on to the questions.


Name: (You really want to know? Oh alright!) Nick Phillips.
Birthdate: (Promise you'll send me gifts, ok?) March 15.
Birthplace: Some dinghy place called Sentul in Kuala Lumpur.
Current location: USJ Subang Jaya.
Eye colour: Wished it was green but alas, it's only brown.
Hair colour: What's left of it is Black with white streaks.
Righty or Lefty: Righty for as long as I can remember

And moving on to LAYER TWO
Your heritage: Malaysian and not a very proud one.
The shoes you wore today: My beat up crocodile work shoes (and an extremely comfortable pair at that)
Your weakness: It will take all day to list but I'm mainly a procrastinator (like as if that wasn't obvious enough. LOL!)
Your fears: The supernatural!
Your perfect pizza: Any pizza that I'm eating is perfect!
Goal you'd like to achieve in life: Be the supreme leader of the world and have you all bow down to me ... LOL!

Halfway through. LAYER THREE
Your most overused phrase on AIM: Urrmm, what's AIM? (LOL!) I don't use AIM.
Your first waking thoughts: What?! It's time to get up already? Siggghhhh ...
Your best physical feature: Have you even seen how ugly I look?
Your most missed memory: Not swiping that last bit of chicken pie during Christmas dinner way back in 74.

Pepsi or Coke: Coke la, what else.
McDonald's or Burger King: I had a nasty experience with BK, so McDonald's it is!
Single or group dates: Dates? Is that the fruit, ah? LOL!
Adidas or Nike: Darn, I'd have to say Puma but since it's not listed, Adidas it is!
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Urmmm, I have no idea cos I can't tell the difference.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!
Cappuccino or coffee: Nothing beats the aroma of a nice hot steaming mug of coffee :D

Just how many layers are there? LAYER FIVE
A famous person, dead or alive, would you interview: *scratching head trying to think of some impressive name to list here*
Movie you can watch and say the lines along with the actors: All of the Star Trek movies :D
Name two of your passions in life: Sleeping and more sleeping.
Least favourite time of the day: This one's easy. That dreaded MONDAY morning!

The last one, thank god! LAYER SIX
Use hairspray or gel: Neither. For me it's the new Brylcreem Hybridz Hair Cream
Your favorite meal: Any of wifeys cooking :D
Color in the inside of your head when you close your eyes: Urmmm, trick question or what this? Black la!
Listen to classical music: Only when I'm feeling adventurous and insane ... LOL!
Ever said LOL in real life without think about it: LOL, ROFTL, LMAO ... you name it, I've said it ... hahaha ...

That wasn't as easy as I thought it would be! I need a vacation now just from doing that ... LOL! And since Marzie tagged practically everyone in my blog roll already I have no one to tag so I'm letting you all of the hook for now. But if by chance you have this insane streak in you and feel like doing memes, then by all means tag yourself :D

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  1. Hahahahaaha!!! you almost cried over a tag @ meme??? So funny!!!
    I got tagged this tag too..ayooo..i think i even owe hundred of tags to people now..hehehe Don't know when I'm going to finish all the tags..

  2. Gain up to 600 visitors in a day for just one message here.

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say keep posting because i love your blog :D

    hope to hear from you!
    Monika ♥

  4. Hi! I have added this blog to the main list. This is where you can find the master's list. And please update this post along with the new added blogs! Thanks for joining:)

  5. HA HA HA HA!!! Wei, not lazy la..LOL.. obviously I was in a hurry to do the tags (yours included!) so I named them Meme 1, 2 and 3 he he..but this one I think is called 6 Layers of Me or something like that he he!!!

    So what was ur bad experience with BK? You know how much I love those tantrum stories!

    Hey, the Alexa train took me one whole day and I too, almost cried out of sheer frustration. I mean what was up with those links right???? Now, simply copy and paste..settle! And now, we even know how to do this scroll box thingy, although I have to admit that I copied yours for this meme, cause I didn't know how to get rid of my yellow background LOL! :)

    Oh I also don know what is this AIM? Must be some trendy new thing, alamak..feel so old now for not knowing what it is! ;)

    PS. I'm waiting for a really hard tag to tag u back for tagging me with the pictorial meme he he!! :)

  6. Also, knowing us who must respond to ALL comments (spam or not) to avoid feeling guilty, I guess you will be replying to Hapi's comment here? I know I will (at both my blogs some more!) ha ha ha!!! :):):)

  7. I imagined you to be using the more classic kind of hair styling product - like Vitalis! LOL!

  8. My father used to use Brylcream. Wow, that was a flash back!

  9. Kadus Mama - Serious I almost cried! LOL! That was how difficult it was getting tags done back then for me :D

    Welcome to the club. I've got loads more tags that are lying in my blog cupboard ... hehehe ...

  10. Hapi - Woohoo, really? Way cool, I'm on the way ... LOL!

  11. Monika Dubska - Thank you and welcome to Anything Goes!

  12. Yen - Thanks for the info, I'll come check it out soon ... :D

  13. Marzie - Oh and I thought you were getting lazy in your old age ... LOL! Just kidding. I had a feeling the name had something to do with layers :D

    I have nightmares till today about that Alexa train thing ... LOL! Oh, change the back ground easy one ... hehehe ...

    Oh man, please, not another difficult tag, spare me, spare me! LOL!

  14. Marzie - How could I not reply Hapi's comment. With a name like Hapi, I'm sure he's a pretty cheerful fellow ... LOL! Or could that be a she?

  15. Perry - Do they even sell Vitalis anymore these days? Gosh that brings back memories la ... I actually used that stuff before when I was growing up ... hehehe ...

  16. Tammy - Thanks a lot! You've just succeeded in making me feel even older! LMAO! My grandfather used to plaster loads of Brylcreem on his head giving him that slick look that was popular back them :D

  17. Lol so u wish u had green eyes ei? XD *Rofl

  18. WOW!! The longest tag i ever read about!

  19. *clap* *clap* *clap* for a job well done!

  20. Maslight - Nice what green eyes ... hehehe ...

  21. KM - LOL! It is long indeed. There is one that I did a while back that is even longer than this ...

  22. Molly - *bowing down and doing the curtsy*

    Thank you, Thank you ... hehehe ...

  23. If only I'd known your name was Nick Philips!

    I read your birthplace too fast and thought it said dingy! I had all sorts of visions of you coming into this world on a rubber dingy! I was thinking, surely you are having us on, and then I realised it said dinghy!

  24. The World According To Me - LMAO! Now that was hilarious to read first thing in the morning ...

  25. I always "forget" to do my tags. Not that I get them too often...I wonder why?

    Good answers Nick.

  26. long meme...but a great one!

    good answers!

  27. Gypsy - LOL! Consider yourself tagged the next time I get one of these things ...

    Oh, I have the same memory lapses when it comes to tags too ... :D

  28. Meleah - I was sweating by the time I finished it ... LOL!

  29. Nick, I'll tag myself... I like this meme!!! :o)

  30. Cidao - Thanks buddy :D I'm glad that you're going to do this tag. Gimme a buzz when you're done and I'll come read it :D

  31. Cidao buddy, that was fast :D I'll come check out your answers soon :D Thanks for being a sport.

  32. Ha ha...Nick, I tried tweaking the code by removing the color part, but the box came out all funny, so easier to just copy and paste off yours my scroll boxes all got white b.ground woo hoo! ;)

  33. Marzie - LOL! Whatever works ya? I'm glad you managed to just copy it off ...

    Actually you mustn't remove the color part, you need to change the color code, then it would work :D


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