Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fill 'Er Up ..

I was tagged by Monica quite a while back with this tag which I found to be pretty interesting and kinda difficult at the same time. She called it the 'Fill in tag' and for want of a better name, I'll call it the same :D At first glance it look to be pretty simple. I mean, how hard would it be just to complete the sentence with your own answers right?

Well, I've got news for you people. It's bloody tough! LOL! I spent quite a good amount of time sitting and there wondering just how I would 'fill in' the answers. But then I decided to just let whatever came out from my mind after reading the first few lines be my answers so please don't expect them to be in the least bit intelligent ... hehehe ... Oh and by the way, thanks for the tag, Monica.

My roommates and I once: I've never had a roommate, well unless you wanna count my two cousins that I lived with as a child as roommates la. Well, we did once find maggots from a dead rat in the ceiling falling on our faces as we slept ... I seriously don't even want to know if I swallowed any!

Never in my life have I: been so bewildered by the intelligence (or lack of) of our government officials!

High school was: a blast! Well, depends on your definition of blast la... LOL!

When I’m nervous: I sweat worse than a bucket full of holes ...

My hair:
is beyond hope and could probably be used as bristles for wire brushes. I wonder if I could make some money peddling it ... LOL!

When I was 5: which was a long time ago and since I can't remember anything about it, I'll refrain from answering. Wait, wait, I remember I threw stones at moving freight trains and got caught by my mom which resulted in the belting of a lifetime!

When I turn my head left: I see my bathroom door.

I should be:
on a deserted island somewhere in the Bahamas sipping cocktails and watching the chicks, urrrmmm, I mean birds go by ... LOL!

By this time next year: I want to be supreme ruler of the world! (I'm not giving up on that ambition I tell ya!)

My favorite aunt is:
someone who should be out of sight!

I have a hard time understanding: maths!

You know I like you if: I don't smack you on the head too much!

My ideal breakfast is: chicken rice. And it's also my ideal lunch and that goes for my ideal dinner too!

If you visit my home town:
you'll probably find smog and traffic congestion!

If you spend the night at my house:
you'll end up wishing you were somewhere cos there will be no food, no drinks and no entertainment at all ... LOL!

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: urrrmmm, how la to answer a question like this?

I shouldn’t have been:
so darn greedy at dinner just now and stuffed myself silly but how could I resist wifey's home made chicken rendang la! Looks like I'm going to need those diet pills after all ...

Last night I: slept like a baby. Then again, I always sleep like a baby ...

A better name for me would be:
Goofy? Doofus? Psycho? Insane fool? Crack pot? Long winded airbag? I dunno, you guys figure it out!

I’ve been told I look like:
Mat Sentul and Sylvester Stallone and I am not all amused!!!

If I could have any car, it would be:
a Subaru Impreza WRX!

And now comes the part I like best, which is to tag people. I'm just going to close my eyes and randomly pick names from my blogroll. So don't blame me if you get stuck with this tag, ok? Blame it on the god of randomness or something. Here's my victims:

Emelda ~ Chegu Carol ~ Jen ~ Gypsy ~ Nessa ~ Kadus Mama

I hope you all have as much fun doing this as I did and if you didn't then go blame Monica for it cos she was the one who tagged me in the first place ... LOL!


  1. After the image of pickled green chilis and salted eggs, I couldn't continue reading XD

    Dammit, those are my fav. I need those, oh man, u know having fried mee hoon with pickled green chilis are totally awesome. Ogie, wait, more like I read the first few till reach the photo I end up stopping XD Yes! I can't continue reading coz I wanna talk about green chilis.

    I'm sorry nick if u're lost by wutever my comment is. @_@ I'm also confused with myself XD *rofl..*green chilis~ @_@

    Damn I'm so distracted.

  2. hahahahaha.. massy is soooo hilarious when distracted by food. I might just post up some food pics in my next post.

    OMG! You look like Mr. Rocky Balboa?? Well, that means boleh jadi superstar! hahahaha..

  3. Good tag! This time next year hey. Don't forget the money trees and free cheese!

    I once had a terrible experience with maggots whilst house sitting. They make me shudder now. I expect that's how you feel about them too!

  4. Yaiiikkkks!!!!what a long meme you have here...
    Nick..don't you think eating tooooooo much chicken rice going to give you a trouble one day?? Ya lah..who knows you are going to sound like this.. 'kooookkk...koooookkkk..koookkkkkk...kooookkkkk.!!!Hahahaaaaaa...Kidding!!!!
    But..the chicken rendang looked very delicious lah..did wifey cooked that???? (thinking to go to ur house already!! heheeee)

  5. You've never had a room mate? Not even in college?

  6. Maggots? Yikes! You sleep like a baby, I hope not with your mouth open! Nice answers!

  7. Maslight - LOL! You're funny la. Next time I won't put up pictures of pickled green chilies ...

    And yes, green chilies and fried mee hoon is the perfect combination la :D I'd practically die for it too ... hehehe ...

  8. Shemah - She is isn't she? LOL!

    And looking like good old Mr. Rocky Balboa is certainly on on my list of people I'd like to look like. Tom Cruise, Clive Owen maybe la, but certainly not that Rocky fellow ... hehehe ...

  9. The World According To Me - The cheese will be free flowing ... LOL!

    I freak out at the sight of maggots. I can't stand them ... eeuuuuwwwww!!!

  10. Kadus Mama - LOL! That crow you hear every morning is me la ... But I just love eating chicken and can eat it everyday without ever getting fed up.

    Ya, wifey prepared it for dinner last night. I don't think got anymore left la ... hehehe ...

  11. Tammy - Nope, not ever. Pathetic isn't it?

  12. BT - I seriously don't know if i did swallow and maggots but all I can say is our bed was crawling with maggots and judging by the amount, maybe one or two did go down my throat!

    *turning green*

  13. Me thinks you look more like Mat Sentul though...

    Thanks for the tag. But you're right, this is a difficult one.

  14. Nessa - LOL! Yeah, I suppose you could be right there cos even my buddies think so too ...

    Mat Sentul pun Mat Sentul la. By the way, is he still alive ah? I haven't heard of him since his urmmm chocolate ding dang days on TV ... hehehe ...

  15. oh Nick, you're so funny, indeed!! hahaha... In fact, I got stuck with this tag, too!! :-D

    alamak! don't blame me la!!! LOL

  16. Monica - It was indeed a very difficult tag to do and I did the best I could ...

  17. Damn you got me! I'm not making any promises Nick but I will try. Your answers were very good although I have to admit I nearly choked on my cup of tea about the maggots.

  18. Gypsy - No worries. No obligations to do tags but I remember one comment long ago, you mentioned no one tags you, so there ... LOL!

    I'm still not sure if I did swallow any maggots or not till this very day ...

  19. Ahhhhh this is the tag that Monica tagged me with too, But I decided to do Nessa's one instead cause similar mah as in both oso must answer questions and I think Nessa's one was easier. Remember, must always do the easy tags first ha ha! :D

  20. Marzie - Oh yes, the easier tags ALWAYS gets first picking ... LOL! This was kinda difficult though ...


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