Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Weekend That Was ...

My weekend was pretty tiring but thoroughly fun all the same. In fact I hardly had time to even blog as you you guys can probably guess from the lack of postings the past 4 days. The only downside is, I'm feeling absolutely sick right now.

I feel the coming ons of a fever, my throat is irritable, and that's a sure sign of early indications for a sore throat and cough. My bones ache in every conceivable position and just trying to type this post is a chore. My mind just isn't working at it's best right now and even wifey says I'm pretty distracted at the moment.

But me being me, I just couldn't stay away from my blog any longer and decided I'd better at least post something up before I fall sick and have no strength to post anything at all. These days when I fall sick, I tend to be pretty weak and all I wanna do is just sleep.

Anyways, the birthday party turned out to be pretty fun, though it didn't start out that way. Both wifey and me met my cousin at the venue to get the decorations up and were in for some surprises. First of all, some of the things that I requested from my cousin to get were not bought yet and even then, when it was bought, it wasn't exactly what I really wanted.

You see, wifey and me asked her to get some crepe paper cos I wanted to make some kind of landscape to put on the table with the Star Wars characters I cut out. Unfortunately the crepe paper wasn't bought yet and when they did finally buy it, it just wasn't enough and wasn't of the colour that I wanted. I wanted earthy colours and I got orange!

Just how in heavens name were we going to make a landscape with the orange crepe paper was beyond me and even then it wasn't really enough. Fortunately wifey put on her thinking cap and made the best out of it and though it didn't really come out the way we envisioned it, the kids were delighted with it :D Thank god it's so easy to please children ... LOL!

Then the backdrop posed another problem. I printed this huge, well not really huge Star Wars backdrop with the birthday boys name on it and was intending to mount it on the main wall but found out that we're not allowed to stick anything on the walls using double sided tape and neither were we allowed to use hooks as well. And to mount that backdrop I needed to to use lots of tape and hooks.

So, in the end, we shifted the main party area facing the side with windows and I tied up the backdrop over the windows. It didn't really stand out with the windows clearly taking away attention from the backdrop but that was the best I could manage. But even then, someone did notice and wants me to come up with a theme and decor for a wedding somewhere in November, so I guess it wasn't all that bad ... hehehe ...

Next were the balloons. I wanted black and white ones cos that was basically the colour scheme for most of the Star Wars movies and instead got red and blue ones ... siggghhh ... And worse yet, the balloons had to be blown up manually with our mouths.

The balloon pumps that my cousin bought really made the job even slower. So I engaged the help of my two boys, my nephews and got them to blow the balloons but in the end I ended up blowing the balloons cos you know kids being kids, when they're together they end up playing instead of working.

Eventually everything was done to the best of our abilities and we had an hour to spare to head home and then head back to the party. By the time I was back at the venue with wifey and the boys, the place was already full of kids running around screaming and playing. You know, the usual mad house routine ... hehehe ... In the end everyone had a great time especially the kids.

An hour into the party, the clown turned up to entertain the little terrors. Unfortunately the clown wasn't all that clowny. I think I could have been a better clown ... LOL! Instead of having his games in front of the main party area he decided to go to one corner and entertain the kids. Most of the adults were straining to see what was going on. And his crowd management with the kids was absolutely non existent!

I shouldn't really be complaining I guess, maybe next time I'll take up Gallivanters offer to be a clown at these parties ... LOL! The offer is still open right buddy? In the end, all that matters is that everyone had a great time, me included that by time the party was over which was about 8pm, we were all so drained out that the moment we all reached home, we were in bed by 8.30pm and only woke up about 9.00am the next day ... hehehe ...

And I'm just glad that at least someone actually booked my Dream Themes services for their wedding :D The only thing is I don't really know how much to charge them cos this one was a freebie for my cousin. Anyways, I'll worry about that later cos right now, I feel sick to the bone. I think I'll head home early from work today and drop by the clinic on the way home. Will drop by your blogs when I'm feeling better.

Some of the main stars and the backdrop ...

Wifey trying to salvage the landscape, she did a remarkable job on her own with what she had :D

The very sparse landscape with the plates and goodie bags ...

The work still in progress party area ...

Aljo, the not so funny Clown ...

The kids digging in ...

Aljo with the kids in a game session ...

The two assistant clowns who really just sat there and looked anything but clowny ...

The very simple American Chocolate birthday cake.

Chocolate cake (?) giveaways ...

The kids waiting for the cake cutting session ...

My nephew, the really shy birthday boy waiting to blow the candles ...

'Get on with it already!' The impatient kids lending my nephew a hand to blow the candles ...

The very happy albeit still shy birthday boy :D

The poodle I got Aljo to make for wifey. She was totally embarassed with my request to Aljo :D


  1. Oh owww...you are going to be sick..hope you will get well soon..drink more chicken soup ya..

    Anyway, i only can say wow!! with your party decor..nice job!!

  2. Kadus Mama - I know I'm going to be sick to the bone. I'm getting worse by the minute. Hmmm, chicken soup huh? Maybe I'll get wifey to make some tonight, then again, maybe I'll go tapau some from the Ramadhan bazaar near my place :D

    Thank you. I wasn't all that happy with it though ...

  3. Hey it looks fun I mean the party and nicely decorated. Anyways, hope u get well soon. I heard the weather there is bad. I mean bad.

  4. Those clowns are a bunch of clowns, aren't they?

  5. I wish you better. Get plenty of rest and vitamin C!

    I love the pictures. Shame you had a few teething problems, but it looks like everyone had a great time and I love the outcome.
    Plus you have a wedding booking! Well done! Here's to Dream Themes future!

  6. Great job on that theme. That banner you did was superb.

  7. Wow! you did a great job there, and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

    Er, you better take care of your self. Dont get sick, ok??

  8. I hope you feel better soon Nick and the party looked great!

  9. aaaw....feel better Im sorry you feeling sick.

    At least the party looks like it was a big success and a lot of fun for everyone!

  10. Maslight - Yeah, the doctor said it's cause of the yo-yoing change of weather patterns of here. I hate falling sick, I get so weak and just wanna sleep all day ...

  11. Gallivanter - There were, they really were. Clowns are supposed to make you laugh like silly. I think I could have done a better job ... LOL!

  12. The World According To Me - Thanks. I'm actually all excited and a little apprehensive about that wedding booking :D

  13. Rose - Too late, I'm already sick! I hate being sick but then again, who does, ya?

    The kids were a riot. They really did enjoy themselves and so did i :D

  14. Tammy - Thanks, being sick sure ain't fun at all ...

  15. Meleah - I wouldn't call it a success but at least everyone had a great time.

    And I think I had too great a time that I ended up falling sick ... LOL!

  16. Well done! You and wifey make great party planners. I think the set up is very nice and elaborate! You could have used blue tack to put the poster up you know? I use that alot these days but sometimes they don't hold too well.

    Hope you get a good rest. Take some medicine and you'll feel better quickly.

  17. Hope you are feeling better? What a nicely organized birthday party. So sweet of you to rem to get a poodle balloon for wifey :)

  18. BT - Thanks :D I thought of blue tack but the backdrop was made of tarpaulin which was quite heavy on its own. At least they had the windows for me as an alternative option. Imagine if the windows weren't there ...

  19. Janice - I'm feeling so much better than yesterday.

    Hehehe, you should have seen wifey's face when I went to the clown and asked him for that poodle!

  20. Hi Nick,
    Get well soon! Alot of bug going around. So take lots of vitamin C! Take care!!!!

    p/s: Dont forget to show us pic of the wedding party k?? hehe

  21. Jen - Thanks Jen. I'm actually okay already today, thank god :D

    I will definitely take pictures of the wedding. You just got to wait patiently till November la ... LOL!

  22. That backdrop is fabulous and you did a great job under the circumstances. Hey you got a booking for a wedding so you must have made a big time impression.

    Get better soon Nick :)

  23. Gypsy - Thank you :D Yeah, some good did come out of it anyway. So it really looks like a step in the right direction, ya?

    I'm on the road to recovery already :D

  24. This was it! It looked so Star Wars! Never mind the miscoloration, hehee! The orange landscape was perfect for the white table though. The main stars must be a lot of hardwork to cut. And the backdrop is fantastic! Looks like the film's billboard ads.

    I could understand why your wife was embarassed, lol!

  25. Hiya Bud! Hope you're feeling better! Nice decor...at least I know where to go next time I want to have a party! The orange landscape is fine...like the wastelands of Tatooine! Maybe for your birthday nxt year you can do a Star Trek party and we can come dressed as aliens...and no wisecracks there bub! hehe

  26. Marlene - It did? Thanks Marlene, not really what I envisioned it to be but I'm happy all the same :D

    It was tough work trying to cut those figures but it was worth it to see all those kids faces when they saw the figures on the table :D

  27. Adrian - Hey bud. On the road to recovery already. For you buddy, I'll gladly do it for free :D

    Tatooine was what I had in mind but not that orange la ... hehehe ...

    Star Trek, huh? Cool, I just might do that :D

    What? Wisecracks? Me? Nahhhh ... urmm, well, maybe a little la ... Hehehe ...

  28. Hi Nick,

    I think u n ur wifey r such cool parents! the way the party was organized, wahhhhhh...

  29. Hey...I like the cut out figures! And that backdrop is drool worthy! And you're right. The clowns are absolutely un-clownlike! First time I've seen a clown sitting...at a children's party!

  30. Gina G - Hey there and welcome to my blog :D

    Thank you. The party was really for my nephew and I was more like roped into coming up with the decor ... hehehe ... But i enjoyed it and the kids had a great time too :D

  31. Perry - Exactly buddy, the clowns really needed some work. But then I heard the clowns came pretty cheap. That's what you get when you buy cheap stuff (no disrespect to you Mr. Clown so please don't send out the Bozo hit team to drench me or something ... LOL).

    Thanks, I did my best with what I had.

  32. I want a balloon hat and a slice of cake too!!! :( Hehehe

  33. awwwww..so sweet of you..pink color poodle for wifey. :D

  34. Rozella - I actually wanted a balloon hat too ... hehehe ... As for the cake, all telan oredi :D

  35. Emelda - Hehehe ... I think I was the only 'big' kid among all those little fellows harassing the clown for a balloon ...

  36. Hey nick, those clowns looked a tad bit miserable dontcha think? LOL! You should've invited Syura.. then you can see her freak out at the sight of em. hhahaah..

  37. Oh, man I like chocolate cake a lot!
    But I hate clowns...They scare the hell out of me.

  38. Shemah - They were miserable la. I could have been a better clown ... hehehe ...

    What? You mean Syura is afraid of clowns? That would have been a fun sight to see indeed ... LOL!

  39. Cidao - What? You mean clowns really scare you? LOL!

  40. She's not afraid of clowns.. she's PETRIFIED of em!! LOL! Once she sees a some coloured afro in the crowd you can sense her going the other way.. it doesn't matter if we have to take the long way.. She'll avoid them at all costs!

  41. Shemah - What? Even until today? Oh man, I wonder what those clowns did to terrify her like this ... hehehe ...


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