Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dumb, Dumber And Even Dumber!

It's been a ho-hum kinda day with nothing much happening. I'm still in that stage where the inspiration to blog is practically nil. I thought I would get back to normal by now but that doesn't seem to be the case. Oh well, I guess it'll come back sooner or later. Sooner would be much appreciated.

Work wise it has been a boring day. Most of my work has already been completed and normally any other time I would be ecstatic with the free time on my hands. All I've been doing so far is checking out this site on credit cards for business.

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Anyways, the fact that I'm not having any inspiration to post doesn't mean I haven't been blog hopping though. That's practically what I've been doing the past couple of days. And I must say you guys update your blogs pretty fast, ya?

I practically go through my reader each and every day and clear it down to zero but in a matter of hours, it's back up with new postings ... hehehe ... Well, that's a good thing cos at least I can keep myself entertained by reading all your posts :D

I just realized something. The three girls in my office are not back from lunch yet! And it's close to 3.00pm. No wonder the phones are ringing non-stop. I didn't know we had a 2 hour lunch time over here. Those three girls sometime get on my nerves. As it is they're the equivalent to what I would call dumb blondes over here. Now they're taking extra long lunches.

These three girls who work in the administration section of the office have been pissing me off for quite sometime with their attitude towards work. They're also pretty new, been here about 4 months I would say, can't really remember anymore.

They come to work late, they sleep in the office when no one is around and I really mean sleep as in put chairs together to make a bed and sleep! They practically do nothing all day except chat in the office on the PC. Of course, when the boss is here, they go into pretend to work mode. They go back early and now they take extra long lunch hours. Wow, what a life they lead.

And the worse part is I don't have any authority over them so I can't really say much. But today's lunch incident is the final straw. I'm not the kind of person who will complain to my boss about the going ons in the office but I've had it with their attitude. I'm through being mister nice guy. The next time I see my boss, she's going to find out about how dedicated a bunch of workers she has!

There have been times when I'm doing my work in the office and the place would suddenly seem so quiet and when I step out of my room to check, I'll see the lights off and they've all packed up and gone home and it's still like 30 minutes before actual office hours are over.

It's happened so many times that I've lost count already. I've even mentioned this to my colleague who has authority over them and nothing has been done by him. So the next best step is complain to the higher ups.

Actually I've had it with just about everyone here. Even my colleague takes advantage of me just cos I live so darn close to the office. There are two key holders to the office, my colleague and me. No one else has the keys, strangely enough, even my boss doesn't have the keys.

So since I live nearby, I'm always the first one in the office to open the doors, which is fine with me. I have a habit of always being in the office early anyway. On days when I take leave and stuff, I'll inform my colleague to open the doors in advance.

But there are times when I have appointments in the late evenings and don't really come back to the office. So naturally my colleague should lock up the place. But that fellow would call me and say he's not coming back to the office and ask me to go back later and lock up the place since I'm just a 5 minute drive away.

Once, twice, maybe even three times it's okay with me, but now he does this everyday. He disappears way before the 3 dumb blondes do and no matter where I am, I will just have to come back to the office to lock up. I am sick and tired of doing that.

Just because I live nearby doesn't mean I'm like the blooming caretaker of this office that anytime they feel like going off they'll just assume that dumb Nick fellow will be around to lock up the place. Maybe one of these days I should just leave the office unlocked and hopefully some robbers will come and steal everything in here. Kadus Mama, can you please tell your robbers to come here and steal all our things ... LOL!

I'm fuming right now just thinking about this. Oh and the dumb blondes came back around 3.10pm just so you know. And they walk in giggling and laughing like as if nothing is wrong. I feel like going out there and strangling the lot of them! I'd better step out for a breath of fresh air or I'm going to smack someone silly pretty soon!


  1. Here...*hands over his water pistol*...take the blondes out! I support you! :-)

  2. Here, take this bat... smack 'em silly! Bunch of ingrates!

  3. wow!! They can go out for lunch even until 3pm?? thats too much lah..!
    I guess telling your boss is the best way to curb their bad attitude! What these 3 blondes did in office anyway????

    *My bosses have no key for our office too..hehehe strange huh??

  4. Gallivanter - Thanks buddy ... LOL! I got to get me one of those water pistols too la ... :D

  5. Nessa - You have a bat? Whoa, cool :D Thanks, I definitely need that bat to clobber them into oblivion! Ingrates is the perfect word for them!

  6. Kadus Mama - Yup, they behave like Datin's over here! I'm really through keeping quiet anymore ...

    I think bosses don't hold keys so they don't have to come in early ... hehehe ...

  7. Ehhh.. where you working ah?? I also want to work there lah if can sleep, lunch long long, and go home early.. LOL!

    But seriously, you really need to tell the higher ups... it's a waste of space and money for your company to be hiring dumb blondes like them.

    I'll lend you Buddy's sheriff gun if you need it! :D

  8. government sector ka ur place? macam my place this. we lunch at any time, we can play games on computer, rarely haf work to do, hence why i got so much free time, we can go home early. Nooooooooooo I've become a lazy arse Noooooooooooooooooooo.

    But waw, I never sleep in the office, well ppl in my office sleep in the office, u can't imagine how many times they eat everyday man.

  9. it's okay to feel the less inspiration on take time..but i know you will come out with so much interesting story to tell..ehhehe

  10. That's terrible and people like that don't deserve to have jobs. I think you should tell the boss. I'm guessing it will make you feel better if you do and if I was the owner of the business I certainly would want to know that I'm paying Paris Hilton and co to take long lunches, leave work early and sleep during office hours. Bloody I'm mad.

  11. Sounds like you're almost back to your normal blogging ways. You managed to dedicate an entire post to 3 dumb blondes & dirty harry (tot I'd give your colleague a nickname hehehe).

    Just install a cctv in your office.

  12. Hey I thought u kan boss at ur agency? Tell them to shove it next time, stop taking advantage of u! Don't they know who is Nick Phillips?? ;)

  13. Lack of inspiration? Come on buddy... You've just wrote a long post down ! You have the power, man!!!

  14. Nick, I kinda like their work hours. You folks hiring?

  15. They really sleep AT WORK?

    Um...Thats bazaar.

    Dont worry. You'll be back to your good old bloggyself soon!

  16. wah so good, huh? can sleep in the office, can chat on the pc, can go home early some more long lunch hours...are there any jobs available? LOL!
    Smack them Nick!!!

  17. HAHAHAHA!! Sounds like some1 didnt tell the gals what they are expected to do....

  18. Shemah - Too late, I'm applying for their positions la ... LOL!

    I intend too, that is if my boss even turns up!

    Tell Buddy that sheriff's gun would sure come in handy ... LOL!

  19. Maslight - LOL! Sure sounds like one doesn't it?

    I don't mind if they sleep or chat as long as they finish their work, but most of the time their work is always not done.

    I mean, I blog from the office but I get all my work done first before I even start to blog ...

  20. Sweet-Girlicious - Thanks for your confidence in my story telling, makes me sound like a Pak Pandir only ... LOL!

  21. Gypsy - Oh it would make me feel so much better. Now if only my boss would come in for me to start my ranting ... LOL!

  22. Perky - Dirty Harry? LOL! Ok, from now on he's known as Dirty Harry ... hahaha ...

    Not 100% yet but I'll be back to my blogging ways soon ... hehehe ...

    CCTV? What and let the boss know I blog during office hours? LOL!

  23. Marzie - Me, boss? LOL! How I wish! No la, I'm not the boss or anything close to it.

    I've no issues with them sleeping or chatting but at least make sure all their work is done first la. Most of the time it isn't. I do blog from work but I get all my work completed first.

    And I'm one person who is very particular about coming to work on time and going home on time.

    But like I said, I have no authority over them anyway ...

  24. Cidao - LOL! The power is coming back buddy :D

  25. Sharon - Hey, haven't seen you in awhile.

    I like their working hours too and have only just sent in an application for their position! LOL!

  26. Meleah - Yup, really SLEEP. I wouldn't be surprised to hear snoring one day ... LOL!

  27. Monica - Cool life huh? I should be like them too la. Maybe they're the smart ones and I'm the stupid one ... LOL!

  28. Jen - You could be right, you know, maybe no one told them what they're supposed to be doing here ... LOL!

  29. hahaha.. bodoh, bangang and bahlul! syoknya kerja macam tu. i wish i had a job like that. your boss should definitely give them a warning letter. or maybe you should just draft one yourself and have your boss sign in. i dunno if you can do that. hahaha. or if you guys cant afford to fire all of em, maybe fire one of em to show how serious u guys are.

    as for dirty harry (lol!), tell him to eff off man! c'mon nick, show them who's the man!

  30. Uhm.. any vacancy in your office? At least we can lepak together^^


    PS: Ey Nick, love the new favicon of pumpkin. So cute!!! :D

  31. I'd tell on them! The don't deserve to work there, let some one who is going to work hard and needs the job because they obviously don't if they don't take their work seriously.

  32. Syura - Bodoh, bangang and bahlul ... LOL! I think I'll start calling the 3 of them that from today! I wish I had a job like that too, life would be so much fun ... hehehe ...

    We don't actually need all 3 cos they all do the same job, so that one I have no explanation why my boss even hired all three la ...

    Dirty Harry, well, lets just say I'm going to teach him a lesson one day ... LOL!

  33. Cindy - LOL! I'll check and see if got any more vacancy but you'll have to wait in line behind me cos I pun want to apply for their jobs ...

    Thanks, but it's actually not a pumpkin la, it's supposed to be a smiley with a tuft of hair ... hehehe ... but pumpkin pun boleh la :D

  34. Tammy - I have to agree with you 100%. They really don't deserve working here. As it is, yesterday (Friday) they left for home at 5.20pm and we finish at 6.00pm!!!

  35. GOSH! What working attitude they have! My boss would never allow these, he's got 'eyes' in the office so none of us dare to take things too's hard to find a good job and harder to keep it.

    Don't they understand??

  36. KM - Actually sometimes I wish we had 'eyes' in the office too. At least it'll keep everyone on their toes.

    I have to agree. It's not easy finding a new job these days ...

  37. OMG it's not a pumpkin??

    Man, I really need to get my eyes checked...

  38. Cindy - Takpe la, since it's halloween and all, it'll be a pumpkin for this month ... hehehe ...

    Besides, the darn favicon has gone missing and is now back to the blogger logo, I wonder why?


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