Friday, November 14, 2008

The Reveal

A lot of you have been shocked and curious about me handing in my resignation so suddenly. And I'd like to thank all of you for the concern and wishes you've sent me for success in my new undertaking. It's all really much appreciated.

Before I start on this female fat burner thing that I have to do, I guess I do owe you guys the reason for my sudden decision. Let me begin from the start. I can already hear you guys groaning away and going:

'Oh no, not another one of those darn long winded posts again!' (LOL)

Well, I'll try to keep this short and not delve too much into it from starting from my birth, teenage years and right into adulthood ... LOL! There are some parts of this decision too personal to talk about so I'll get straight to the gist of it.

Suffice to say, I was absolutely fed up of things here. As much as it seemed like it was a sudden and hasty decision it was totally the opposite. I've been playing with this resignation issue for quite a while now and after discussing it thoroughly with wifey, I decided that it's time to quit this place.

I've been in the advertising industry for god knows how long that I've lost track of how many years already. I remember I started fresh out after I got my Diploma in Graphic Design donkeys years ago.

A fresh face young 'un with so much of promise and anticipation at taking the first steps of fulfilling my dreams. I've always wanted to be in advertising for as long as I could remember, well that was after I wanted to be a soldier, a priest and a break dancer (LOL!). And I enjoyed every bit of the journey to being where I am today.

Skip a couple of centuries later and here I am at this present company. When I first joined this agency, it was a fresh new medium sized agency. Me and a couple of other former employees were the pioneer people in it. My boss had other businesses.

And she had loads of her customers asking her if she knew people who could do advertising. Being the opportunistic minded person that she is, she decided to open up her own agency. I attended the interview, got the job and was happy to be starting in a brand new fresh agency where me and the pioneer staff could set the culture for the company.

My boss doesn't know anything about advertising agencies so she was sorely depending on the people she hired to advise her. I was a bit overwhelmed when I first joined cos the people around me looked so much more experienced and capable than I was. In fact I was even intimidated by their experience or rather so called experience.

There were three account managers including me, an account executive and one desk top artist (I doubled as a DTP to help out in the initial stages) and a really useless copywriter! LOL! I could tell how useless she was on the first day itself. Some of the things she did would have you rolling on the floor in laughter gasping for breath. I'll post about her one day :D

My boss is a demanding woman. Very demanding, work wise. And our job responsibility back then was to bring in new accounts. That was to be expected seeing as how we were so new with no clients of our own. We all had to prove ourselves and had a target to achieve.

Now, while I was skeptical at the actual amount of business I could bring in, I nevertheless did my best and started bringing in new accounts and more than achieving the targets given.

Unfortunately the other two 'experienced' account managers were really not who or what they claimed they were capable of doing and didn't bring in one single account till the day they were both terminated. They were more interested in becoming head of the client service department.

After they were gone, I was the sole AM and was pretty happy with that. Now I could do my work without office politicking which I abhor. Then things took a downward slide. Clients started giving us less work and I took a reduction in salary, which was okay cos times were bad.

Then things picked up again. We had some pretty big accounts. Government agencies, corporate clients, established developers and at that time we had a much smaller team. I helped out doing so many things. Client servicing, production, artwork, deliveries, you name it, I did it. I didn't complain. It's my nature to help out. I'm not the kind who only does what my job scope says. Besides it was for the company anyway.

I even brought in a few more accounts. There were times when I suffered through the night. Worked countless hours on weekends, Sundays, holidays and even going without sleep for three days at time during projects but I never complained. This was the life I chose and I was happy to be doing it.

But the funny thing was, though the jobs were on going non stop, my boss started terminating staff, people I could work with and could get the desired results out of them and started hiring useless and unreliable people. People I could not count on. People like the three stooges. Even before the three stooges, the people she hired were hopeless. No one would and even wanted to stay back late and lets not even talk about coming back to work on weekends.

I had no choice. I was committed to my clients and the company. I did whatever it took to please my clients and get things done for them, to the point of pampering them. I did everything by MYSELF. I didn't ask anyone's help cos they're so undependable. And what do I get out of it?

Nothing. I'm still with the same salary scheme since it was reduced a few years back. And I've been here for 6 whole years at that! And when I asked her about a revision of my salary, she said she'll think about it. Think about it!!! Can you believe that? I've put my heart and soul in this company. I've defended this company when clients say we're lousy and slow sometimes. I've lied for this company that I'll probably end up in the deepest recesses of hell.

And none of that is appreciated. I know I'm worth so much more that what's she paying me and I think she's taking advantage of the fact that I'm a very accommodating person. Sometimes too accommodating that I've even had arguments with wifey about it (yes, wifey and me do argue at times ... hehehe ...).

And up to a couple of weeks ago, I totally snapped with everything that's going on here. I made up my mind to quit but had to really weigh the consequences. It's not easy getting a new job, especially with the current economic situation but I'm glad I do have job when I leave here. Whether it's a better job or not remains to be seen but I know I'll give the same amount of commitment to that job that I gave to this one. I just hope it was the right decision, that's all.

In a nutshell I was totally fed up of being used with no appreciation for the work I do. So there, that's my reason for the sudden resignation :D I know I said this wouldn't be a long post but hey, I'm in advertising and you should never believe anything people from the advertising industry tell you. After all it's my job to con you into buying something you don't really need, right ... LOL!


  1. Happiness is key to a successful life!!! Find something you're happy doing and it will no longer seem like work. Really no point staying somewhere where you're not happy. All the best, Nick! Prayers with you that all goes super well!!

  2. thanks Nick..this is a good motivation.been thinking about it too for as long as i could remember.i might join you soon..just few things to settle before i call it quit.all the best and continues writing long post..don't worry about it.hahaha

  3. Big Pumpkin - That's through. But then work and happiness doesn't go hand in hand in my book ... LOL!

    And thanks for the prayers :D

  4. Deana - Oh, you're planning to quit too? So you going to be a full time mom, huh?

    As long as no one complains about my long postings, I'll keep writing them ... LOL!

  5. oh if you feel that way, yes you should leave.. no point staying if your heart is not there... even though it's only what...5 mins drive from home and that you can take time off in the afternoon and go shopping... hehe

    hope you have a better working environment in your new job ya :-)

  6. At least you are relieved and happy that you finally do the things you want to do, right?

    Good luck Nick in your future undertaking. All the best

  7. You're worth more than that company. You deserve to be appreciated for your talent, commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm.
    The right job is just around the corner. I have a funny feeling about this.

  8. Oh My god...I am so behind, I missed your quitting announcement.

    I can truly appreciate the reasons why you left. Clearly you are very talented in your field of work. And with taking care of the clients so well BY YOURSELF rather than shifting the load to a less capable individual - speaks volumes about your character as a human being.

    And WELL DESERVING of the correct compensation.

    I am proud of you for leaving.

    You know what you are worth. After 6 years of being taken advantage of you will FLOURISH in the near future.


  9. Wah thanks for sharing Nick! I hope ur new job fares better than this one and is it another ad agency? I know that most ad agencies are aggressive and tough and work around the clock, but from ur story, ur boss herself doesn't know much abt running one. I understand ur decision to quit, cause 6 years of waiting is one year too many eh? Good luck in ur new job! :):):)

  10. Oh maybe u can secretly email me ur agency name he he, so if they ever approach me for a job, I'll happily say no lol! :)

  11. If I were in your shoes, I'd quit too! glad you found another job & I hope everything goes well for you ..:-)

  12. Good decision! No point staying if the company dun appreciate your best efforts and hard work.

    I would have done the same, too.

    Change job is like that lah, u never know if the next one would be better or not, can only hope. But just put in your best ;)

    Good luck :)

  13. OMG! You resigned? I didn't even know that! :( Just shows how long already me no come here...

    Anyway, good luck on your new job ya. :) It's good that you're moving on to something bigger and hopefully better. A change is always good!

  14. u're resign?well, hopefully there will be a better job for you and more success...heheh...all the best to you..who knows one day you will be the main bos..ehhehe

  15. so thats the reason..for what i think, thats like the best decision for you..there is nothing worse than being treated like your boss did to you..
    All the best with your new job ya.. :)

  16. You've done the right thing Nick. We spend so much time in the office, if we don't enjoy the job and are not appreciated, then life can be a real misery. If you can get along well with people and with your great personality, maybe you can do something that pays a basic and rewards you for business that you bring in. The harder you work, the more you'll earn.

  17. I had a feeling it was because you were fed up working there. Anyways, I'm sure that wherever you go or work at, you will give it your all and your new employers would be so lucky to have you :)

  18. all the best in your new undertakings. be convinced, have the willpower and you will succeed.

  19. Sting - LOL! I'll miss that going to shopping during office hours part though.

    Thanks for the wishes. I really do hope I'm not making a big mistake though.

  20. Rose - I am relieved, it's like a huge burden off my shoulders :D

    Thanks for the best wishes.

  21. The World According To Me - I'm not a person who demands anything but sometimes a little appreciation goes a long way ... I'm glad I'm out of here :D

  22. Meleah - Thanks Meleah, those are very encouraging words :D I'm looking forward to a better future too ...

  23. Marzie - Yeah, 6 years is one year too long. I should have done this ages ago. The signs were there but I thought things would change but sadly I was wrong. I'm glad to be moving on.

    I'm not really going to an agency, more like a small design house. And its more like to help run the place and see if I can get it moving even more.

    It's a challenge but one I'm totally up for :D

  24. Marzie - LOL! I don't think the agency will be around much after I leave. Not saying that I'm indispensable or anything but writings on the wall already :D

  25. Monica - Thanks Monica. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will be better soon :D

  26. Homely Guy - First of all, a warm welcome to my blog :D

    It was a tough decision. I hate starting a new job but sometimes we are left with no choice.

    I know I'll always give my best no matter where I am ...

  27. Rozella - Yeah, I resigned :D I know you've been pretty busy yourself, so no worries about not knowing.

    Yeah, a change is always good but sometimes it can be a little scary too :D

  28. Sweet-Girlicious - Me, a boss? LOL! I can't imagine that though I do dream of being a boss one day :D

    And thanks for the best wishes :D

  29. Kadus Mama - I think it was the only decision I could make. It was either that or stay there and be totally unhappy and not be able to move forward. The only thing is I'm hoping it was the right decision.

    Thanks for the wishes though :)

  30. Monica - Lemonade? I love lemonade :D I'll come check it out soon :D

  31. BT - Yes, I agree. Why stay in a place that I feel miserable in. It was not an easy decision with the current economic downturn but it was for the best.

  32. Perky - Thanks for the words of encouragement :D But I'm still a little apprehensive about starting a new job. Got to get used to a totally new culture all over again.

  33. Life Ramblings - First of all, welcome to my blog :D

    Thanks for the wishes. You're right. All I need is a positive mindset and I'll succeed :D

  34. You did what you needed to. I'm also thinkink about not to teach anymore because of violency in the schools and low salary.
    I hope everything it's ok with you, buddy!!! :o)

  35. Your boss is a very foolish woman for not giving you a wage rise at the very least and without having to ask for it. She obviously must be aware of how hard it is to find good people who do their job well and whom she can count on. You'd think she would be doing everything in her power to hang on to you. Unfortunately people such as yourself will always be taken andvantage of so as far as I can see you did the only thing you could in the end.

    I wish you good luck with whatever comes next Nick and I hope you are much more appreciated next time.

  36. Cidao - Low salary seems to be the number one grouch but I wouldn't mind the low salary if the job was enjoyable ...

  37. Romany Angel - I don't think she's foolish, maybe stingy ... LOL!

    Thanks for the wishes Gypsy, much appreciated :D

  38. Good luck to u again Nick! I hope all works out well for u.

    Speaking of agencies, I am doing some work for a new one, and they just love to ask me for discount! And I don't mean a small discount okay, more like 50% off, crazy or what??? The best part is that they'll ask me for it only AFTER I'm done, angry or not??? If they keep this up, I'm gonna say no to their next job, using me nicely it seems! Some more, u know la it's very hard for me to say NO, tsk tsk tsk! :(

  39. Marzie - Thanks Marzie :D

    Don't give them any discounts. They're definitely using you. After you finish then they ask for it, teruk betul! Maybe you just give them 50% less copy la ... LOL!

  40. Nick! Just to update u on this new I forced myself to say no to the ridic 50% discount, but I still gave them some disc la which was a lot!! More than RM100 okay?!! And they can write back to me and say they're still disappointed with my discount!!! Oh lagi la angry myself!!! :(:(:(

  41. Marzie - I thought the price and all should be agreed before the job proceeds kan? So how come they wanna ask for discount lagi? Just don't give la, Agencies all the same la ... hehehe ...

    RM100 discount? I pun will complain la ... LOL!


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