Monday, November 3, 2008

Running Shoes & Fashion Statements

I was pretty free this morning and was basically surfing the net checking out some running shoes. I'm thinking of running again and need a good pair of shoes. Well, that is if I ever start running again. I'll tell you all about that in another post soon.

Anyways, there I was surfing and looking for some running shoes and I overheard my colleagues gossiping about this site called And I wasn't eavesdropping just so you know. They talk so loud that the whole office can listen in :D

I heard them mention that you can even find running shoes there and that's when I decided to butt in the conversation. Anything to do with running will always pique my curiosity. So I turn to them and ask them just what in heavens name is a Fashionling?

They stop their gossiping, give me this weird look like I'm some kind of ancient dinosaur and proceed to tell me all about Fashionling. I found out that it's actually an online site about everything that is fashion. Well, it's more than fashion apparently cos it covers everything beyond the runway and beyond the clothes even.

Fashionling chronicles the trail right from the runway up to dishing out the latest gossip in super modeling to finding the hottest new Japanese fashions even. Not that I know anything about fashion if it came up and bit me on the nose. My taste in fashion is an old worn out round neck t-shirt and a nice comfy pair of Bermudas ... LOL!

But being the curious person that I am and also the fact that it stupefies me how running shoes can end up as a fashion statement, I checked the site out and found out that it's a pretty cool site, well, if you're into shopping and trying to find the latest scoop on people like Abbey Clancy and all that.

And just who is Abbey Clancy you may ask? No, She is not the wife or even the daughter of author Tom Clancy. Apparently Abbey Clancy is the girl friend to Peter Crouch, that bean pole ex-Liverpool striker and was jealous about the attention he was getting from some other bimbo at his birthday party.

Now, why would two women fight about Peter Crouch defies logic. That fellow doesn't exactly have the look of a ladies man, mind you ... LOL! Anyway, go read about it at the news section of Fashionling. They also have a host of other interesting news that may just be up your alley :D I'm not really into these celebrity gossip and stuff.

On a different note, wifey complains that whenever we eat out, well, when we used to eat out anyway, that I would always end up ordering the most expensive drink around. Whenever we eat out, I'll always tell the boys to order not too expensive drinks (yeah, yeah I'm a cheapskate ... hehehe) but I'll end up buying the most expensive drink.

I didn't believe her. I said maybe it was a coincidence that I just happened to order an expensive drink and thought nothing about it. Then about a week ago or so, we went shopping and decided to rest and get ourselves some food and drinks and just to prove her theory right, when we were ordering drinks, she kept quiet while I was making my order. And true enough, I actually ordered a drink that cost twice the price of everyone else's without even realizing it ... hehehe ...

And when she pointed it out I had nothing but a sheepish and embarrassed smile for her. Well, I guess she was right afterall. There I am telling the boys to order cheaper drinks and I go and order expensive ones with weird names like crushed chocolate love or something along those lines ... LOL!


  1. gossip column ni! XD *giggles..

    anyways OMG nick how could u, I know that, you ask ur boys to order cheap drinks so u could enjoy a double price tasty chocolate love XD *giggles. Oh man that drink name is just too funny, I can't help myself sorry.

    Anyways, I think everything these days are so overpriced *sigh and it's raining again today *cries

  2. Who can resist "Crushed Chocolate Love"? :-P

  3. Maslight - Hahaha ... once in while gossip column boleh la.

    I know, I know, I'm so evil. Ask them to order cheap drinks and I order expensive ones *hangs head down in shame*

    But I couldn't resist the chocolate love la ... hehehe ...

  4. Gallivanter - It was calling out to me ... LOL!

  5. I wonder if Peter Crouch would be so attractive if he was poor?!

    Crushed Chocolate Love sounds great! Even if it is expensive!

  6. Hi Nick!
    I haven't read any of your posts since last weekend. I admit, they are all too long and I'm always rushing to blog hop. :P
    I just wanna drop by here to say, urmm... Hiiiiiiiiiii... :D

    Will come back again soon. (especially when the school holiday is drawing near)

  7. I could use a crushed chocolate love about now. LOL

  8. Hi Nick!

    But, anything with chocolate in it is worth the price, right?

  9. Abbey Clancy - is she the one being groomed by the infamous Janice Dickinson to be a model?

    If you want to buy running shoes, but don't care too much about fashion, I recommend New Balance shoes. They are perfect for running, better than Nike or Adidas IMHO. But you must buy it from the New Balance shop in 1Utama - they really can give you good advice there!

    Do you notice that drinks are somehow more expensive than the food? I mean in terms of value, drinks are not worth buying. And restaurants make most money from drinks than from food. So I rarely buy any drinks - I prefer to buy extra food and drink my own water. You are not the only cheapskate around! Haha!

  10. I'll check out the fashion site later! ;-)

  11. Running shoes??? Geez..i don't think i have one..might check this site to get one..hehee!!

  12. The World According To Me - You know, I've often wondered that very question myself :D

    It was great and I just couldn't resist ... hehehe ...

  13. Carol - LOL! Yeah, my post can't be a handful to actually go through. Even wifey complains I'm too long winded.

    Thanks for dropping by and hi to you too :D I envy you and the long holidays you will have soon ...

  14. Tammy - I could courier it but I don't think FedEx would appreciate a soggy package ... LOL!

  15. Perry - It most definitely is and with a name like crushed chocolate love, can you blame me? LOL!

  16. Foongpc - To be honest, I've never heard of her until yesterday :D

    I'm not into Nike myself, more of an Adidas or Asics kinda buy. But New Balance is also pretty good as you say. Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out :D

    Ya, drinks sometimes can cost as much as the food alone. Maybe I should just bring my own drink if I ever eat out next time ... hehehe ...

  17. Monica - Check it out. I think you'll like the site :D

  18. Kadus Mama - LOL! Yeah, check out the site and get a pair. There's loads of womens shoes there too ... hehehe ...

  19. Now, why would two women fight about Peter Crouch defies logic


  20. I'd like to bathe in something called Crushed Chocolate Love. It sounds quite decadent and positively delicious.

  21. Crushed chocolate love- yummy???

  22. Morning Nick!!!

    Yeah la, I do need new running shoes, esp since I have to constantly run away from Ken and everybody else at Emila's he he! :):):)

  23. Meleah - LOL! I was thinking the same thing. I mean, have they really looked at his face? He reminds me of pug from the Beano comics ... hahaha ...

  24. Gypsy - It is! It is! LOL! It was absolutely yummy though I did feel utterly guilty after having it ...

  25. Emelda - Yummy is just the icing on the cake. It was absolutely yummy :D

  26. Marzie - LOL! What do you mean running away from them. They are probably in need of the shoes to actually keep up with you ... hehehe ...

    You seem to be pulling away quite far from everyone at Emila's :D Just be careful that Spiff fellow doesn't zap you! LOL!


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