Friday, December 5, 2008

Mr. Super Fit!

One good thing about starting my running again these days is that it comes in handy when you go shopping the entire day! And that was what we did yesterday. We were practically out all day and all that running has strengthened my feet that it didn't hurt at all from all the walking and shopping we did.

Normally, after an hour of shopping, my feet would hurt like crazy but yesterday I didn't feel any pain at all and was busily showing off to wifey (who's feet were already hurting into our second hour of shopping) how fit I was. She wasn't too amused with my showing off that she threatened to hit me on the head with her sneakers ... hahaha ...

We left the house for the malls early in the morning and only came back late in the evening, just narrowly beating the evening rush home. And I must say that I enjoyed every single minute of this holiday. We covered 5 malls, mainly cos they were all within walking distance of each other and bought a load of stuff back that I'm going to have to do a lot more assignments this month to make up for all the money we spent :D

One thing about shopping on a weekday is that you don't really have to worry about the malls being packed with people. And it makes your shopping all that much easier and more pleasant. We started off at IKEA, which is wifey's favourite place. No, let me rephrase that, which is EVERY woman's favourite place. And as always, you cannot go to IKEA without buying anything and we ended up buying quite a bit of stuff there.

Next destination was Ikano Power centre, where I wanted to check the Christmas decorations and then to The Curve which had decorations that I loved. I loved the theme that they had for Christmas, which was along the lines of what I had in mind to decorate my house this year. Then Finally we went to Tesco (my favourite place) to do a little grocery shopping, headed back to IKEA for a very late lunch, more like tea time really and finally rushed back before the work crowd got on the roads.

But the thing is, even though we bought a heck of a lot of stuff, we didn't buy a single gift yet. And we do have quite a bit of gifts to buy this year. One thing I hate is gift buying. It's always so hard trying to figure out what gifts to buy for everyone. I wish I could just give people prepaid gift cards, you know, the kind that is offered by Blackhawk Network, the largest third-party provider of gifts cards.

Besides, with gift cards, the recipient can get what they really want and it saves me the headache of wondering if they even liked the gift I bought them. And the report that has been spreading that retailers are not accepting gift cards is entirely not true. Gift cards are still the way to go when you're totally clueless about what gift to get for your friends or family this Christmas.

Anyways, there's still some time to go before Christmas so it's still not too late to get all my gifts. Wifey and me wanted to head out for more shopping today but we decided to stay home and clean the place and head to the malls tomorrow for more shopping and checking out of Christmas decorations. Below are some pictures of the decorations I took at The Curve and Ikano. More will follow as I cruise the malls in the next couple of days :D

A snowman at Ikano Power Centre ...

A couple of reindeer's ...

A fireplace that I intend to build for myself next year :D

Frosty the snowman, well, at least I think he is ... LOL!

The Christmas scene at The Curve ...

An elf welcoming shoppers ...

The elf and the elephant ...

Jumbo, the elf and baby Jumbo ...

Reindeer's at The Curve ...


  1. Wow they go all out with the decorations where you live. They're beauiful.

    About Ikea, I have never stepped foot inside that shop and I have never had any desire too. Am I weird?

  2. I went to The curve last wednesday and!! the xmas decor is more beautiful than last year.. :)

  3. Wow nice! It's so more Christmasy in KL than here! Unbelievable :)

    Don't buy gift, tell them that you have donated their gift money to ME! Nah, seriously, donate them to a good cause.

  4. I love the Christmas trees and decorations at The Curve too! Now I know why IKEA is making big bucks irrespective whether it's economy downtime or not - it's people like you who go there and never fail to buy something! For me, whenever I go there, I never fail to buy the currypuffs! LOL!

    About buying gifts, tell me about it! I hate to figure out what gifts to buy too! I think give angpow is much better. For the giver, it saves a lot of hassles. For the receipient, he or she can buy what he or she wants with it! Win win for everyone, no? : )

  5. Holy Awesome Decorations. I love these pictures. And G-d bless you for all that shopping. WOW.

  6. Those are so nice! LOVE Christmas!!!

  7. Wow! That is one walking around the shopping malls! And I like the decors you took.

  8. What splendid Christmas decorations at The Curve. Definitely will go there when I get to KL in 11 days' time! Yippee!

    Stamina's important, but a good pair of walking shoes are equally important...especially on an all-day outing like yours, Nick.

  9. The Curve is basically like my 2nd home but I don't quite like the Christmas deco there. It's cute but it looks quite tacky esp with the big colored balls.

  10. Romany Angel - Well, this year I noticed it's a little more toned down than last year cos of the economic downturn. But it's still beautiful nonetheless :D

    What? You don't see the need to step foot in IKEA? Oh my god, are you okay? LOL! Just kidding :D

  11. Kadus Mama - Yeah, I like the curve's decor this year too. I can't remember last year's one though ... hehehe ...

  12. The Real Mother Hen - But I wouldn't mind experiencing Christmas in the US for a change :D

    Hey good idea you have there. I just might use it ... hehehe ...

  13. Foongpc - Hahaha ... no la, I don't go to IKEA always la, once in a while only ... I not that rich la ... LOL!

    The Angpow idea sounds good :D I just might try it tis year.

  14. Meleah - Yeah, I sure could use some luck with my shopping ... hehehe ...

  15. Rose - Hehehe ... yeah, I'm normally not into walking around the malls too much and I surprised myself this time ...

  16. Perry - Oh, you're coming to KL? Cool, make sure you drop by the curve, the decorations there are lovely :D

    Yeah, I agree with you. Wifey was the smart one though cos she wore her sneakers ... hehehe ...

  17. Perky - LOL! You second home, huh? Cool, should have given you my parking ticket ...

    Agree with you on those big huge coloured balls, a little tacky but overall I kinda liked the theme :D

  18. Wah! So cantik oh all the deco!

    5 malls? Gila lah you guys! Hahaha I mean that in the nicest way. :P

    But Nick, talking about running... ugh! I kinda got lazy the last couple of days. Hehehe Need to start back again lah.

    Cepat! Motivate me! Tell me you have the power to glimpse into the future and you see prince charming heading my way real soon! Hahaha

  19. nick, u really gonna build a fireplace next year? all the best, ya! ;)

    i love the deco at ikano!! and the reindeer at the curve is so adorable. :)

    Merry christmas!

  20. nick, you've been invited to join me in Fluffy Bear-iuca meme. Hv fun, k! :)

  21. That's why I always want to have hubby with me when I go to Ikea to help me carry all the things I want to buy, hehee!
    It looks like you have green and white Christmas out there.
    I've been living in a cold country for years now, but I haven't seen a real frosty snowman...*sigh*

  22. wow! nice Christmas decorations..better than Pavilion! I must go there and check it out :-)

  23. Woo hoo! I see my fave hangouts here, Curve la IKANS nice right the deco at IKANS??? Wow so u guys went to IKEA, Curve and IKANS...all my fave shopping places he he, sure or not u didn't see me anywhere there? ;)

  24. Rozella - LOL! Yeah, we were slightly crazy going to 5 malls but they were all within walking distance, well except one la ...

    Well, think of yourself looking like King Kong if you don't start running. That should be motivation enough ... LOL! What happened to JC?

  25. Jean - Yeah, I'm really planning to build a fireplace next year. I've always loved fireplaces :D

  26. Jean - A meme for me? Gee, that sort of rhymes la ... LOL! I'll come check it out soon :D

  27. Marlene - LOL! That's what us guys are for. The bag carriers ...

    I would love to see a real snowman at least once in my lifetime :D

  28. Monica - Really? I thought Pavilion would have something better ... Now I must go to Pavilion and check it out ... LOL!

  29. Marzie - Oh, so that's your hangout huh? Hmmm, maybe we did pass by each other. I was the one showing off to wifey how fit I was ... LOL!


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