Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Free Is Always Good ...

I'm feeling a little under the weather. My body and joints ache and I feel bloody cold. The weather outside is pretty hot but I'm sitting in my jacket right now. I think I'm coming down with a fever or something. It actually started yesterday evening but went off this morning and now it's back again since this evening.

I'm a little worried though, what with the outbreak of Chikungunya caused by those little pesky aedes mosquitoes. All the symptoms associated with the darn thing seems to be present. It's a good thing Chikungunya is not fatal or anything like that and is basically self limiting. The only thing is the aches are much more pronounced in the elderly. Now it's a good thing I'm not elderly, right? Right? Riiiggghhhttt??? LOL!

I guess you could probably ask me what in heavens name am I doing staying up blogging instead of getting some rest, right? Well, I just had to log on and share some good news. No, no, I'm not having a baby or anything like that ... hahaha ... but I did get something new today. No, let me rephrase that, it's not entirely new but it's free :D

Yesterday my boss and me were having one of our many usual coffee drinking sessions and were discussing about washing machines. Yes, we talk about household stuff quite a bit. And he was telling me about his washing machine acting up on him. and that he was going to get a new one after work.

Then out of the blue, he asked me if I wanted his TV, which was pretty new and one of those flat screen ones. He said maybe one day in the future he wants to get one of those plasma TV's and if I wanted it, I could take his TV. Now who am I to refuse a good 29" flat screen TV. So, I said, sure why not and thought nothing about it again.

Then later at night, he sends me a text message (he messages me a lot, so much so that wifey asks if the two of us are dating ... hahaha ...) and says that he bought a new washing machine. I reply his message and congratulate him and his next message kinda surprises me cos it said,

'Tomorrow drop by my house before you head to work and pick up my TV cos I also bought that new plasma TV and a hi-def camcorder.'

I was really taken aback by it. I didn't expect him to just go out and get a new TV. I mean, I've been to his house before and seen his current TV set, which is practically brand new and suddenly he's giving it to me. Woohoo, a new second hand TV. And one that is waaaayyyy better than my existing one. Way bigger too.

So the next morning, I head to his place and we try to get the TV in my car but it's just too big and he tells me, just take my car (he drives an MPV) and send the TV home and then later return the car to him in the evening. He didn't come in to the office today cos he was waiting at home for his new washing machine and plasma TV to arrive.

So now I have an almost brand new 29" flat screen TV sitting in my living room and I didn't have to pay a single cent for it. Now, who could ask for a better boss than that? And I just had to get online and 'boast' about my 'new' TV ... LOL! Now, if only he would buy a new car and give his current one to me, that would be just awesome, wouldn't it :D

Ok, I'm off to bed. I'm really on the verge of knocking out. I'm so weak that I'm not even going to bother proof reading this post, so if there are spelling errors, my humblest apologies. Good night people.


  1. Hey I was the first commenter!!! Woohooo!

  2. Wow, fantastic boss you have. I'm so glad you changed jobs! This boss treats you a million times better than the old one!

    Get well soon!

  3. Drink lots of 100++..it will make you feel better..
    And.....you are expecting you boss to give you his car??????? HAHAHHAHAA!!!

  4. wowwwwwwww!!!!what a goob bos u have!!that was awesome! how i wish i can have something expensive FOC!!haha..you are lucky...at least now u had added one more tv to your house which is still consider as almost brand new!!hahah..hope he will give you more..who knows....car???hahah...cross your fingers for that..heheheh...lol!!

  5. Tammy - I hope to feel better soon too. Thanks for the wishes :D

  6. Tammy - Yup, first and second commenter even ... woohoo!

  7. BT - I'm glad I changed jobs too :D It's so much better working over here.

    Thanks for the get well wishes ...

  8. Kadus Mama - Thanks for the tip :D

    Welllll, I can hope, can't I? LOL!

  9. Sweet-Girlicious - Yeah, thats exactly what I was thinking too :D The kids were pretty excited with the new huge TV ... hehehe ...

    As for the car, once can dream, ya ... hehehe ...

  10. Feel Better, Congrats on your new FREE TV!!

  11. Meleah - Thanks for the get well wishes :D And also for the TV ... hehehe ...

  12. Wish harder Nick! Who knows ur boss might text you again one night, "Nick, drop over my house tomorrow morning. The MPV is yours." Woohoo!

    I love your boss. LOL!

  13. How brilliant is that? And when you're not feeling too good either. I hope you get better soon Nick.

  14. Carol - I am! I am! Every night I'm wishing he'll text me and say come collect his MPV! LOL!

  15. Romany Angel - I'm feeling so much better now, thank you :D


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