Saturday, March 14, 2009

Right This Minute!

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon. The groceries are done, the chores are all completed and I have nothing to do right now. I could always sleep but I just found out that Marzie (who else ... LOL!) tagged me with a Right Now tag! And as the name suggest, I decided to do it Right Now.

I'm afraid there's some kind of curse or spell attached to it, you know, something along the lines of waking up tomorrow with three arms or having a 1000 fleas infest my armpits or something ... hahaha ... Besides the tag looks simple, just answer 30 questions that's all.

I'm surprised she actually gave me an easy tag to do, not that I'm complaining. She's two tags up on me anyway. I still need to find two difficult tags to get back at her ... LOL! Ok, enough blabbering, lets get straight to it.

1. Where is your cellphone - In my drawer.
2. Your hair - Not nearly enough. LOL!
3. Your father - Urrmmm, dead!
4. Your favorite thing - Sleeping! Which I should be doing instead of this tag ... LOL!
5. Your dream last night - What's it to you? Hahaha ...
6. Your favorite drink - Coffee, coffee and more coffee!
7. Your dream goal - One up on Marzie who wants to just be a millionaire, I want to be a billionaire ... LOL!
8. The room you are in - My bedroom.
9. Your fear - Doing tags like these ... hahaha ...
10. Where do you want to be in 6 years - Why, the supreme ruler of the world, of course :D
11. Muffins - Urmmm, Chocolate.
12. One of your wish list items - A Subaru Impreza.
13. Where you grew up - Petaling Jaya.
14. The last thing you did - Checked my blog and found out I have this tag to do ... LOL!
15. What are you wearing - Why do you want to know? LOL!
16. Your TV - A Toshiba, I think ... hehehe ...
17. Your pets - I need to get one first :D
18. Your computer - My computer brand also you want to know, ah?
19. Your life - Not too bad but it would be better with a few more billion dollars! LOL!
20. Your mood - After having to do this tag, stressed! LOL!
21. Missing someone - Urmmm, no one.
22. Your car - A Nissan.
23. Favorite store - Any book shop!
24. Your summer - Bloody dry.
25. Your favorite color - Lime green :D
26. When was the last time you laughed - Laugh? What's that?
27. When was the last time you cried - What? Tell you and ruin my macho image? LOL!
28. Last person who emailed you - Some Nigerian telling me he wants to share with me a couple of billion US dollars ... LOL!
29. Your favorite food - Chicken rice.
30. A place you would rather be right now - In bed napping ... hahaha!

Well, there you have it. Efficient ain't I? This is I believe the first time I've ever done a tag the minute I got it ... hahaha ... And since I'm such a nice fella, I'm not going to tag anyone :D Have a great weekend folks. And Marzie, just you wait till I find one nice and difficult tag for you to do ... hahaha ...


  1. Ha ha ha ha too bad GK, dis one u cannot chop oredi! ;)

  2. Btw Nick, if I ever do that 100-question tag, for sureeeeeeeee I won forget you Ha ha ha ha hahaa!!! ;)

  3. LOL ur fave thing is still sleeping I see!

  4. He he he Nick, actually I oso tamak now, wan to be billionaire he he!

  5. LOL! So I thought u and wifey thinking of getting a dog? When la!

  6. Woo hoo to lime green!! Seriously, it's the coolest colour now! ;)

  7. Ok will be waiting for that tag Nick, try la and give me simple one kay? Otherwise, u know la what will be waiting for u he he he! Happy weekend. :):):)

  8. Hmmm... I'm a bit puzzled by #26. There's nothing better than a good laugh (except for a good long scream, perhaps - but that's a different story)

  9. Do you know what is the best way to get rid of a curse? Mmm.... I am not sure also. But I think you can try praying a little harder.

  10. Hey Nick, I have a very special award for you, come over when u can! :):):)

  11. Marzie - LOL! Yeah, you've got the 'chop' placing ...

  12. Marzie - What? You mean that GK fellow was trying to chop here too? LOL!

  13. Marzie - You have a 100 question tag? OHMYGOD! I'm doomed, doomed I tell ya! LOL!

  14. Marzie - Hahaha ... it's good being tamak isn't it?

  15. Marzie - Aiyoo, just feeding the boys alone is so expensive, how to look after a dog lagi la ... You know how much dog food costs these days, ah? LOL!

  16. Marzie - Yup, I have to agree. Nothing beats lime green :D

  17. Marzie - Oh don't you worry. I'll find one nice 'easy' tag for you to do ... hahaha ...

  18. Terra Shield - I have to agree but looking at the price of things these days, laughter seems so difficult to come by ...

  19. Molly - Hahaha ... Actually I also have no idea what the best way to cure a curse is la ... Like you said, praying might help, then again, maybe not! LOL!

  20. Marzie - Oppsss, I missed this comment. Yes, Sleeping is my number one hobby ... LOL!

  21. Marzie - An award? That I will gleefully accept anytime ... hehehe ... Thanks, I'll come and get it in a bit :D


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