Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Bank, An ATM Machine And A Bunch Of Morons!

This is a bitch post. If any of you don't want your day spoiled, then stop reading right now.

I'm going to talk about banks today, a subject I've spoken on before. The banks of today just don't know how to treat their customers. They think that we, the public should be so thankful and grateful to them for actually offering us with banking services where half the time we have to pay all kinds of stupid interests and service charges to use OUR own money.

And the way they sometimes treat their customers with their over the counter services is utterly atrocious. An unsmiling and oftentimes rude teller dishing out shoddy substandard services. I mean I'm not expecting them to jump over the counter and give me a nice big good morning hug or something, but a little hello and a smile can sometimes work wonders.

Most of the time when I'm done with whatever transactions I have to do at the bank, I end up leaving in a worse mood than when I entered the banking hall. Which is why I tend to do almost all my banking transactions online (where you don't have to put up with those unfriendly faces) but there are times when you just have no choice but to actually have to step foot inside a bank, like when you run out of cash and need to use the ATM machines.

Yes, these days even their ATM machines piss me off. I'm being unfair, it's not the fault of the ATM, more like the morons tending to it. I had an encounter with their moronic staff and their ATM's yesterday that has left me thinking whether I should withdraw whatever little money I have in the bank, put it in a coconut shell and hide it under my bed.

I needed to withdraw some money from the ATM machine yesterday so I went to the nearby bank. It was already way past their opening time but the moment I reached the place, I saw a huge crowd standing outside the ATM facilities which was unusual.

Then I saw the reason why. They were in the midst of taking out all those money containers or whatever it's called and also replacing all the transaction slip rolls and there was a guard who locked the doors to prevent anyone from entering.

Now, I know they have to do this on a daily basis and the doors are locked for security reasons but the two morons that were inside doing all this was busily laughing and chatting away taking their own freaking time while a huge sum of people with some of them being the elderly standing outside and baking in the frigging morning sun (yes, the morning sun these days are really, really hot!).

I was already starting to sweat profusely and probably wouldn't need those diet pills I was planning to buy. I think I was standing there close to 25 minute freaking minutes waiting for them to take their own sweet time to do what they need to do! And it's not like they couldn't see us all suffering in the heat outside through the glass doors, you know.

My question to them is why couldn't they do this before the banking hours proper started? Couldn't they have come in a little earlier and start the process of changing the money containers and replacing the rolls and all that instead of waiting till the bank opens and working hours to start, just when people need to actually use the machines? An ATM machine is supposed to make your life easier not get you all worked up so early in the morning!

I suppose they couldn't do that a little earlier cos that would eat into their breakfast time. God forbid us lowly customers from having to make them forgo their breakfast! Like I said, we should be thankful to them for giving us banking facilities to keep OUR money.

There was another incident where my boss went and opened a new account and wanted to get a debit card and he had to wait for an hour or so cos the officer who had the key to the debit cards storage went out for breakfast, can you believe it? And during banking hours too. The customer has to wait for him, imagine that! I suppose we should all just suffer and follow their whims and fancies.

Anyways, there was this old gentlemen who was also suffering in the heat with all of us who rapped on the glass door and asked them politely how long they were going to be. Instead of at least coming to the door and saying something like 'it won't take too long', this officer (I presumed) gave this gentleman an irritated look and just said wait! I was appalled by her behavior.

That's our banks for you. The customer is always secondary to the profit they need to make. Bunch of morons! Maybe we should all just take our money out from these banks and see whether they can stay in business without the support of their customers. Maybe I should open my own bank! LOL!

Ok, that's all I have to bitch about for today. Have a nice rest of the day :D


  1. Aww, you poor thing. Sorry this happened to you. :( I always go to the ATM around night time coz that's the time when we have less people standing around.

  2. Yeah... I withdraw money at night too, or at the shopping mall's ATM

  3. I'm guessing, for their benefit, they have loads of ATM machines to attend to, thus may not be able to finish it before the banks open.

    BUT, they should at least have the bloody decency to inform the people outside, or at least station a person outside to calm the "baking" public. :-)

    However, for fun, next time when you withdraw, try wearing a balaclava, it might help in mysterious ways. :-D

  4. There was another incident where my boss went and opened a new account and wanted to get a debit card and he had to wait for an hour or so cos the officer who had the key to the debit cards storage went out for breakfast, can you believe it? And during banking hours too.

    experienced the same. i went to put my coins in and the guy said he's going to for lunch.ask me to come back after one hour.( funny, he is the only guy who can count coins????) after one and half hour he didn't appear, i asked for a complaint form and suddenly someone said they can count the coins..GRRRRRRmmm. ya. i also feel like want to open a bank hahaha..

  5. dang, i hate going to the bank
    because of their slow moving officers as well.
    frustrating especially when we were purposely taking time off
    from the office hour just to get some stuff done.

  6. wuah which bank you use oh? I don't seem to have that problem, except for some online banking error that I just had to make a call to complain about it. Everything else is fine. But I know there's other banks that suffered from congestions.

    but walking to the bank from the office is gewd for exercise XD for me that is. gawd I'm gaining a lot of weight from sitting too much @_@

  7. Tell u wat... why don't you let me keep your money in MY coconut shell & I'll hide it for you under MY bed. It's the safest place on earth, I guarantee you! ;)

  8. I must say that was a total disregard for customers. I usually visit ATMs in the early mornings and there have a no. of times I noticed these ppl coming in as early as before 8am on Sundays to do the job. That's not so bad as making a long line of people waiting in the hot sun while they take their own sweet time.

    I once yelled big time at the bank manager over the phone because they couldn't initiate a simple standing instruction after repeated instructions from me. The last straw was when the manager told me their system had problems blah blah....I yelled and told him to sort out his bank internal problem which isn't my concern as a customer. Eventually, I cooled down and phoned him the next day to apologize for my outburst.

  9. Maybe you should just take out all your money from that bank and place it in another bank. Though I think you may get the same kind of treatment at other banks too. That's just the way it is nowadays, good customer service is almost zero!

    Another thing that irritate me is when ATM machine breaks down, and I can tell you sometimes all the machines break down at the same time! Really frustrating!

  10. Cindy - Yeah, that would be a great time but these days people so desperate for money, that might not be such a good idea ...

  11. Terra Shield - Shopping malls! Why didn't I think of that. I guess I'm as much of a moron as those back officers ... hehehe ...

  12. Gallivanter - I would have understood if there were loads of ATM machines, but there was only 6 and they had 2 people, what got me was that they were laughing and chatting away while we all baked outside!

    That balaclava idea just might be fun trying. If you don't see any postings here, then I guess I'm in Sungai Buloh prison or something ... hehehe ...

  13. Deana - That's the problem with these people. They only do one job and as far as they're concerned, they can't do anything else that's not in their job scope!

  14. Levian - Yup, sometimes these bank staff works just as slow as the government!

  15. Maslight - It was Public Bank, there, I mentioned it, serves them right ... hehehe ...

    Well, I seem to be cursed when it comes to banks. All banks must hate me ... LOL!

  16. Perky - LOL! Yeah I'm sure it'll be real 'safe' in that coconut shell hiding under your bed ... LOL!

  17. Mei Teng - LOL! You're too nice. I would have called him back the next day and shouted at him some more!

  18. Foong - Oh, that happens very frequently these days, the machines breaking down and they have this habit of breaking down on weekends!

  19. Oh you need to make a trip here. The banks here are so quiet (this is a small town, so there are hardly any customers at the banks at any one time), this means the bank tellers are extremely HELPFUL. They will ask you about the weather, about your day so far, about if you need any more credit cards (junks), if you need this and that... till you wanna scream and say, "LEAVE ME ALONG!"


  20. *sigh* Typical.....I would have gone up front and banged on the door till they opened and gave them a piece of my mind. Oh, and taken their names and details down too. And then elevate the situation. Sometimes we just have to take matters into our own hands if we want some action - LOL

  21. The Real Mother Hen - Wow, your bank sounds like a dream la. Here I wish they would pay more attention to me!

  22. Big Pumpkin - LOL! You really garang! Remind me not to piss you off ... hehehe ...

    But yeah, sometimes these people need to be told off!

  23. Nick, it's been a while I have not entered a Bank. I always use those atm machines to do almost anything and I have not had any problems, but I'm fear of online transactions.


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